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Kinetic Steam Works Railroad Handcar

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Kinetic Steam Works
Home: California, United States
Our entirely-shop-built narrow gauge railroad handcar features shop-cast aluminum curved-spoke wheels and cast-iron hubs. Attendees can pump the car down 100 feet of vintage 9-pound rail and feel like they’re on a real track maintenance crew. We’ll print commemorative collectible coasters on our 117 year old steam powered printing press. Our 26 foot steam launch “S.L. Victoria” will be on display as well as our 1898 Stanley Steamer Locomobile.

Sparking Creativity with Cardboard

Faire: NW Arkansas
Maker: Henry Freeman
Home: Arkansas, United States
Our cardboard projects, including a fairy lantern which you can make to take home, show how basic knowledge of the lab resources and very little expense can lead to the making of creative projects.

Invenzioni Steampunk

Faire: Trieste
Maker: Associazione culturale Steampunk Nord-Est Italy
Home: TV, Italy
Steampunk Nord-Est sarà presente con i suoi Inventori folli e Scienziati Pazzi con una esibizione di oggetti e strabilianti macchine! Lo Steampunk è una corrente letteraria e artistica che introduce elementi di fantasia o fantascientifici all’interno di uno stile ottocentesco, un mondo anacronistico nel quale strumenti “moderni” sono ancora azionati da vapore e ingranaggi.

Paste extruder for Bio 3D Printing

Faire: Delft
Maker: Stichting Junai Foundation
Home: south holland, Nederland
Junai haalt inspiratie uit de natuur om gebruiksvriendelijke oplossingen te ontwikkelen die de kloof overbruggen tussen door de mens gemaakte producten en onze omgeving. Wij zijn een stichting gericht op het maken van 3D-printers, kits en materialen om te ontwerpen en te experimenteren met thuiscomposteerbare biomaterialen.

Reparatón: supraciclaje de plástico y ropa

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Andrea Ramírez
Home: CDMX, Mexico
Vamos a conocer cómo reciclar plástico en creaciones atractivas y a reutilizar textiles con tinturas naturales.

Hand Carved Spoons

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Bay Area Spoon Carvers
Home: California, United States
We will demonstrate various ways to produce an heirloom spoon. We split logs into billets, which are shaped into blanks, from which the spoons are carved. We will demonstrate the use of chopping blocks, spoon mules and shaving horses (all of which we designed and built by hand). It is a popular element of our involvement that the public ask us a lot of questions about the trees on their property. Parents and kids can all take turns using our safer equipment, which is always very popular!


Faire: Baton Rouge
Maker: Keri Wilkinson
Home: Louisiana, United States
I am an environmental artist. Identified by the name: Creation, my work is the coelesence of creativity and sustainability. It is the creation of artwork and the creation of life simultaneously, blurring the boundary between the two.

Remake Human Lounge

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Three Healing Sisters Therapeutic Relaxation Lounge
Home: California, United States
Remake Human Lounge, a unique destination oasis for attendees looking for a place to relax and reboot. This space was designed to provide an interactive, hands-on experience with energy healing, massage, reflexology, acupressure stress reduction and soothing relaxation spaces. To ensure the best possible uplifting experience for guests, the lounge will be staffed with expert healers who are there to assist in providing various holistic therapies. As an added bonus, visitors can also experience red-light laser therapy in order to restore balance throughout their body while releasing any negative emotions that are holding them back. From start to finish, this innovative health lounge promises to provide everyone who visits with a rejuvenating experience.

Black Moth

Faire: Tulsa
Maker: Black Moth
Home: Oklahoma, United States
Tulsa’s only Natural History store! We offer a curated selection of ethically sourced taxidermy, skulls, bones, rocks & minerals, fossils, insects, seashells, hides, plants, and more.


Faire: Rome
The Agenda2030's topics as clean energy, fight against hunger and life on earth are the inspiring themes of the Serra-Tech Project. The greenhouse is designed for environments where the growth of vegetation is hostile or specific periods of the year where climatic conditions do not allow it. It has a system of equitable distribution of water to the plants, a night lighting system that helps plant growth and an aeration system to allow proper oxygenation. The greenhouse was made with all recycled materials.

Glassy Day Studio

Faire: Pensacola
Maker: NULL
Home: Florida, United States
Glassy Day Studio gives new life to the waste material from the surfboard glassing process. Large chunks of resin, sourced from a local surfboard shaper, are cut into small blanks, which are then put on the lathe and turned into bangles, hoops, beads, and more. The material and way each design is handcrafted means no two pieces are ever the same. As a long-time surfer, using recycle surfboard resin to create unique pieces of wearable art for other water-loving women is a joy and privilege.

Worshops fablab textile

Faire: Brussels
Maker: Green fabric
Home: Belgium
Exposition des travaux réalisés lors de 8 workshops fablab textile au sein de la Green Fabric. Ces workshops ont pour but de montrer les possibilités en art numérique en liant textile et technologie et de faire découvrir les nouvelles technologies via la création textile.

Mobo Gobbler

Faire: NW Arkansas
Maker: Blake Boeckmann
Home: Arkansas, United States
The Mobo Gobbler is a fully remote control turkey decoy. It revolutionized traditional stationary decoys. Mobo Gobbler’s goal is to continue to bring innovative technology to the hunting industry and raise awareness to wildlife conservation.


