Maker Faire Rome 2023


The SENTINEL project aims to promote wellness in the workplace providing an ad-hoc platform to monitor psychophysics pitfalls that could threaten workers’ and teams’ security. Being in the context of Internet of Things (IoT), it exploits wearable and comfortable devices (such as smartwatches, smart clothes or sports bands) and emotive artificial intelligence algorithms.
SENTINEL - Maker Faire


Feel-ING SRL Maker Photo


We, as authors of the SENTINEL project, are guys with a background in biomedical engineering and electronics. By joining our skills with the mutual passion for information technology and driven by a strong resourcefulness and curiosity, we wish to create tools that people can use to increase and manage their physical and psychological well-being. We believe in the potential of new scientific discoveries and wish to transform them into technology through design, prototyping and development, which we carry out every day with great enthusiasm.

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