Maker Faire Yearbook 2023


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Dark Matter Robotics

Faire: Baton Rouge
Maker: Dark Matter Robotics
Home: Louisiana, United States
Drive a robot and create an electrical circuit with a graphite pencil, LED, and a 9V battery.

Robotic Quadrupeds

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Laksh & Akshat
Home: California, United States
We plan to present an array of robotic legged animals including quadrupeds in the form of robotic dogs and spiders. These are fully 3D printed, wired, and coded from scratch. These also support remote control over wifi so you can control these with your phone. Previous versions of these robots have even supported on board robot arms capable to pick up small objects.

Robotics, Science and Coding Education course for primary and middle schools.

Faire: Rome
Maker: corsi di formazione di robotica educativa, programmazione e STEAM per bambini dai 5 ai 14 anni
Code Academy provides education course for schools of robotics, technology and coding to cultivate the passion of the new generations to study sciences and create robots. We organize various workshop for children 6-8, 9-12 and 12-14 years old lasting 60 min. with our teachers. The kids will build and write codes for interactive robots such as: * electric bicycle with graph of energy consumption on different surfaces (Scratch programming) * earthquake simulator with earthquake solutions * experimentation with electric circuit through percussion on sensors and programming with Micro: bit * innovative energy sources such as wind turbine We exhibit the presentations of the various projects created by our students (age 9-14): * solar panels with light reflection sensors that follow the light source and modulated to follow the sun's shift cycle to produce more energy * robots that collect wave energy with variables coded to calculate the energy produced GRABER-robotic hand: allows you to collect garbage safely.

Ashland Elementary Electric Go-kart Racing Team

Faire: Louisville
Maker: Ashland Elementary Electric Go-kart Team.
Home: United States
The students at Ashland Elementary in Lexington Kentucky have just completed their second year competing in the Gen-Ev elementary racing program! In their two years of racing, they have a record of excellence, with one second and one first-place win!

Robotics Interdisciplinary Organization of Teams (RIOT)

Faire: NW Arkansas
Maker: RIOT (Robotics Interdisciplinary Organization of Teams)
Home: Arkansas, United States
RIOT is a robotics student organization turning into a nonprofit whose goal is to turn NWA into the mechatronics hub of the nation. We don't just build robots, we build roboticists by bringing people zero to hero with bots.

Sistema de Control de 4 grados de libertad

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Layonet Salvador Buerostro Perez
Home: CDMX, Mexico
Sistema de Control de 4 grados de libertad de bajo costo, para tareas de exploración y rescate.

Mowrator Robot Lawn mower

Faire: Coney Island
Maker: MowRator Smart RC Lawn Mowers
Home: Tennessee, United States
MowRator is made for makers by makers! We used all our hobby knowledge and passion for DIY to produce our smart RC Lawn mower. We would love to show you how easy it is to use, we will be launching our Kickstarter soon for the holidays.

Remote Control Warship Combat with Mid-Atlantic Battle Group

Faire: Lynchburg
Maker: Mid-Atlantic Battle Group
Home: Virginia, United States
We build remove control warship models, arm them with CO2 powered cannons, and sink each other in hotly contested battles. Yes, the cannons really do punch holes in the ships. Yes. the ships really do sink. Come learn more about this fun hobby!

e-Nable Italia – Experiments

Faire: Rome
Maker: Energy Family Project APS (e-Nable Italia)
Our community is dedicated to developing and providing free assistive devices for children and adults with limb difference problems. All of our projects are either open source derivatives or released by us (when original creations from our community) as open source. After SwimAble (the device for swimming, 2021) and the Bike Adapter (the device for cycling, 2022), this year we present the new ideas developed by our volunteers: the low-cost robotic hand prototypes and the devices that can help children to practice sports and in their free time, including an evolution of the bike adapters to be able to practice archery, a device that allows children with limb difference problems to play the drums and a tool for makers without 3d engineering skills that dynamically generates custom STL models of assistive devices adapted to the physical and anatomical characteristics of the recipients, to broaden accessibility to these devices.

Schulich Space Rover Team (SSRT)

Faire: Calgary
Maker: Schulich Space Rover Team (SSRT)
Home: Alberta, Canada
Schulich Space Rover Team was created in 2019, letting students work on a mechatronics project. They compete annually at the Canadian International Rover Challenge, with 6 subteams building the rover and its arm. They value innovation and sustainability.

