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Faire: Orange County
Maker: Sheryl Haft
Home: Wyoming, United States
MAKE A MACHINE with MAZIE MCGEAR, KID ENGINEER! Join Founder, Educator and Author Sheryl Haft to make a MAZIE MCGEAR, KID ENGINEER MACHINE - based on the new STEAM-oriented book, MAZIE'S AMAZING MACHINES. Signed copies of the book available too.


Faire: Rochester
Maker: NULL
Home: New York, United States
WilliesPaintNPrint is an influencer on TikTok with 32k+ viewers where he teaches and shows the process of 3D printing to makers of all ages. He prints and paints with the goal of showing that you can do it too if you put your mind to it.

Blacksmithing demonstrations

Faire: Syracuse
Maker: Mark Teece
Home: New York, United States
I will be doing blacksmith demonstrations throughout the day, forging red hot steel into various objects and answering any questions about this ancient craft.


Faire: Rome
We have created an app that from the information saved on an online sheet creates a unique QR-Code. With a simple scan we can connect to the digital element provided by the designer, record date-time of arrival at the construction site, indicate the mounting status and transfer this information back into the BIM model. All through functions and free applications that are already in our smartphone

City Tech Maker Fairies

Faire: Coney Island
Maker: City Tech Maker Fairies
Home: New York, United States
City Tech Maker Fairies from New York City College of Technology (CUNY) are here to help. Learn how low cost, open source electrical and computer technology based Assistive Technology devices and games can help children and adults with disabilities.

Kansas Astronomical Observers

Faire: Wichita
Maker: Jerelyn Ramirez
Home: United States
The Kansas Astronomical Observers promotes telescope viewing and astronomy educational outreach programs.

Gifted and Talented Programs

Faire: Baton Rouge
Maker: East Baton Rouge Parish Gifted & Talented
Home: Louisiana, United States
Are you looking for a challenging educational environment to meet the needs of your child? The Gifted Program is an accelerated, stimulating educational program for students identified as gifted in grades PreK–12 and enrolled in EBR.

Embodied AI Agent with a real robotic platform

Faire: Rome
Maker: Machine Learning Reply
The talk will focus on a real implementation of Embodied AI agent. We will start with an overview of the Machine Learning models covered within Reply R&D, therefore DinoV2 for Object Detection (, PALM ( ) as a starting point for VLMs (Visual Language Models) and be able to generalize a large number of tasks that require multimodal input (both with images and text). We will then move on to a focus on a robotic agent such as SPOT by Boston Dynamics, therefore its architecture, the potential of this agent and the sensors present in stock. From here we will have the basis to move on to an implementation of Embodied AI Agents controlled completely with voice in natural language. We will show an orchestrator who, by receiving voice commands in natural language as input, will be able to control a robotic agent such as SPOT by Boston Dynamics and use the Machine Learning models necessary to complete the individual tasks within the episode initiated by the user. We will then show current developments in the way related to the use of Visual Language Models, such as RT-2( for robotic agents and LINGO-1( ) for autonomous driving.

Востановление культурного наследния

Faire: Chisinau
Maker: Максим Мардарь
Home: Moldova
3D реконструкция разрушенной часовни, которая стояла в г.Комрат. Посмотреть модель можно будет в AR отсканировав QR код, в месте, где находилась часовня.

Wooden Chair Making

Faire: Asheville
Maker: Hanger Hall School
Home: North Carolina, United States
Hanger Hall School's 8th grade class partners with the SkillSet team at UNCA for two 8 week sessions each school year. This past 2022 fall session (and during this upcoming Spring) 13 students designed and constructed 13 foldable wooden chairs.


Faire: NW Arkansas
Maker: Austin Blevins
Home: Arkansas, United States
Blacksmithing Demonstration of crafting basic tools and accessories.


Faire: Zagreb
Maker: Croatian Robotic Association
Home: Grad Zagreb, Croatia
We will present a new prototype robot based on a Raspberry Pi Pico board and RP2040 controller. The device can be programmed with both micropython and Arduino IDE. Would you like to see this project in the classroom or as your next robotics project?


Faire: Rome
Maker: Francesco Onorati
Intellibreria is an innovative smart book storage solution that combines the beauty of wooden shelves with advanced technology. With its built-in RFID detection system, it effortlessly tracks and organizes your book collection. Simply place your books in the specially designed Portalibri containers, which come in various colors for easy genre categorization. The microcontroller manages the RFID system, while the user interface includes a touch monitor and voice control for precise book location identification. Whether you're a book enthusiast or a library owner, Intellibreria offers a seamless and convenient way to manage and access your books with just a few taps or voice commands. Say goodbye to time-consuming searches and enjoy the pleasure of a perfectly organized and intelligent library.

