Maker Faire Rome 2023


PlanetART, organized by the EU-funded projects GenB and BlueMissionMed, raises public awareness on the green and blue circular economy. The stand is divided into: 1) Green economy: playful program to involve young people on the bioeconomy. Games, workshops, escape rooms, reading of the book "What’s Bioeconomy?" and exhibition of bio-based products. The stand hosts artworks by artists who use residues and biomaterials. 2) Blue economy: the public can interact with the cardboard wall "Our blue treasure", to express their connection with the sea and discover how to mitigate the pollution of seas and waters. The stand features artworks by artists who use recycled plastic collected from the sea.;
PlanetART - Maker Faire


FVA - New Media Research Maker Photo

FVA - New Media Research

GenB is a EU funded project aiming at educating and empowering the young generations aware, sensitive and interested on environmental issues, sustainability and circularity. It aims to raise awareness on Bioeconomy, building on communication and education that encourage and reward “Young Biovoices” to take a role in the transition towards sustainable lifestyles. BlueMissionMed is a EU funded project, in the context of the EU Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters”. BlueMissionMed will Inspire, Inform, Assess, Mobilise, Connect and Empower all the actors that can Take a Role in preventing and eliminating pollution in the Mediterranean basin

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