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Future Arcade

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: VR Learning Lab
Home: Nederland
Maak een foto in de AI photobooth en ervaar zelf de vreemde mogelijkheden van generatieve AI. Loop vervolgens door de eindeloze verzameling kunstwerken in de Infinite AI gallery. Wil je nog een stapje verder? Werk aan je programmeer-skills en leer een 3D game maken! Wij maken interactieve installaties, games en leerervaringen die je laten nadenken over de toekomst van de digitale wereld en wat voor rol je daarin hebt.

The Hatrix Reloaded: Heritage augmented through research, immersivity, community, sustainability

Faire: Rome
Maker: Centro di ricerca DigiLab - Sapienza Università di Roma
The Hatrix Reloaded is a container of ideas, methodologies, prototyping, digital applications, able to guarantee the coverage of a complete supply chain in designing and implementing actions in the context of heritage: 3D printing activities in the archaeological and anthropological fields, VR uses for gamification and tourism through VR and body capture tools, interventions on potential and real cases of cultural projects, practical workshops on technologies and involvement, museum education and experiences with open source software, are some of the topical aspects. Enter The Hatrix!

Opening Technologies for Smart Communities

Faire: Rome
Maker: WeMake S.r.l.
WeMake, fablab and makerspace in Milan, presents projects developed with different technologies and different impacts but share the same goal: to provide communities with tools and knowledge useful for the development of digital objects and services for the common good. Specifically, WeMake was involved in research and development in the IoT projects: - in the agricultural sector we have developed modules to save water and other resources; - in the civil field we tested a monitoring system of a distributed network through LoRa modules; - in the social field we have developed a wearable that helps connecting people in real life through simple non verbal communication defined by personal preferences and activities. At Maker Faire 2023 WeMake will present three physical prototypes.

uAir – A personal CO2 Monitor

Faire: Rome
Maker: Xuelai Wei
uAir is a portable CO2 monitor for health-conscious individuals. It’s designed and engineered to be an on-bag product. It accurately senses carbon dioxide level and give information on temperature and humidity on an e-paper screen, for users to take action

VRAILEXIA – Think outside the box

Faire: Rome
Maker: Università degli Studi della Tuscia
VRAILEXIA aims at realizing innovative tools and services for supporting academic studies of students with dyslexia. BESPECIAL platform, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms, can be used by students with dyslexia to improve the learning methodologies, guaranteeing an inclusive learning environment. Moreover, a virtual reality scenario has been developed to improve the awareness of teachers and community on dyslexia through empathy. Finally, REASY, an application for smartphone, tablet and PC, allows to digitalize studying materials, making them accessible and editable according to the needs of each student.

MyEasyCarbon: the future of sustainable agriculture

Faire: Rome
MyEasyCarbon is the first Label Bas Carbone certified tool capable of assessing the sustainability of agricultural businesses by calculating the balance between emissions and carbon storage in the soil. The advantage of using MyEasyCarbon lies on its interoperability, its ease of use and speed of analysis. The combined use of MyEasyFarm and MyEasyCarbon allows for the integration of data from agricultural machinery into the carbon calculation, making the final calculation more realistic and transparent, and providing more reliable data regarding Scope 3 emissions in the agri-food supply chain.

Ubo Pod

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Ubo Pod
Home: California, United States
Ubo Pod is an open-source hardware platform made for makers and developers. It adds a layer of UI/UX to Raspberry Pi to let end-users better interact with developer applications. Makers can use it to develop smart home applications or self-host their personal data on their own hardware. The hardware comes with an SDK that can make development much easier particularly when it comes to interfacing with added hardware peripherals or developing a GUI. For more information checkout


