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Faire: Baton Rouge
Maker: Calvin Wilson
Home: Louisiana, United States
Hi, I'm Calvin! Artistically known as GroundNova. I'm a traditional/digital artist. I've worked anime and comic conventions as an artist since 2010. I also make webcomics in my spare time.

Daily Experiments in Creative Coding

Faire: Coney Island
Maker: Jack B. Du
Home: New York, United States
Jack B. Du is an artist, researcher, and teacher interested in creating images, videos, and interactive experiences with code. In this presentation, Jack will be sharing the computational sketches that he has been creating daily for almost 2 years.

Acevedo Studios

Faire: Syracuse
Maker: Marcus Acevedo
Home: New York, United States
Handmade stoneware pottery, functional and sculptural, by Acevedo Studios. See the progress of slip-casting throughout the day, and check out our wares for sale.

LEGACY MX Impresion 3D

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Home: MEXICO, Mexico
El objetivo principal del proyecto es ofrecer lámparas personalizadas y exclusivas a un precio asequible, utilizando la tecnología de impresión 3D.

Revive and Thrive: Learn to Upcycle Old Clothes with Embroidery

Faire: Delft
Maker: Marta Gavioli
Home: Zuid Holland, Netherlands
Revamp your wardrobe and express your unique style with our Embroidery Workshop! Marta and Veronica will teach you simple embroidery stitches that you can use to personalise your old or new second-hand clothes. Cover stains and holes, and transform them into one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your personality. Take home a booklet of Maker Faire-inspired designs and embroidery instructions to continue your embroidery journey. No experience needed, join us anytime during our 4-hour session and unleash your creativity!

Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs)

Faire: Syracuse
Maker: Katie St. Laurent
Home: New York, United States
Pysanky is the traditional Ukrainian art of decorating real eggs with wax and dye. Learn about this incredible tradition, and make a pysanka of your own!

May The Force Be With You

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: Yu Zhang
Home: Nederland
Six pressure devices are intricately connected through a sophisticated system, forming an innovative network designed to delve into haptic touching of spatial vibrations.Each device is meticulously designed to capture and measure the intricate nuances of pressure inputs. Through their interconnected system, these devices communicate and collaborate, forming a tightly knit network that amplifies their individual capabilities.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Martino Colucci
PLASTICDRAWN is a project that, with the help of 3D FDM printing, aims to raise awareness of the recycling of plastic packaging such as bottles and webbing. They are a frequent problem at organised events (such as trade fairs) and in logistical packaging operations (increasingly frequent nowadays), respectively. The aim is to put into action the process of realising the idea at the fair, in a kind of performance that raises awareness of recycling, presented as a real opportunity to make products, easily visible to the public present.


Faire: Rome
increase sales in the padel and pickleball sports sector

The Scion: A Hero In Motion

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Andrew Spielberg
Home: Massachusetts, United States
The Scion: A Hero In Motion is a superhero story that teaches science, targeted toward preteens, teens and young college students. Ray Gallagher (superhero alias “The Scion”) is a college science student with the power to manipulate the forces of nature — but only if he deeply understands them. If Ray understands gravity, he can jump extra high; if he understands heat and energy, he can manipulate fire. Through this mechanism, story and teaching are intertwined. The Scion covers topics in-depth in a pedagogical fashion, and concepts build upon each other and are revisited throughout the novel. It is The Magic Schoolbus for middle-grade, but with added emphasis on conceptual learning. We presented an earlier version online at Maker Faire: Capitol Hill. We hope you like the previews!

MIRS: attorno e dentro la radio

Faire: Trieste
Maker: Comune di Pasiano di Pordenone, MIRS Museo Interattivo della Radio e della Società
Home: Pordenone, Italy
Come fanno le onde radio a superare le montagne? Puoi costruire un telegrafo con un accendigas? Hai mai visto una radio a forma di hamburger? Nel nostro stand esplora l'interno di una radio, sperimenta come funziona, appassionati ad alcuni esemplari di radio d'epoca dal design meraviglioso e scopri tutte le proposte del MIRS ­Museo Interattivo della Radio e della Società di Pasiano di Pordenone

Fluffy NYC

Faire: Coney Island
Maker: Brian Carroll
Home: New York, United States
We are the top edible art production company in the New York City area. We provide the most current popular cotton candy cartoon characters to area youth and adults.

