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Home Ecology Solutions Lab

Faire: Hudson Valley
Maker: Elinor Stapylton
Home: New York, United States
We work on accessible and low embodied energy solutions by conducting demonstration projects and workshops that work with nature. We build passive homes out of conventional and waste materials, as well as ecological greywater microbial fuel cells.

LA3D Club

Faire: Orange County
Maker: LA3D Club
Home: California, United States
We will be showing how to make photos with a regular smartphone so they can be viewed in 3D. We will also be showing work that the club does in 3D such as 3D movies and photographs. We will bring 3D viewers from the last century to modern ones.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Centro di ricerca DigiLab - Sapienza Università di Roma
"ArcheoVerso" stands as a digital design solution for cultural institutions that want to be present in the metaverse, making full use of all the tools and potential, thus not limiting themselves to just a virtual presence. If for some time, all over the world, they have been welcoming VR/AR technologies as an opportunity to involve different audiences in new ways and on new platforms, the horizon of the digital universe is much broader than the simple three-dimensional re-proposition of own collections or paths. The interaction with the sphere of social media - and therefore the complexity of the relationships between physical users - makes the metaverse a frontier to be explored in its impact with the real world: ArcheoVerso will analyze its relationships and declinations from the point of view of cultural institutions, evaluating economic sustainability and technological and digital extensions that make it possible to expand its offer and capacity to involve the public.

Hudson Valley Ghostbusters, Inc.

Faire: Hudson Valley
Maker: Hudson Valley Ghostbusters, Inc.
Home: New York, United States
Who ya gonna call? Hudson Valley Ghostbusters! Learn how we make our signature ectoplasm (slime), check out the Ghostbusting tools of the trade, and get a photo with our fully geared team!

BirdWatch AI – Embedded Bird Watching Solution with TensorFlow

Faire: Rome
Maker: Enrico Stulin
BirdWatch AI is an innovative project that combines a passion for bird watching with the power of artificial intelligence. Our birdhouse with automatic recognition leverages TensorFlow to offer an unprecedented birdwatching experience. The BirdWatch AI project encompasses the mechanical design of a bird feeder equipped with a Full HD camera (a 12-megapixel IMX708 sensor with HDR), with the primary aim to capture images and videos of visiting birds. Using TensorFlow's automatic recognition algorithm and image manipulation with OpenCV, BirdWatch AI accurately identifies the bird species present, providing detailed and engaging information for birdwatching enthusiasts. As an open-source project, BirdWatch AI invites developers, enthusiasts, and the curious to collaborate, make modifications, and improvements. This open and collaborative aspect of the project encourages the sharing of knowledge and skills and contributes to the growth of artificial intelligence and birdwatching. BirdWatch AI not only offers the opportunity to observe and learn more about local avian wildlife but also makes a significant impact in several areas: Environmental education and awareness: Through our project, we aim to educate the public about bird species and their ecological importance. By presenting our sighting records and relevant information about bird behaviors, we strive to promote environmental awareness and care for biodiversity. Contribution to scientific research: In collaboration with ornithologists and researchers, we share data collected via BirdWatch AI to contribute to understanding migratory habits, distribution patterns, and bird population dynamics. Our technology provides a novel approach for efficient and effective data collection. Technological innovation: BirdWatch AI represents an interesting integration of nature observation and artificial intelligence. We are proud to demonstrate how the application of TensorFlow has enabled the automatic recognition of bird species, opening new perspectives for the use of AI in wildlife conservation and observation. At Maker Faire Rome, we will present a working prototype of our birdhouse, illustrating how we use TensorFlow for automatic bird recognition. We will also display a selection of recordings that demonstrate the effectiveness of our technology. We are excited to share our project with the audience at Maker Faire Rome, inspiring others to explore the universe of birds through technological innovation.


Faire: Bay Area
Maker: SuperPandy
Home: California, United States
My friends and I are making panda robots, which could hug, talk, and see people.

Nonscriptum LLC

Faire: Orange County
Maker: Nonscriptum LLC
Home: California, United States
Meet the authors of the books Make:Geometry and Make:Calculus, and see how to use 3D prints, paper, and construction toys to teach these subjects.

