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Nomad coffee company

Faire: Lynchburg
Maker: Nomad Coffee Company
Home: Virginia, United States
We are a mobile coffee shop

Mycastellium – From Mushroom to Masterpiece

Faire: Rome
Maker: Orietta Bartalini
Mycastellium is the perfect project for people who want to open their minds into a sustainable environment. This project is entirely made of a sustainable material called mycelium: an ideal substitute to plastic. We created this lamp combining nature inspired designs and advanced technologies. Our project took time and dedication as we collaborated to reach our goal. Mycastellium’s aim is to spread awareness about sustainability. Help us transform our world step by step; every little step counts!

The Pearl Lion Circus

Faire: Pensacola
Maker: The Pearl Lion Circus
Home: Florida, United States
We are a small human circus performance troupe based in Pensacola specializing in group acrobats, flow props and circus arts and event production! Experience a short circus performance and then learn all about various circus arts and try new things!!

BRH Animal Rights Preservation Club

Faire: Baton Rouge
Maker: BRMHS Animal Rights Preservation Club
Home: Louisiana, United States
Make sure to check out the Animal Rights Preservation Club booth to buy arts and crafts or sweet baked goods! All profits will be going towards helping our highschool club donate our proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund organization to help animals!

The Cotton Candy Lab

Faire: Lynchburg
Maker: Jason Rony
Home: Virginia, United States
We make specialty made-to-order cotton andy with a little help from science.

The Fudge & Snack People – Lorie’s Fudge

Faire: Tulsa
Maker: The Fudge & Snack People - Lorie's Fudge
Home: Oklahoma, United States
Fudge is not just a flavor, but an experience. Stop by our booth to taste and see. Join us on a delicious journey and savor the delightful flavors of our fudge and snack crackers.

WellVentions World & Innerspace Puppet Show

Faire: Rochester
Maker: WellVentions
Home: New York, United States
Come laugh, play, color puppet characters, and enjoy as we educate and entertain you with Wellventions Innerspace puppet show. Allow your tastebuds to be delighted by making your own smoothie on our peddle powered blender bike.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l'analisi dell'economia agraria - Centro di ricerca Ingegneria e Trasformazioni agroalimentari
The micro-lab is an innovative portable and easy-to-use system equipped with low-cost digital and sensorized devices that allow for the constant monitoring of the main chemico-physical parameters of the storage liquids of certain agri-food products, particularly the storage brines of table olives. By measuring temperature, pH, salinity, and acidity, both free and volatile acidity, automatically and without the need for specialized operators, it is possible to control product conformity and healthfulness, benefiting quality and environmental, energy and economic sustainability.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Società Agricola Colle Difesa s.s.
The FRUFUN project - Low environmental impact production of innovative functional foods with fruit produced by agricultural businesses in the Sabine area The FRUFUN project proposes the valorisation of fruit production surpluses in the Sabine territory through the production of processed fruit based on fruit flour with a high nutritional content obtained by means of low-energy drying processes. The overall objective of the project is to increase the competitiveness of local businesses and increase their income by developing new high added value products made from 100% local fruit. The support activity for this pilot project is financed by sub-measure 16.2.1 of the RDP Lazio 2014-2020 within the framework of Regulation (EU) No 1305/2013 and subsequent amendments and integrations.

El Chilango Mexican Grill LLC

Faire: Lynchburg
Maker: El Chilango Mexican Grill LLC
Home: Virginia, United States
El Chilango Mexican Grill LLC comes from Nelson County Virginia serving traditional Mexican street food. We serve everything from Burritos to Elotes known as street corn that will satisfy the bold and the not so adventurist food lover.

Dulce ambición by Maria Cake’s

Faire: Pioneer Valley
Maker: Maria Rivera
Home: Massachusetts, United States
Cup cake Ice coffee Pastry Soda Agua

Gamification of Sensory Analysis

Faire: Rome
Maker: Simply SFA
To define the sensory profile of a product according to UNI/ISO standards, the test must be carried out in sensory booths; "white rooms" where it is tested in ideal conditions. ISO booths are not easy to find, so we decided to make them portable: the Sensorial Stations. These can be of various types: • ISO Mode a sensory booth • Desk Mode a sensory desk • MiniSens which transforms any desk into an ISO station But our aim is to highlight how the tasting of products changes according to the conditions in which it takes place. This is why we want to train and challenge the senses of consumers to recognize the characteristics of the products in any environment.