Sage Designs by Sophia

Faire: Pensacola
Maker: Sophia Abeyta
Home: Florida, United States
Hi, my name is Sophia I’m a stay at home mom and artist. I’ve been doing print making for about 6 months now and I absolutely love it. I’ve been doing art my whole life and have been in the printmaking world on the sidelines for a while. I finally decided to get back into my art after having my child so I make new stamps and prints around nap times. I hope you enjoy my art s much as I do!

PicoLight – Pocket Sized Light for Product Shots

Faire: Rome
Maker: Alexandra Covor
PicoLight is a smaller version of a classic studio light that is useful for playing with colors in low-light shots or for colored shadow photography.

Make an LED ‘Neon’ sign!

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Maker Nexus
Home: California, United States
Come and make your own LED 'neon' sign to take home and add unique pizzaz to your home or office! Select from a selection of 3D printed shapes, and we will coach you through adding LED rope to the tracks in the shape, soldering where needed, so that you end up with a functional light to take with you. This fun, hands on workshop is offered at a special rate for Maker Faire attendees only.

A Reflective Intervention

Faire: Hudson Valley
Maker: Amanda Peckler
Home: New York, United States
A Reflective Intervention (2020), created by multimedia artist Amanda Peckler, is an interactive documentary and transmedia project that documents and engages Generation Z and how they define their most salient core beliefs.

Interactive, Recursive, Automated Digital Photo Collage: Mirrors and Windows,

Faire: Coney Island
Maker: Tommy Mintz
Home: New York, United States
Interactive algorithmic time lapse generation of viewers seen through wireframe drawings of people and mirrors and windows.

FayGames Studio

Faire: NW Arkansas
Maker: FayGames Studio
Home: Arkansas, United States
FayGames Studio is passionate about crafting immersive XR applications, while fostering a community of passionate developers in Northwest Arkansas. Are you ready to dive into the fantastic world of game development and 3D modeling?

Bill McCown

Faire: Los Angeles
Maker: NULL
Home: California, United States
Bicycle trailers are useful! They add more capability to an already ingenious invention, the bicycle. Even better, they add style as well. Bike trailers can be used as campers, cargo trailers, or even as people haulers. Shown are two examples.

Drawing with a Sewing Machine

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Paul Nosa
Home: Arizona, United States
I move the fabric around the needle with my hands, without automation or a template. I use a standard sewing machine. I made an all-aluminum Solar Sewing Rover to power the sewing machine, and if needed augmented by a bicycle electric generator.

VR & 3D Printed Pottery

Faire: Palm Beach
Maker: Alex Lorenzo
Home: Florida, United States
Learn how easy it is to create pottery in the digital world with Virtual Reality and how easy it is to then to 3D print the same pottery into the real world!

Kyle Horne Art

Faire: Long Island
Maker: Kyle Horne
Home: New York, United States
Kyle Horne has illustrated over 22 books, Including an Amazing Annabelle chapter book series and beyond conditions comic book. He will sell copies of his books As well as his art and drawing caricatures

Lichtenberg Woodburning

Faire: Syracuse
Maker: Bob Abbey
Home: New York, United States
Lichtenberg wood burning is an innovative method to design on wood by burning it with a high voltage of electricity. The Lichtenberg design is, in fact, a kind of design like tree branches. You could say it's a form of miniature lightning!

Wood burning art

Faire: Baton Rouge
Maker: Shannon Peavoy
Home: Louisiana, United States
My name is Shannon I started drawing very young and loved it I practice as much as I can I look forward to showing what I've done.

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