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SLY empowers wildfire resilience

SLY is pioneering a transformative approach to wildfire detection and mitigation. By harnessing the convergence of artificial intelligence at the edge, novel semiconductor gas sensing, and global NB-IOT connectivity, we provide a solution that not only detects wildfires during their incipient stages but also predicts their potential evolution, thereby enabling more efficient and timely responses. SLY offers a ground-breaking solution that improves the cost-effectiveness, speed, accuracy, and sustainability of wildfire detection and mitigation, making a significant impact on a global issue.
SLY empowers wildfire resilience - Maker Faire

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SLY's founding team combines deep expertise in AI, engineering, business strategy and domain knowledge needed to successfully commercialize our wildfire detection platform: - Kseniya Lenarciak, CEO, brings 10+ years of leadership experience at BlackRock developing and overseeing some of the firm's most strategic institutional clients, spearheading their transition to sustainable economy. Her business acumen is invaluable. - Davide De Marchi, Head of Science, has a PhD in Bioengineering from Harvard Medical School, fusing computational genomics and organic chemistry - perfect for optimizing our sensors. - Max Lenarciak, Head of Platform, has built multi-billion dollar quantitative hedge funds, leveraging his signal processing and machine learning specialization to develop our edge AI.

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