Faire: Rome
Maker: Cristian Vendra
Innovate is an innovative start-up operational since 2020, one of the projects created is sanitron, a device that automatically sanitizes the shopping trolleys used in supermarkets, warehouses, shopping centers and all points of sale that use trolleys to make purchases. The handles of shopping trolleys, in use at points of sale, are a real receptacle for germs and bacteria, this is because they are touched by many people every day, and are rarely cleaned, all this is ascertained by numerous scientific studies which highlight the danger. Today there are systems where the operator manually inserts the trolley inside a box, sanitizing it entirely; alternatively, we proceed through manual sanitization with disinfectant products by an operator. Sanitron is the effective solution for sanitizing trolley handles, an easy-to-apply system that will be positioned in the areas where shopping trolleys are stored in warehouses, on the separation structures of the various rows of trolleys, with height-adjustable supports. The device is composed of an external aluminum casing in which the sanitization units are contained and a panel, inside which the logic control (PLC) and all the electrical, electronic and hydraulic components are contained. The device is applied directly where each user places the trolley together with the others, having a sanitization unit for each available trolley; when the user puts the trolley away and hooks it with the chain, a sensor, through the logic control (PLC) will detect the continuous presence (for more than 20 seconds) of the trolley handle, the continuous presence and the timer serve to avoid accidentally starting a sanitization in the event of a simple passage in front of the sensor; once a continuous presence has been detected, sanitisation will be activated by spraying the disinfectant solution precisely on the handle of the trolley for approximately 3 seconds. Once sanitisation is completed, a green LED will light up to indicate that the ready-to-use trolley is disinfected , the trolley handle will also be dry in a few seconds; this procedure is repeated for each trolley available in the area and will be activated through the consent of a safety sensor, detecting that there are no people in the sanitization area, in case there is the presence of one or more people who should keeping trolleys in the area will disable the operation of the sanitization cycle (in order to avoid accidental spraying in the presence of customers and operators); This device has undergone numerous safety and durability tests with positive results, and is also close to CE marking. Customers of supermarkets and sales outlets are the protagonists of this idea, and will be very satisfied to see how one of the objects in common use most contaminated by germs and bacteria can finally be disinfected in the most effective way on the market.

Piaccadino^2 – titolatore automatico per alimenti

Faire: Rome
Maker: Università degli Studi della Tuscia
Piaccadino^2 is an affordable automatic titrator for analyzing organic acids in plant tissues. It uses Arduino, a pH probe, a thermoresistor, and a stepper motor. Improvements include enhanced precision, wireless connectivity, and Python programmability. Suitable for research and education, it offers a low-cost and customizable solution for more accurate and reproducible titrations.

Keeping Miners Safe With Arduino

Faire: Rome
Maker: Jhansi Kalluri
Safety is a paramount concern in the mining industry, given the high-risk nature of activities involved. Workers engaged in drilling, blasting, excavation, and heavy machinery operations face potential hazards that can jeopardize their well-being. To ensure their protection and prevent accidents with severe consequences, Jhansi has developed a groundbreaking solution: the mining worker safety helmet. This innovative helmet goes beyond traditional head protection by integrating additional features designed to enhance worker safety in the mining environment. It serves as a workforce guardian, actively working to safeguard the miners’ lives. By leveraging technology, Jhansi has created a powerful tool that not only prevents head injuries but also offers a suite of functionalities to mitigate risks.

A LoRa-based Neighborhood Emergency Communications System

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Harry Saal
Home: California, United States
Sudden events, such as wildfires or earthquakes inevitably lead to outages in electric power, cell service, VOIP telephones, etc. So when the 'big on comes', how will your family be informed to prepare to evacuate or be able to send a call for emergency help? This project comprises a series of outdoor solar powered repeaters and in-home battery-backed up small devices with touch screen color display to receive and send short messages (think SMS) to neighbors and first responders. LoRa is used as the radio communications link among as many as 255 stations. Network management facilities enable administrators to see who is connected (or not), check battery voltages, ambient temperature, etc. as well as performing remote OTA software updates to those devices that also are WiFi connected.


Faire: Rome
Maker: ITIS "Enrico Fermi" Roma
Smemobox is a versatile device that simplifies the periodic intake of pills and supplements. A beep, vibration and LED lights indicate the compartment and the correct amount of pills. There are two versions: a small and ergonomic one and a larger one with additional compartments. The device is modular and rechargeable via cable or wireless charging. It is compatible with Bluetooth hearing aids to send alerts directly to the user via an app. The prototype uses certified food-grade PLA.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Bruno Luziatelli
From the Pick&Place to the finished board (the #ESPy32). Project that involves the presentation of all phases from the design of the diagram, to the definition of the PCB, by means of CAD, to the creation of the circuit, to the assembly of the SMD components, through the specially created Pick&Place, up to the passage in the oven at controlled temperature for welding and finally testing. Both for educational purposes and for Maker projects. The project could be presented in technical schools. The project of some makers of Officine Robotiche, in the framework of AssoInnovazione.


