Maker Faire Rome 2023

SASA - Sapienza Technology Team

ERA is a planetary rover that participated in the European Rover Challenge, which simulates a Martian mission. Thanks to its robotic arm, it is capable of manipulating panels and collecting soil samples, while AI algorithms allow for autonomous execution of each operation. Additionally, the rover that will participate in the 2023 edition of the competition is presented, which in addition requires drilling and the use of a drone. Various prototypes developed internally by the team are also presented, including a group of sumobots: small rovers that compete to push others out of the ring.
SASA - Sapienza Technology Team - Maker Faire

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Sasa-sapienza aerospace student association Maker Photo

Sasa-sapienza aerospace student association

The Sapienza Technology Team build and design Rover prototypes since 2018 and from 2022 participates in international competitions. The projects are entirely developed within the team, both in terms of software programming and physical realization through the interaction between various subgroups, each with specific skills. The team is composed of students from different fields, both undergraduate and graduate programs. This allows for optimal utilization of the skills possessed and the development of additional ones through collaboration among different subgroups.

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