Information Outreach

Faire: Rocklin
Maker: Jim Carnathan
Home: California, United States
Arts Council of Placer County - Providing information about how we promote artist, art and cultural events and administer grant money to many applicants throughout Placer County.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Epitomea
Clients & problems: Healthcare professionals and students. Busy schedules, statistical illiteracy and information saturation make it difficult for them to stay up-to-date. “In the biomedical field alone, more than 1 million articles pour into the PubMed database each year […]” (Nature). The problems are known, but hard to quantify in net terms. Our clients difficulties lies in that periodic and in-depth professional updating activity is a work in itself. Sacrificing patient hours for studying is sometimes not possible. Among the most unpleasant consequences, the discovery that a patient has been treated with an outdated therapy. Such an eventuality would be preferable not to be turned turn into a "necessary evil", a painful trade-off between the number of patients who require treatment and the quality of the treatment that can be administered. In addition to the suffering on a strictly human level, another problem that is becoming more acute is that of lawsuits for "malpractice". Growing, they discourage doctors from riskier practices for patients, as well as young people from embarking on a medical career. Our solution: it can be described as a search engine which, because of an AI algorithm, is able to: - Search for scientific articles related to a specific query and summarize their content; - Classify the results on the basis of various parameters (e.g. methodological value, citations, impact factor), assigning them a qualitative value, thus identifying the most solid research; - Aggregate the results based on the aforementioned parameters; - Produce an output that can be consulted quickly, listing the sources on which the analysis was conducted to draw up an effective overview on which to plan an update; - Assisting researcher in scientific writing & data production; - Automatic meta-analysis. Innovation: First, we will move away from the DSS (Decision Support System) approach of our main competitor,, to embrace a full AI paradigm. Then, we will find a niche in the scientific publication sector, by creating a set of tool for many scientists willing to publish high quality research. By doing to, our analytic efficiency will further increase. We already have a registered trademark and an industrial patent.

Capital Microscopy and Science Education Supplies

Faire: Elkhorn
Maker: Bob Friedel
Home: Wisconsin, United States
I display science items for purchase and education exercises.


Faire: Rome
Bees play a fundamental role in ecosystems and are present throughout the territory (at our latitude). The bee carries out its collection and pollination activity in a radius ranging between 2 and 10 km, and is attracted only by plants and clean water, avoiding contact with any waste and/or waste material. Every day, on average, a worker bee visits up to 7,000 flowers, fulfilling its very important role for the ecosystem. Any xenobiotic contamination present in the materials collected by bees and derived products are representative of the contamination of the flora and surface waters of the area where the hive is located. Fosan is starting the creation of a mapping of sentinel hives located throughout the country, in order to monitor the conditions of environmental risk from xenobiotic contamination. The analytical data referring to the samples taken in the various "sentinel hives" are processed with AI techniques to identify level curves of xenobiotic contamination and related hotspots, and the presumed connections with human activities. With AI, the presumed correlations between the recorded anthropic activities and the levels of contamination of the hive products are identified.

Material Interactions: Data-Driven Community Quilting

Faire: Long Island
Maker: Rachel Ivy Clarke
Home: New York, United States
Come make interactive data-driven quilts! Learn basic quilting, select fabrics, colors and shapes to represent data like direction and distance traveled, and sew them together to make a unique collaborative quilt that represents the event.


Faire: Wichita
Maker: Mitch Sperry
Home: United States
This booth is for my youtube channel. Awesome electronics videos and tutorials! This channel will show how to build electronic projects as well as how to program your very own custom electronic devices with all the source code downloadable.

Vision All Majorana

Faire: Rome
Maker: I.T.I.S. "E. Majorana" Cassino
VisionAll application helps visually impaired and blind students orienting by themselves, using technologies such as Bluetooth beacons/GPS to locate their position within the facility. This idea stems from our daily school experience of living with a visually impaired student. The development status of the project is still in a primordial stage, but VisionAll will be developed initially in our school. Maker Faire Rome is an opportunity to present our project and show that our app can break down all types of barriers.

MusicHArt – L’esperienza nella musica visiva

Faire: Rome
Maker: B.P.S. Business Performance Services S.r.l.
The MusicHArt project was started in 2018 by the innovative start-up B.P.S. and its evolved version was launched in 2022 after years of experimentation. In the team Gianmarco Merlini represents the creator. It is inspired by research carried out in the field of synesthesia between music and color to allow artists and composers to transform their musical works into forms of abstract art through software that analyzes the melody and reproduces its relative abstract design. The result is a digital abstract canvas as well as the audio-video recording of the creation of the work.

History & Archaeology of Pensacola

Faire: Pensacola
Maker: UWF Departments of History and Archaeology
Home: Florida, United States
The departments of History and Archaeology at University of West Florida will present an interactive display on the cultural heritage and materials of colonial Pensacola.

4-H ResistoJets Rocketry Club

Faire: Sussex County
Maker: ResistoJets Rocketry 4-H Club
Home: New Jersey, United States
Meet the 4-H ResistoJets Rocketry Club. See their accomplishments in the American Rocketry Challenge and NASA SLI. Try out why rockets have fins.

Востановление культурного наследния

Faire: Chisinau
Maker: Максим Мардарь
Home: Moldova
3D реконструкция разрушенной часовни, которая стояла в г.Комрат. Посмотреть модель можно будет в AR отсканировав QR код, в месте, где находилась часовня.

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