Faire: Rome
Maker: luca cortelli
Cortex is the universal controller for CNC machines or industrial automation. It is equipped with the GRBL HALL firmware, a well-known open-source firmware that allows for the control of such machinery, and a customizable and expandable user interface. The controller has been designed to meet the needs of both the industrial sector and makers, ensuring the right level of safety and ease of assembly, thanks to its RJ45 connectors that simplify and speed up wiring, reducing connection errors. In this way, even those without specific knowledge in electronics or informatics can use it easily and intuitively, making work even more manageable. The main goal of the project is to create a community that can develop the CNC technologies, a sector that has been somewhat neglected compared to that of 3D printers, despite its importance in the industrial field. Cortex offers makers and industry professionals the necessary tools to develop and improve their own projects. Its flexibility and versatility make it suitable for various applications in which the control of motors, sensors, and actuators is necessary, in addition to its use on CNC machines.

A Talk on Stark Drones: Changing the Way the World Communicates

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Andrew Kamal
Home: Michigan, United States
Stark Drones is an emerging startup with an intellectually diverse team of talent aiming to tackle some of the world's toughest problems. One of those problems involves the sustainability and environmental friendliness of cubesat and satellite deployment. Andrew believes modern day Aerostats and giant balloons can be the future of sustainable, cost-effective, low earth orbit deployments. Stark Drones is becoming a minor player in the Internet Balloon space and working on really disrupting the industry.

Elliptical – wireless design speaker

Faire: Rome
Maker: Dario Colozza
With more than 25 years of experience in the field of music production, acoustics and sound engineering, Elliptical represents the tribute in the creation of products for audio reproduction extremely accurate both in their design and in the audio resulting from the long experience gained in the field. ​Sinuous and innovative shapes, cutting-edge materials and production technologies, attention to detail and craftsmanship are fused together to produce unique limited edition pieces that focus on sound, design and craftsmanship. We produced Limited Edition Design speaker, entirely designed, engineered and produced in Italy, with Wi Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, that provides elegance and design to every part of the house and can also moves with you, thanks to its portability. More than 5 years of development in our R&D laboratories to find the best shape and proportions to concentrate all the quality of the Elliptical experience in such a small space, to offer you a refined and unique musical enjoyment. Play music, radio, audiobooks and more from all your favorite services and take the sound from room to room or wherever you want, even outdoors. The total absence of cables makes the aesthetic aspect of Alpha One extremely elegant. Control Alpha One easily with the app, when connected to Wi-Fi, and switch to Bluetooth® when you leave. For multi-room listening, add more Elliptical speakers throughout your home. All system components connect to each other via Wi-Fi. Immerse yourself in an extremely wide sound field of deep bass and defined treble wherever you want to listen inside your home and outdoors. Get the full Elliptical experience at home via Wi-Fi, even for multi-speaker connections, and switch to Bluetooth when you go out. Elliptical is our tribute to music and beauty. We are based in Rome, Italy.

Virtual tours in European capitals

Faire: Rome
Maker: Peetri Lasteaed-Põhikool
Students created virtual tours of some historical objects or places in European capitals. The project consists of 3d objects and a virtual tour. 3D objects have QR codes to access virtual tours. The online environment CoSpaces was used for the virtual tour, and the SketchUp environment was used for 3D objects. The environment and the Street View Download 360 program were used to create 3D images. The virtual tour can be viewed with VR glasses, smart devices and on a computer.

Girasole: Sensing in Farming

Faire: Rome
The system consists of a network of wireless IoT sensors in the shape of a sunflower equipped with a photovoltaic panel and internal battery. These devices are configured to monitor specific applications, and the collected data is transmitted to our completely Italian cloud system, where it is processed by artificial intelligence algorithms to make visible predictions on the Sunflower App. For example, the application supports farmers in reducing water waste for irrigation, reducing fertilizers and treatments, and improving productivity.

