Maker Faire Yearbook 2023


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f@b.CPL – f@b.SmartCity

Faire: Lisbon
Maker: Casa Pia de Lisboa, IP
Home: Lisboa/Lisboa/Belém, Portugal
O f@b.SmartCity nasceu do projeto f@b.TGV no Ano Europeu do Transporte Ferroviário. Inicialmente assentava na construção de um comboio e respetivas infraestruturas adjacentes, permitindo aos alunos o desenvolvimento de competências na área do desenho, eletrónica, robótica, telecomunicações, sensibilizando-os ainda para temas como o ambiente e a sustentabilidade. Com estes últimos temas, surgiu a ideia de criar uma cidade inteligente e ao mesmo tempo sustentável do ponto de vista energético e dos demais recursos. Para a exposição transportamos apenas uma fração de dimensão reduzida do f@b.SmartCity, dada a impossibilidade de movimentar o projeto patente nas instalações do f@b.CPL.


Faire: NW Arkansas
Maker: JB Anderson
Home: Arkansas, United States
It aIl started when I needed affordable customized decorations and cakes for my children's birthday parties. Those pieces evolved into unique holiday decorations and gifts. I now look forward to sharing my work with others.

GreenSpark Solar- How Solar Works!

Faire: Rochester
Maker: GreenSpark Solar Community Outreach Team
Home: New York, United States
GreenSpark Solar will have a hands on display to showcase the wonders of solar technology. We will bring materials to show how Solar looks and works in Rochester.

NoHo Drawing Days

Faire: Los Angeles
Maker: NoHo Drawing Days
Home: California, United States
We are a group of professionals and artists connecting on weekends with outdoor drawing and art meetups. Our goal is to provide casual opportunities for community to connect with artists, swapping tips for health, art and life.


Faire: Los Angeles
Maker: TwistBit EDM
Home: California, United States
Electronic music artist TwistBit presents a live DJ mix of original tracks, exhibiting bizarre genre fusions and rule-breaking EDM.

Mosieurfran Workshop

Faire: Brussels
Maker: François Herman
Home: Belgium
Soudeur, J’imagine des accessoires en métal pour les adulescents comme moi qui continue à pratiquer le skate, le surf, la moto ou le vélo et qui veulent faire rentrer leur univers dans leur maison, mais avec style. Je propose aussi une gamme de brasero pour la bière after ride.


Faire: Delft
Maker: Kenza Belgacem
Home: Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Om bodemuitputting aan te pakken, hebben we HydroKit gebouwd. Een slimme hydroponische kas met sensoren voor ideaal plantengroei. Dit maakt zelfvoorzienende voedselproductie mogelijk zonder afhankelijk te zijn van uitgeputte bodems.

Bumble Bees Sweet Shop

Faire: Wayne County
Maker: Sabrina Gould
Home: Ohio, United States
Bumble Bee's Sweet Shop is a shop I created to sell my baked goods and snacks. I will be bringing a bunch of different things with me. I also provide service packages for different events. Feel free to ask me about it when you see me.

Smart Medikit

Faire: Rome
Maker: Federico Traverso
Smart Medikit is a kit that can help anyone to be able to rescue any human subject in an emergency through the help of a digital assistant who, through sensors and questions, will give instructions to the rescuer, the kit is suitable for everyone and it is compact so that anyone can always carry it with them so they can be ready for any emergency.

Maker Education – Experiences to Transform Young Minds

Faire: Miami
Maker: Moonlighter FabLab
Home: Florida, United States
Presenting practical tools and resources that teachers can use to create educational experiences that harness the potential of making to transform learning in the classroom to be equitable, inclusive, relevant, and responsive to the learner’s needs.

STEAM Prototyping Booth GLUON

Faire: Brussels
Maker: GLUON vzw
Home: Belgium
GLUON a pour but de promouvoir des activités S+T+ARTS (Science, Technology & Arts) sur Bruxelles. Ce stand a comme but d'attirer, d'informer et d'intégrer le publique Bruxellois du fonctionnement et des résultats mis en oeuvre par des jeunes participants lors de nos activités.

Востановление культурного наследния

Faire: Chisinau
Maker: Максим Мардарь
Home: Moldova
3D реконструкция разрушенной часовни, которая стояла в г.Комрат. Посмотреть модель можно будет в AR отсканировав QR код, в месте, где находилась часовня.


