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4-H ResistoJets Rocketry Club

Faire: Sussex County
Maker: ResistoJets Rocketry 4-H Club
Home: New Jersey, United States
Meet the 4-H ResistoJets Rocketry Club. See their accomplishments in the American Rocketry Challenge and NASA SLI. Try out why rockets have fins.

Robot demo Team Rembrandts

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: Team Rembrandts
Home: Nederland
Wij zijn Team Rembrandts, een robotica team die mee doet aan de FIRST Robotics Competition. Elk jaar doen we mee aan een compleet nieuw spel die vaak lijkt op een sport als frisbee of basketbal. Hiervoor bouwen wij als team elk jaar een nieuwe robot en reizen we af naar Amerika om daar mee te doen aan competities. Kom een kijkje nemen bij onze stand om wat gave robots in actie te zien, en wie weet krijg je zelfs wel de kans om de robots zelf te besturen!

RoboTeam Twente

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: RoboTeam Twente
Home: Nederland
RoboTeam Twente is een multidisciplinair studententeam van de Universiteit Twente. Wij streven ernaar om te innoveren en te inspireren in het veld van Robotica en Kunstmatige Intelligentie. Wij ontwikkelen autonome voetbalrobots voor de RoboCup! Tijdens deze internationale wedstrijd spelen onze robots voetbal tegen teams uit allerlei landen, van China tot en met de VS en Duitsland.

BEST Robotics

Faire: Pensacola
Maker: sam russel
Home: Florida, United States
Emerald Coast BEST Robotics is an enterprise robotics competition that if free to middle and high schools. The competition is supported and run by the University of West Florida in an effort to boost science and technology. The enterprise nature of the competition includes the marketing and management of technology projects, which allows students with many interests to join the competition.

Discovery Lab: Take Apart

Faire: Tulsa
Maker: Discovery Lab
Home: Oklahoma, United States
Appliance Take Apart - Learn what's inside the common machines of our lives. Explore their innerworkings and perhaps have something come back to life.

Gli alimenti del futuro: tra biodiversità, economia circolare e agritech

Faire: Rome
Maker: Benedetta Pizziconi
Foods of the future: between biodiversity, circular economy and agritech: An accurate nutritional regimen stands as a pivotal health determinant among all life-ages. Within this context, promoting nutritional biodiversity and foods capable of guaranteeing both productivity and high nutritional value as well as in the context of climate change, represent one of the main challenges of our millennium. Environmental sustainability and waste reduction in the food supply chain are issues consumers are becoming increasingly sensitive to. For years UCBM has been working on those subjects, in particular: i) Identifying better resistant crop varieties to adverse environmental conditions or varieties with peculiar nutritional characteristics. ii) Refining green methods to extract bioactive molecules with high-added value for their potential employment in nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, etc., from secondary raw materials that so far only assumed a low or negative economic value within the supply chain iii) Developing sensor-based and robotic systems to identify the health status of the plant to allow an intervention of greater precision in the various agricultural processes, to optimize the production and the harvesting of the edible parts. At the Maker Faire, some projects, and experimental tools by the research groups in Food and Nutrition Science will be exposed, biomedical measurements and instruments and advanced robotics.

Déjà vu STEM de un docente

Faire: Mexicali
Maker: Gabino Monroy
Home: CDMX, Mexico
Déjà vu es un término francés que significa “ya visto”; relataré la travesía que me ha llevado por más de 5 años a explorar e implementar en la práctica docente de etapa preescolar y primaria la metodología STEM.

Louisiana Lagniappe Chapter of EGA

Faire: Baton Rouge
Maker: Louisiana Lagnaippe Chapter of EGA
Home: Louisiana, United States
Louisiana Lagniappe Chapter of EGA is a community of stitchers in the greater Baton Rouge area. Our members have a wide variety of interest and skill levels in needlework. More information is at

The String and Glue of our World – Understanding Composite Materials

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Ned Patton
Home: California, United States
“The String and Glue of our World” is a book about the science, engineering, history, and art of making things out of composites told in a manner that is approachable, engaging, and entertaining, even for the casual reader. It is not intended to replace or even be a textbook on the subject – there are plenty of those. It is also not intended for the serious practitioner who has lots of experience with composites and needs a reference book, since there are lots of those as well. In other words, you don’t have to be a Ph.D. engineer or scientist to understand the book and appreciate the significance and beauty of composite materials.

Making Math

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Nonscriptum LLC
Home: California, United States
We have written the books Make:Geometry, Make:Calculus and the upcoming Make:Trigonometry for Make's publishing arm. We will display many 3D printed, paper, and LEGO models that help teach and visualize hands-on math concepts and encourage participants to play with them and think about the concepts. For example, we teach the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus with a handful of 2×2 LEGO bricks and a baseplate. This will be a 'meet the authors' booth, with a chance for people to see the demos in our books live and interact with us.

Aqua&Terra: save the water to save the Earth

Faire: Rome
Maker: ITTS Alessandro Volta di Tivoli - Guidonia
The project aims to optimise water use through the integration of local and remote data. Soil moisture information is used together with weather forecasts to accurately determine when is the best time to irrigate. The system measures the humidity of the soil through the use of a sensor and decides whether to activate irrigation on the basis of the values ​​relating to the last few hours and the weather forecast data, taken through the invocation of web services. The acquired data is sent to a cloud platform for monitoring humidity levels and sensors.