Life Pillars

Faire: Rome
Maker: Giulia Scalzo
Our value proposition is based on a product called LIFE PILLARS: a green infrastructure that can mitigate urban heat islands. Life Pillars operates in the sustainable building sector with the aim of providing a solution that is simple to implement and has a high environmental impact to face the challenge of climate change. Our initiative focuses on various actions, including the reduction of heat islands, the promotion of biodiversity and the construction of structures capable of absorbing CO2, in order to create systems that respond to current environmental problems. We offer customers three price ranges, each with different functionality and features. We provide a personalized assistance service that accompanies the customer at every stage of the process, we offer branding, marketing and communication services to help the company communicate the value of the project on its channels and we provide bureaucratic support. Our clients operate mainly in the B2B market. Our first objective will be to address the large companies which, starting from 2024, will be obliged to present the sustainability report. In Italy, these companies are around 3,000, as reported by the CSEA institutional website. These companies share values ​​such as growth, innovation, sustainability and the concept of "kaizen", i.e. the continuous improvement of company processes and performance. Furthermore, they have objectives both in terms of environmental sustainability and in terms of turnover, business and marketing. They want to have a "green" image and a solution that contributes to having a positive impact on the environment and on their business. Finally, these are companies looking for strategic partnerships in order to improve positioning, growth, acquisition of new customers and consolidation on the market. We have identified several competitors that fill the same need for our product, both directly and indirectly. However, our solution stands out for its significant impact in effectively mitigating heat islands in urban centres, as well as the level of customization offered and the support provided to obtain the necessary certifications and achieve a sustainable balance sheet. Specifically, our value proposition delivers a number of benefits to customers, including: Brand positioning and recognition; Differentiation from competitors; Visibility, the possibility of forging partnerships and public relations; Access to GBC-Leed certifications; Rating of sustainability reports; Personalized offer based on budget and needs; Personalized support and customer assistance; branding, marketing and communication services relating to the project; bureaucratic support; Objectives of the 2023 Sustainable Agenda.

I Can Feel My Legs

Faire: Rome
Maker: Gaetano Carlino
I Can Feel My Legs is a lower limb prosthesis whose purpose is to help people who have disabilities and/or difficulties in walking. What we present is the first working prototype showing toe movement that is done through the use of a wearable sock, for the initial acquisition of movement that will then be implemented through a self-learning neural network in order to improve its efficiency and responsiveness, which will be able to simulate toe movement.

Hermes’ Friends

Faire: Rome
Hermes' Friends is an App designed to inform and monitor drivers engaged in loading, transporting and unloading goods services. The App will allow you to: -Inform companies about the real-time location of the driver -Report any road inconveniences such as heavy traffic, accidents, works in progress -Monitor drivers' driving and rest times -Locate rest areas Functions: -Provides real-time driving directions -Indicates places of accommodation and catering -Be able to book and review hotels/motels and refreshment areas The new technology will allow companies to have greater control over the work of drivers. Restaurateurs will be able to access the application and, thanks to the reviews, will be able to adapt their menu to customer needs.

Old game New game

Faire: Rome
Maker: Liceo Scientifico Alessandro Volta di Foggia
Why throw away old toys such as radio-controlled cars, animated puppets, globes, electronic games, etc. when can you indulge yourself in transforming them into fun and creative robotic toys? This provides for the "Old game New game" project. Visitors can either play with the toys made by the students of the Volta high school in Foggia, or try their hand directly at building them, through laboratory activities organized by the high school students themselves.

The Traveling Spectacular

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: The Traveling Spectacular
Home: Washington, United States
The Traveling Spectacular is a world class vaudeville show featuring magic, comedy, circus feats, and aerial stunts on a hand crafted mobile pop out stage.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Bruno Luziatelli
With Makerino it is possible to quickly create IoT electronic projects and those connected to the network in general, such as: -Smart agriculture systems -Meteorological Stations -Data acquisition and sending to the cloud -Control of remote devices -Low energy consumption IoT projects ideal for: -Students, Professors and Researchers -Makers passionate about electronics and programming -Schools, universities and training institutes. The project of some makers of Officine Robotiche, in the framework of AssoInnovazione.

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