Sicurezza nei laboratori – “Magic Box” per Industria 4.0

Faire: Rome
Maker: Pianeta Elettronica
The Magic Box is a device that can be used to increase safety in scientific laboratories by reducing electrical risks

Yes, we CAIR!

Faire: Rome
Maker: Università degli Studi di Genova
The project focuses on the development of a cloud-based system that facilitates interactive and inclusive group conversations between humans and artificial agents. With its innovative approach, our system aims to address the challenges of equal participation, dominance, and group dynamics in such discussions. Through the application of advanced control policies, the system autonomously moderates group conversations, promoting balanced participation and fostering collaboration among participants. By analyzing the dialogue state, tracking individual preferences, and collecting statistical data, our system ensures an inclusive and engaging conversational experience for all.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Beatrice Bocci
ACTA is an Eco-sustainable Collection, inspired by Etruscan history, in a contemporary and genderless vision. This collection is made with the use of eco-sustainable, recycled and stock fabrics and t is also embellished with traditional hand embroideries and uses a technological processing through 3D printing. ACTA differs in inclusiveness: it abolishes the difference in size, and looks with care and attensions towards genres: genderfluid, manwear, womanwear. All garments are made to measure and in limited editions. CLO3D, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing take place in each phases of the creative process.

Nighthawk Naturalist School

Faire: Central Oregon
Maker: Nighthawk Naturalist School
Home: Oregon, United States
Nighthawk’s mission is to provide quality wilderness education in the Bend area. We hold classes for youth and adults: camps, workshops, immersions and homeschool. During these courses we teach ecology, natural history and Ethnobotany.

Mind Room Lab

Faire: Rome
Maker: LDB consulting di Livio di Bartolomeo
Mind Room Lab, the company that has developed a series of scientific tools and a comprehensive and innovative program of assessment and training of sport-specific cognitive abilities, using the most recent contributions from neuroscience.

Syntesi – Semantic Summarization

Faire: Rome
Maker: Babelscape
Syntesi is an advanced summarization solution based on semantic understanding, designed specifically for the newspaper industry. This system not only recognizes and semanticizes the main concepts of an article, but goes further by identifying named entities, deciphering the emotions inherently expressed in the text (such as joy, anger, and admiration), categorizing the content according to specific domains (e.g., sports, politics, entertainment), and detecting the tone of the language (whether it is offensive, vulgar, etc.). In addition, the system generates a summary with the key content of the article. The end result is an incisive and multifaceted summary that captures the essence of the original article in its various facets. At Maker Faire we will present an interactive demonstration of Syntesi in action on various newspaper articles. Our goal is to highlight how semantic analysis can serve as an important tool for the newspaper industry.

SASA – Sapienza Technology Team

Faire: Rome
Maker: Sasa-sapienza aerospace student association
ERA is a planetary rover that participated in the European Rover Challenge, which simulates a Martian mission. Thanks to its robotic arm, it is capable of manipulating panels and collecting soil samples, while AI algorithms allow for autonomous execution of each operation. Additionally, the rover that will participate in the 2023 edition of the competition is presented, which in addition requires drilling and the use of a drone. Various prototypes developed internally by the team are also presented, including a group of sumobots: small rovers that compete to push others out of the ring.

Shadow Project

Faire: Rome
Maker: Agnello Pepe
Shadow Project is a program made in Python that thanks to the A.I. of Opencv, analyzes the movements of a video and converts them into an excel file, accessible from various libraries. The file can be used to replicate and save the movement. The project is totally Opensource and accessible from the web. Shadow Project is a great starter project for A.I-based projects.


Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Home: JALISCO, Mexico
Se hablará de cómo la educación está experimentando cambios profundos debido a las tecnologías emergentes y cómo los docentes deben adquirir habilidades y conocimientos adicionales para integrar la inteligencia artificial en su práctica docente.