Faire: Rome
Maker: ITS "Efficienza Energetica"
Mud is processed trought water extraction into purified water, consequently hydrogen (STEP 2), and biocompost (STEP 3). Purified water from water extraction process is distilled and then used to produce green hydrogen trought electrolytic cell. After the first step of water extraction, the resulted biocompost could be used as fertilizer in agro-food companies.

LUCIESP – Monitor display in tempo reale per inverter zucchetti-sofarsolar-voltronic e batterie pylontech, weco e seplos

Faire: Rome
Maker: giuseppe de lorenzo
Updated information about your inverter every 5 seconds ... at a glance!

Unallocated Space Plasma Speaker

Faire: Downtown Columbia
Maker: Irving Hall
Home: Maryland, United States
Unallocated Space, Plasma Speaker Sound from an electric arc, plays stereo music from 3.5 phono jack. Build from reclaimed electronics with custom fabricated Wood/Polycarbonate and 3d printed parts.

NAAICE! – Upcycling Banners

Faire: Delft
Maker: Tessa Arnold
Home: Zuid-Holland, Nederland
Weggooien is zonde, toch? Met NAAICE maak ik tassen en etui's van oude banners die anders weggegooid zouden worden. Deze spandoeken worden vaak maar één dag gebruikt en zijn daarna nog piekfijn. De prachtige patronen en kleuren worden omgetoverd tot duurzame, unieke producten. Elk item wordt gestyled met bijpassende kleuren ritsen en details. Voor de Maker Faire heb ik een speciale collectie gemaakt van oude banners van het Highlight festival Delft. Scoor jouw unieke item op de markt!

Plante Sensorium

Faire: Aarhus
Maker: Margrete Lodahl Rolighed
Home: Denmark
Hvis moder jord kunne synge, hvilken sang vil hun synge? I denne interaktiv installation vil du opleve planter, som synger og levendegøres. Du kan bevæge dig rundt blandt planterne, røre ved dem, og gå på opdagelse i deres symfoni.

PuroSole Sistemi Solari a radiazione diretta

Faire: Rome
Maker: Digitarch Farm srl
Heliostats are devices that reflect the sun's rays onto a fixed target. They use motorized reflecting surfaces that automatically follow the trajectory of the Sun. Today they are used only in large plants for the production of electricity with reflecting surfaces of hundreds of square meters and millionaire investments (such as the Archimede thermodynamic plant by Carlo Rubbia). But we think that a heliostat can also be used for other purposes, such as: lighting environments where the sun does not reach, cooking food, water pasteurization, etc. and without the need to use any type of energy other than solar radiation. We have therefore studied and created a simple, cheap and easy to use heliostat. The study and creation of the first prototypes required several years and involved considerable economic resources. A medium-sized coffee roasting plant (30 kg/hour) was also built. The plant, the Hw/Sw projects, the patents, the prototypes, were brought by the partners supplied to the new Start Up Digitarch Farm which will develop the production and commercial process using the already registered PuroSole brand.

BIOPLAnet by Institut EEI

Faire: Brussels
Maker: Institute of entrepreneurial education and innovation
Home: Croatia
BIOPLAnet is STEM engaging project

Live Chainsaw Wood Carving with Burt Fleming

Faire: Baton Rouge
Maker: Burt Fleming
Home: Louisiana, United States
Burt Fleming of Woodbcreations will take logs and carve them into beautiful artwork during maker faire!


Faire: Los Angeles
Maker: Katie Pelon
Home: California, United States
Are you interested in nature journaling? Stop by our booth to learn how to make observations of artifacts from SoCal's beaches in your own nature journal! Take home guided journaling activity sheets and learn how to get involved in community science.


Faire: Delft
Maker: Ru Wikmann
Home: South Holland, Netherlands
Modular beehive monitoring system that boosts productivity and honey yield to benefit the Earth through data-driven beekeeping, while turning every apiary into a weather station.

+Re Water

Faire: Rome
Maker: Innovazione e tecnologia a supporto di uno stile di vita migliore e dignitoso per tutti
L'idea si basa sui punti 6 e 7 dell’agenda 2030, ossia Garantire a tutti la disponibilità e la gestione sostenibile dell’acqua e delle strutture igienico-sanitarie e assicurare a tutti l’accesso a sistemi di energia economici, affidabili, sostenibili e moderni. +Re Water suddivide il suo funzionamento tra le due fasi principali della giornata, durante la notte recupera acqua, deumidificando l’aria circostante; durante il dì produce energia elettrica e potabilizza l’acqua tramite una serie di filtri in carbonio attivo e lampade di tipo UV. Ma gli sprechi non sono ben visti da noi di +Re Water, ed î per questo che abbiamo scelto di aggiungere una cisterna di raccolta dell’acqua piovana, che verrà in seguito potabilizzata assieme all’acqua deumidificata. Perché scegliere il nostro progetto? Il nostro progetto offre soluzioni innovative, volte a diminuire i problemi di approvvigionamento idrico nel mondo usando solo energia fotovoltaica. +Re Water î basato su una visione a lungo termine e su una strategia di sviluppo continuo con lo scopo di adattarsi alle esigenze di ogni zona e aiutare più persone possibile.

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