Fotodisgregatore Trituratore per inertizzazione di rifiuti a base plastica

Faire: Trieste
Maker: Xewer Srl
Home: TS, Italy
L’obiettivo deli'invenzione è quello di scomporre, rendere inerti e biodegradabili i rifiuti a base plastica, sfruttando l’azione meccanica, termica e la radiazione solare. E’ noto che la plastica sottoposta a radiazione solare, temperatura e azione meccanica, perde le proprietà molecolari complesse, restituendo catene di molecole molto più semplici e di conseguenza meno dannose per l'ecosistema.

Luces algebraicas con arduino y scratch

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Sol Felipe Hernandez Guerrero
Home: Puebla, Mexico
En este taller los participantes codoficarán un programa para encender es progresiones crecientes y decrecientes, realizarán procesos de modelacion matemática para obtener una expresión algebraica e integrarla al código con resultados interesantes.

Engines and mechanical creations

Faire: Syracuse
Maker: Michael (Sid) Pileski
Home: New York, United States
Steam and IC engines. Mechanical contrivances.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Feel-ING SRL
The SENTINEL project aims to promote wellness in the workplace providing an ad-hoc platform to monitor psychophysics pitfalls that could threaten workers’ and teams’ security. Being in the context of Internet of Things (IoT), it exploits wearable and comfortable devices (such as smartwatches, smart clothes or sports bands) and emotive artificial intelligence algorithms.

Crazy Cool Science

Faire: Wichita
Maker: Steve Siegel
Home: United States
Presenting science with a big WOW factor. High energy physics demonstrations. We travel to events such as school science nights, state fairs, and festivals.

Maker Spaces in Schools

Faire: Miami
Maker: David Wells
Home: Florida, United States
This presentation will focus on examples of how to integrate making and tinkering in school settings. Exploring junk drawer challenges and desktop tinkering to full-scale maker Space build-out.

GIY Materials: Growing Fungi for BioFabrication

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Elizabeth Marley
Home: California, United States
This 'GIY Materials: Growing Fungi for BioFabrication presentation will introduce Grow-It-Yourself methods and projects that use the magic of mycelium, mushrooms, and other biological organisms to produce renewable materials that can be heat resistant, water resistant, and biodegradable…. and maybe even help clean the environment! We'll show example projects involving fashion, electronics, and architecture along with some tips and resources on how you, too, can grow your own materials for future projects.

The DIY Magic of Amateur Radio – American Radio Relay League

Faire: Rocklin
Maker: ARRL Sacramento Valley Section
Home: California, United States
Radio hams were the original Makers & Hackers, using new, used & scavenged parts to make transmitters, receivers & antennas capable of communicating with other hams anywhere on Earth. Amateur radio was the original social media and also offers opportunities to contribute to scientific and technical advancement, disaster preparedness and public safety. Visit our booth for a hands-on experience in the fascinating world of ham radio!

First Tech Challenge Team 19367 ALIEN

Faire: Milwaukee
Maker: FIRST Tech Challenge
Home: Wisconsin, United States
Come make a robotic bumblebee craft with free community robotics teams ALIEN, Storm, and Neptune! Then drive their real competition robots!

druk druk druk

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: wout zweers
Home: Nederland
Kom drukken met Wowlab. Maak je eigen drukblok. Daarna druk je die af. Nog niet helemaal naar je zin? Nog eens, tot je denkt: Wow, Yes! Maak je eigen ontwerp of kijk goed naar stippen en strepen en kleuren van dieren. Een giraf of koraalvis Nemo bijvoorbeeld. Wil je zoiets maken? Kunstenaar en ontwerper Wout Zweers helpt je als je denkt dat je een beetje hulp kunt gebruiken. Je drukwerk en ontwerp mag je natuurlijk meenemen. Misschien wel om later op een T-shirt te drukken

Smart Sensor for Testing Agrifood Quality & Safety at the Point of Care

Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Università di Roma
The Device we present is a Lab-on-Chip. It consists of a system on glass (SoG), where are integrated photosensors for light detection, a thermalization system and sensors for controlling the temperature. The SoG is coupled with a microfluidic system where biological assay occurs and allows the detection of mycotoxins and food pathogens. The system is contained in a portable metallic box. The assays consist of specific recognition elements for the detection of the mycotoxins, which identify the target (mycotoxins) and emits a luminescent signal when the target is present. The luminescent signal is then detected by the photosensors. In the case of food pathogens, the system is able to perform a molecular test: identify a specific DNA sequence of the pathogens, which is amplified and detected by the photosensors following the luminescent signal generated during the DNA amplification. The thermalization system ensures the reactions occurring at the requested temperature.

Archivio Chirurgico Digitale video e fotografico

Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Università di Roma
Starting from a video and photographic archive - containing over 10,000 images and over 150 films made in the surgical field from 1960 to the present - the project aims to offer the possibility of consulting the iconographic material online for free to doctors, students and specialists in the medical/surgical sector. The sharing of surgical history, passed through the development of new techniques - from traditional open surgery to today's endoscopic surgery, as well as offering a source of study, will also be functional to the enhancement of the medicine developed at Sapienza.

Learn DIY Apps, Maps and Data

Faire: Baton Rouge
Maker: City-Parish Department of Information Services
Home: Louisiana, United States
Stop by our booth to learn how to work with the City's vast collection of data to make maps and apps! Staff from the Department of Information Services will be on hand to showcase these free resources and answer your questions.

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