Maker Faire Rome 2023

Spireat un futuro sostenibile

the project we are presenting this year derives from the technological innovations presented in recent years and will lead to the request for a new patent, application presented in 2022. the project concerns the optimization of natural light on productions in open pond systems on the production of microalgae by improving the performance of production and returns on investment in technologies that are still not very mature, and which will also make it possible to improve the capture of CO2 which is already naturally efficient in microalgal production systems,
Spireat un futuro sostenibile - Maker Faire


algaria srl Maker Photo

algaria srl

Antonio Idà: he's a biologist with a Ph.D. in Algal biology specializing in the microalgae cultivation system, he spent the first part of his carriers in academia and research and laboratory environments with over 10 peer review publications, then he start a start-up and commercial activity in the field of algal biotechnology project, it has now 6 years that he run as founder and CEO of Algaria Activity which lies on the R&D activity and food innovators, Algaria rise interest in his activity collecting differents awards and. success such as EIT food innovation Awards, Ecotrophelia, Vida projects and Neptune projects within the others

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