Ward Melville Iron Patriots FRC

Faire: Long Island
Maker: Iron Patriots
Home: New York, United States
The Ward Melville Iron Patriots present our FIRST Robotics Competition CHARGED UP robot, semifinalist at the Hofstra University Regional. Along with the competition robot we present our t-shirt cannon, both courtesy of our donor's support.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Kristijan Nelkovski
ROVRDUINO is a small rover platform powered by an ATmega328 microcontroller. Much like the Arduino UNO, the ROVRDUINO has a "REV3" style footprint with the same headers capable of using existing Arduino shields and modules. This little robot features a variety of onboard sensors and can be programmed using the Arduino IDE. Because ROVRDUINO is intended to be a DIY kit, it can be easily soldered and assembled in just a single afternoon. While the ROVRDUINO doesn't require any advanced knowledge of electronics or microcontrollers, it can be modded and upgraded with all kinds of innovative ideas.

VEX IQ Demonstration

Faire: Rocklin
Maker: Placer Advanced Robotics and Technology
Home: California, United States
Attendees will learn how to maneuver VEX IQ robots around obstacles, pick up objects with precision, and navigate complex environments with ease. You will also get a chance to learn about Placer Advanced Robotics and Technology's different robotics program, with some robots and awards on display.


Faire: Calgary
Maker: Beakerhead
Home: Alberta, Canada
Inspired by the iconic ‘80s MuchMusic creation, Speakers’ Corner, Beakerhead presents Speakerhead. This video talk-back booth, designed by local innovators at RocketHouse, Fracture A Femur Productions, and TechArt Custom Creations, gives Calgarians a chance to have their voices heard!

Doctor Who K9

Faire: Trieste
Maker: NULL
Home: LT, Italy
K9, il cane robot tratto dalla serie televisiva Doctor Who. K9, interamente autocostruito in scala 1:2, telecomandato e dotato di luci e suoni.

Ray’s Robots

Faire: Long Island
Maker: Ray Rumore
Home: New York, United States
I will be revealing some of my latest creations, including the TeleCrafsMan, (a telepresence robot which will allow our furry friend, CrafsMan to attend MakerFaire remotely) as well as a few other surprises

Costruire un personaggio usando le variabili – MonTech

Faire: Trieste
Maker: Fondazione Pietro Pittini
Home: Trieste, Italy
Informatica e Arte si incontrano in un’attività didattica inclusiva dedicata in particolare a maestre e maestri di scuola primaria. Presso lo stand di Fondazione Pietro Pittini ci divertiremo a programmare unplugged dei simpatici personaggi sperimentando in modo creativo, con tecniche artistiche d’origine surrealista e un’attività di scrittura, cosa vuol dire “variabile” nel mondo del coding.

Formación > Control automático de mecanismos mediante sensores. Taller para adolescentes

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Juan Galindo
Home: Coyoacán, Mexico
Este taller tiene como objetivo que las y los participantes reconozcan un mecanismo de barras y cómo funciona, aprendan sobre sensores digitales y analógicos, se interesen en la generación de código y construyan un mecanismo móvil autónomo.

Baton Rouge Magnet High STEM Club

Faire: Baton Rouge
Maker: BRMHS STEM Club
Home: Louisiana, United States
Our demonstration will consist of one VEX Spin Up Robot built and programmed by students at Baton Rouge Magnet High School. We will demonstrate driver and autonomous control. Our electromagnetism demonstration highlights current flow and flux.


Faire: Calgary
Home: Alberta, Canada
Do you love robots and Technology? Be part of Maplebots Robotics, and represent Calgary, Alberta, Canada in exciting robotics competitions. Engage with creative people and learn teamwork, STEAM subjects, and computational thinking, and have a great time. Maplebots Robotics, Learning to Create Fun!

Noisebridge Hackerspace

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Noisebridge Hackerspace
Home: California, United States
We are bringing a few different demos and projects from different guilds at noisebridge. -Simbridge, our VR simulated version of noisebridge. -Flaschen Taschen mini- a small chunk of Flaschen Taschen -Robotics guild roomba -Sewing Guild AI designed Quilt

Large Format 3d Printing

Faire: WNY Regional
Maker: Ben Strohman
Home: New York, United States
3d Printing is awesome, and even cooler when the parts aren't limited to what you can hold in your hand! Stop by our booth check out some huge prints!

Coding and AR/VR In The Elementary Classroom with Kai’s Clan Robots

Faire: Cranberry TWP
Maker: Paolo Tolomeo
Home: Pennsylvania, United States
4th grade students have been working on coding their robots to complete missions on Mars. After learning about various Mars rovers, our engineers designed their own rovers and were able to use AR/VR to turn this lesson into a learning experience.


Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: Tristan Kruithof
Home: Nederland
AMI6 maakt deel uit van een serie interactieve oldtimers geschikt voor kunst gerelateerde festivals en evenementen. Een Citroën met een flinke dosis positivisme danst, flirt en vliegt over straat. Een straatfenomeen met een eigenwijze persoonlijkheid speelt met het publiek, verrast en schept verwondering.