Faire: Baton Rouge
Maker: Tiana Lazard
Home: Louisiana, United States
Art.Book.Yoga. is a collection of art including buttons, books including notebooks and bookmarks, and yoga.

Handcrafted Wood Pens – Fischer Wood Designs

Faire: Long Island
Maker: Ira Fischer
Home: New York, United States
Display and sale of handcrafted wood pens. Fountain Pens, Rollerball, and Ball Point Pens will be available.

The Maker Shed

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: The Maker Shed
Home: California, United States
Roll up the coolest technology bookstore, museum gift shop, arts & craft shop and electronics store you can dream up and you're in the Maker Shed, a smart collection of books, kits, robots, microcontrollers, science sets, electronics, tools and supplies, all curated by us, the people behind Make: and the Maker Faire. Maker Shed and Merch Tent will not be accepting cash at this event, please plan accordingly.

Winners Circle Robotics

Faire: Louisville
Maker: Winners Circle Robotics (Robo Jockey’s)
Home: United States
Winners Circle Robotics is an educational non profit STEM program using FIRST Robotics Competition to mentor high school students in the process of solving problems by designing a robot to play a new game each season.

You Can Learn CAD

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: CADclass
Home: United States
Learning how to make 3D models is the most powerful way to communicate your ideas to people and machines. Makers, engineers, inventors, and product developers all rely heavily on Computer-Aided Design software. Yet, most tutorials are difficult to follow leaving learners confused. In this talk, professional CAD teacher Jake Sugden will set you up for success in learning CAD by demonstrating how to make a scaled replica of the Saturn V Rocket!


Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Università di Roma
EGGS are multifunctional chairs designed to inspire creative associations and playful combinations. Children, like little chicks, play with eggs, a primordial form, a symbol of life. From the opening of the eggs comes the surprise, with many ways of use, a lot of imagination to invent and create new environments to play. The egg as a symbol of perfect shape, perceptible to all, easy to communicate and mean. In the egg there is expectation, development, birth and transformation. The colors of nature include a range of yellows for the yolk, ranging from light yellow to dark orange, almost red, while white is provided for the albumen. Obviously, with a fantastic interpretation, we can attribute to the albumen and yolk colors different from those recognizable in nature, contrasting with each other, with a beautiful impact and very bright tones. So I thought of two series: 4 or 6 eggs, coordinated and well matched in their colors. By considering the interchangeability of the yolks or their halves, you can always get new combinations. EGGS are therefore nice furnishings, which if necessary can perform the function of seating, foot rests, fun objects to play with your body, build and create attractive, original and colorful environments, .... all child-sized.

Pipeline Programs at Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science

Faire: Los Angeles
Maker: Vanessa Chicaiza
Home: California, United States
Join Pipeline Programs for fun hands-on activities while learning about how our unique academic programs expand the educational capacity of underrepresented PK-12th grade students and prepare them for degrees and careers in science and healthcare.

Tulsa Library Maker Space

Faire: Tulsa
Maker: Maker Space
Home: Oklahoma, United States
Learn about the equipment available at the library's Maker Space and how to setup an appointment! Visit our booth to create a quick tissue paper mosaic!


Faire: Rome
Maker: Scuola La tecnica
it is a semi-automatic device which separates and stores waste, performs measurements, stores and transmits data to control centres. Its mechanical operation is based on some rotating discs that direct the waste to the appropriate sectors based on the type of material.

Digital Photography Open Studio & Hands-on Educational Demonstrations

Faire: Hudson Valley
Maker: The Creative Arts Corner of Hudson Valley
Home: New York, United States
Open Studio & Mini-Workshops! Visit us for hands-on, digital camera demonstrations set against a professional backdrop! Explore the art of photography, learn about our classes and have fun creating special moments with family and friends!

FabCreator Lasers

Faire: Delft
Maker: Saskia Smits
Home: Noord Brabant, Nederland
FabCreator is een Nederlandse producent van hoge kwaliteit CO2 lasersnij-en-graveermachines fantastisch voor de hobbyist, maar zeker ook voor onderwijs en bedrijven! Wij ontwerpen, ontwikkelen en bouwen machines in Nederland

Discovery Lab: Take Apart

Faire: Tulsa
Maker: Discovery Lab
Home: Oklahoma, United States
Appliance Take Apart - Learn what's inside the common machines of our lives. Explore their innerworkings and perhaps have something come back to life.