Central Oregon Homebrewers

Faire: Central Oregon
Maker: Central Oregon Homebrewers Organization
Home: Oregon, United States
Central Oregon Homebrewers will be showing equipment used to make your own beer at home, as well as doing a live brewing demonstration in front of people!

Spireat un futuro sostenibile

Faire: Rome
Maker: algaria srl
the project we are presenting this year derives from the technological innovations presented in recent years and will lead to the request for a new patent, application presented in 2022. the project concerns the optimization of natural light on productions in open pond systems on the production of microalgae by improving the performance of production and returns on investment in technologies that are still not very mature, and which will also make it possible to improve the capture of CO2 which is already naturally efficient in microalgal production systems,

Casual Joe’s BBQ

Faire: Elkhorn
Maker: Michael Hudec
Home: Wisconsin, United States
We offer wood smoked BBQ. Meat Platters, Nachos, sandwiches and sides. Breakfast, biscuits and gravy, breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches. Sides, mac and cheese (homemade cheese sauce with local cheeses), cole slaw and beans.


Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: UNAM Aero Design
Home: Ciudad de México, Mexico
UNAM Aero Design es un equipo multidisciplinario representativo de la UNAM que diseña y manufactura aeronaves no tripuladas operadas a radio control. Cada año, el equipo presenta una aeronave diferente en las competencias SAE Aero Design.

Food Pairing

Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Università di Roma
Food pairing is a method of identifying which foods go well together. Thanks to the recent availability on the internet of a large number of recipes and databases on the chemical compounds, it is possible to propose combinations based on modern data science techniques which analyze the food graph possibly enriched by the graph of their chemical components. The project proposes to investigate this graph, to visualize it in an attractive way and to experiment during the maker faire with some combinations in order to collect visitor feedback

SLY empowers wildfire resilience

Faire: Rome
Maker: SLY
SLY is pioneering a transformative approach to wildfire detection and mitigation. By harnessing the convergence of artificial intelligence at the edge, novel semiconductor gas sensing, and global NB-IOT connectivity, we provide a solution that not only detects wildfires during their incipient stages but also predicts their potential evolution, thereby enabling more efficient and timely responses. SLY offers a ground-breaking solution that improves the cost-effectiveness, speed, accuracy, and sustainability of wildfire detection and mitigation, making a significant impact on a global issue.

Cake Decorating Competition & Raffle

Faire: Elkhorn
Maker: Katie Sperle
Home: Wisconsin, United States
EAMS Builders Club will be sponsoring a cake decorating competition and the winners will be determined through a raffle. There will be four categories: Elementary (Grades K-5); Middle School (Grades 6-8); High School (Grades 9-12); and Adult.

Hermes’ Friends

Faire: Rome
Hermes' Friends is an App designed to inform and monitor drivers engaged in loading, transporting and unloading goods services. The App will allow you to: -Inform companies about the real-time location of the driver -Report any road inconveniences such as heavy traffic, accidents, works in progress -Monitor drivers' driving and rest times -Locate rest areas Functions: -Provides real-time driving directions -Indicates places of accommodation and catering -Be able to book and review hotels/motels and refreshment areas The new technology will allow companies to have greater control over the work of drivers. Restaurateurs will be able to access the application and, thanks to the reviews, will be able to adapt their menu to customer needs.

Caribbean Jerk Pot

Faire: Lynchburg
Maker: Curtis Charlemagne
Home: Virginia, United States


Faire: Rome
Maker: Bruno Luziatelli
With Makerino it is possible to quickly create IoT electronic projects and those connected to the network in general, such as: -Smart agriculture systems -Meteorological Stations -Data acquisition and sending to the cloud -Control of remote devices -Low energy consumption IoT projects ideal for: -Students, Professors and Researchers -Makers passionate about electronics and programming -Schools, universities and training institutes. The project of some makers of Officine Robotiche, in the framework of AssoInnovazione.


Faire: Coney Island
Maker: Carolyn Sevos Hamilton
Home: New York, United States
YouCake creates custom edible images using your photos, inscriptions, and company logos that easily apply to any frosted cake, cookie, or cupcake. Transform and personalize ordinary desserts into a an extraordinary, one-of-kind YouCake show stopper!

The MerTails | Elixirs as Mixers

Faire: Asheville
Maker: The NOHM Collective
Home: North Carolina, United States
Join us! Fresh harvested herbs for touch and smell, variety of infusions for smell, taste, and mixing to experience different flavor profiles and herbal energetics. Live herbal mixology with our elixirs sold by the cup, accompanied by free samples

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