En El Tule Aeroespacial

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Luis Fernando Gómez Monroy
Home: Querétaro, Mexico
Somos una empresa hidalguense que fomenta la industria aeroespacial mediante talleres y conferencias. En la feria, presentaremos proyectos de demostración y tres talleres: Cohetes de papel, hidrocohetes y paracaídas con pelotas aéreas.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Giosuî Caliano
The restorer has the fundamental task of envisioning the objectives and selecting the appropriate methods of investigation, identifying the areas to be investigated, presiding over the interventions, and finally summarizing the results. The PICUS Project was born as a result of the perceived need of a large number of specialists in the field of preservation to obtain a simple, effective and low-cost aid to the process of diagnosing the state of preservation of properties, particularly those considered "minor" that have always had little attention mostly due to the inadequacy of available funds.

Never Alone

Faire: Rome
Maker: Agata Aurilio
Therefore, it was decided to design two devices that would allow an early diagnosis of a possible heart attack in progress and the presence of breast lumps. The device’s aim is to be a proposal for change for the development of territorial assistance in the National Health System. The "house", our home, becomes the first place of treatment, where we provide for an early diagnosis of certain pathologies. The first device function is to analyze the possible symptoms of a heart attack in progress. The second allows constant and autonomous cancer screening.

Limitless Device

Faire: Rome
Maker: Limitless Device
The Limitless Device idea coming from a personal need, that of one of the two founders who, as a disabled person in a wheelchair, physiotherapist and researcher, looked for a different mobility device. Sooner or later all of us will need some medical devices and our vision is to be able and ready to offer functionally useful devices, sustainable, technologically innovative and with an attractive design oriented to the expectations and needs of our customers. Indeed, our vision is to get data coming from our clients, analyse them through artificial intelligence and offer products "customer based" in a e-commerce marketplace dedicated.

Hiroshi Ishiguro And The Robot In His Likeness At Maker Faire Rome

Faire: Rome
Maker: Hiroshi Ishiguro
Home: Osaka, Japan
Geminoid HI-1 is an exact robotic replica of Hiroshi Ishiguro himself. It shares the same hairstyle, clothing, face, and demeanor. A star of conferences, presentations, and talks, Geminoid HI-1 is made of silicone rubber, has facial muscles, the actual hair of the Japanese professor, and can engage in articulate conversations in all languages. Ishiguro remotely controls his robot through a computer, a microphone, and a camera. Geminoid HI-1 is designed to replicate his gestures: speaking, blinking, and mimicking expressions. “Hello, everyone, and welcome to this conference. Actually, I am a copy of Professor Ishiguro; I am an android. I am made of silicone, and inside me, there’s a computer. If I wanted, I could present this conference myself. Unfortunately, today he is here, so I will let him speak.” These were the words of Geminoid HI-1 introducing its creator during one of its visits to Italy at the “Humanlike Robots And Future Society” conference held at the MACRO in Rome. However, despite its brilliance, Geminoid HI-1 cannot emulate all human behaviors. It is essential to remember why it was created, to explore the interaction between humans and machines, particularly understanding how our brains respond to the visual stimulus of a robot identical to a human being.


Faire: Bay Area
Maker: OrbitusRobotics
Home: California, United States
ROB is the first droid with all Mac hardware. Using only Apple sdk's and api's I am able to create magic between components. Thanks to the new networking.framework, I am able to auto connect with bonjour services between my droid, the controllers, and even other bots. I wanted to make the simplest and most affordable Droid, I wanted to bring all of our imaginations to life and I wanted to push the boundaries of technology just a bit further and beyond reach. ROB is a Droid with toddler level neural network intelligence. His chat server was built with a python CakeChat neural emotion engine which gives him lots of interesting things to say! R.O.B. runs on OSX and has LiFePO4 80 Ah batteries for hours mobility with the finest BLDC motors that Shenzhen, China has to offer.

500,000 volt Tesla Coil Demonstrations

Faire: Central Oregon
Maker: Don Anderson
Home: Oregon, United States
Tesla Coils generate 500,000 volt, 3 foot flaming bolts of man-made lightning, and we will demonstrate these and 9 other High Voltage devices. We will explain the science behind the beautiful and spectacular Arcs, Sparks and Corona discharges.

Luces algebraicas con arduino y scratch

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Sol Felipe Hernandez Guerrero
Home: Puebla, Mexico
En este taller los participantes codoficarán un programa para encender es progresiones crecientes y decrecientes, realizarán procesos de modelacion matemática para obtener una expresión algebraica e integrarla al código con resultados interesantes.

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