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Capital STEM Network Center Outreach

Faire: Baton Rouge
Maker: Capital Area STEM Network Center
Home: Louisiana, United States
Explore the exciting programs of LASTEM, Capital Area STEM Network, and the LSU Gordon A. Cain Center for STEM Literacy. Sign up for our newsletter, witness captivating robots, and join us in advancing STEM education and innovation.

Robotic sorting plant – controlled by PLCs via WEBapp

Faire: Rome
Maker: Itis Paleocapa
The system, based on a Scorbot Er3 robotic arm and a Fishertechnik education kit, sorts different incoming materials by colour, weight ans size, thrugh different processes. The automation, controlled by S7-1200 PLCs, and supervised by a S7-1500 controller, is managed by an operator through an HMI display or through a webApp. It can be used to reach optimization and sustainability goals. The PLCs are able to manage a wide variety of information.

ELIO IOT: The most complete IOT development board

Faire: Rome
Maker: Maestry Srl
ELIO is a special set of electronic boards dedicated to teaching and prototyping of electronic projects through visual programming. ELIO IOT is the "brain" of the ELIO ecosystem and is the most complete board on the market based on the new ESP32-S3 microcontroller. ELIO PLAY is the visual editor that allows you to program boards simply by dragging and combining a large set of logic commands.

Oklahoma SciFi Robot and Prop Builders

Faire: Tulsa
Maker: Jerry Hanna
Home: Oklahoma, United States
Oklahoma SciFi Robot and Prop Builders is a small group of builders who make replicas of various robots and props seen on TV series and movies from the past and present. These hand-built robots use mostly DIY electronics and 3D-printed parts.

FIRST FTC Team 20256 Storm

Faire: Milwaukee
Maker: FIRST Tech Challenge Team Storm
Home: Wisconsin, United States
See what kids can do with robotics! See FIRST Tech Challenge team Storm's robot from Power Play and their in-progress robot from the current CenterStage season.

Introduction to DIY Robotics

Faire: Calgary
Maker: Western Canadian Robotics Society
Home: Alberta, Canada
Hands on learning to solder while building a “Blinky-Bot” that can be taken home. Example robotics projects for discussion at a range of difficulty levels.

Monorail 3D Printer

Faire: Los Angeles
Maker: Joshua Brown
Home: California, United States
A look at a unique 3D printer concept that has been around in the RepRap community for a while now; an entire 3D printer mounted to a single frame bar, known as the Monorail.

Dark Matter Robotics

Faire: Baton Rouge
Maker: Dark Matter Robotics
Home: Louisiana, United States
Drive a robot and create an electrical circuit with a graphite pencil, LED, and a 9V battery.

Medical procedures on virtual patients.

Faire: Rome
Maker: VETRO (Virtual Experience with Tactile RObotics)
The project proposes an innovative interaction between physical and virtual reality using Weart's touchDIVER and the Oculus Rift S visor. The operator uses the touchDIVER and the visor to immerse himself in the virtual environment. A robotic hand replicates the movements of the physical hand, allowing interaction with virtual objects, including a CT-reconstructed abdominal section. The touchDIVER provides haptic feedback of force, temperature and texture. The aim is to offer an innovative medical simulation experience for surgeons, doctors and students, facilitating practice and learning.

Desarrollo de Robótica Educativa fomentando el estudio de carreras STEM en países subdesarrollados

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Pablo Alejandro Torres Rizzo
Home: Guatemala, Guatemala
Cómo diseñar, manufacturar, ensamblar y crear tecnología con herramientas modernas y de bajo acceso para convertir una idea en un proyecto de robótica funcional y de alto impacto. La historia de Proyecto Balam y sus impactos en la juventud

Sierra College Mechatronics Department

Faire: Rocklin
Maker: Mechatronics Department
Home: California, United States
Do you want a satisfying career working with your hands and your brain? Our well-paid graduates are in high demand installing, maintaining, and upgrading everything from medical equipment to ski lifts, semiconductor processing equipment, and everything in between. With a growing demand for automation in nearly EVERY industry, the opportunities are limitless.

DIYcave Makerspace

Faire: Central Oregon
Maker: DIYcave Makerspace
Home: Oregon, United States
DIYcave is a community of people just like you. We are: artists, makers, hackers, entrepreneurs and craft enthusiasts with various interests and skills. Come see a representation of our shop and the things our community members create.

Sedia a rotelle elettrica per tetraplegici

Faire: Rome
Maker: IIS Tito Sarrocchi
In the 2022-2023 school year, the students of class IV and V of the Electronic Robotics specialization allowed tetraplegic people, i.e., person with inability to voluntarily move the upper and lower parts of the body, to move independently and using the residual mobility of the head. An Arduino NANO 33 BLE and an inertial sensor present on board allow to intercept the movements of the head and, through the Bluetooth module, the information of the head movements is delivered to a self-built Master board and subsequently, through the DAC, the voltages are created to run the engines. Moreover, a set of sensors on the perimeter of the wheelchair avoids obstacles and a LIDAR sensor helps reconstruct the surrounding environment.

Redhawk Robotics Demo

Faire: Coney Island
Maker: Redhawk Robotics
Home: New York, United States
The Redhawk Robotics team is an innovative group of young leaders who are eager to showcase their extensive knowledge and expertise in robotics and STEAM. Their aim is to inspire others, through their live demonstration of their robot.

Strengthening Research and Innovation Excellence in Autonomous Aerial Systems — AeroSTREAM, Horizon Project

Faire: Sarajevo
Maker: Elektrotehnički fakultet u Sarajevu, AeroSTREAM projekt
Home: KS, Bosnia and Herzegovina
AeroSTREAM predstavlja projekt koji je finansiran iz sredstava EU i odnosi se na jačanje kapaciteta za istraživanje i inovacije Elektrotehnikog fakulteta u Sarajevu u oblasti autonomnih sistema.

Competitive High School Robotics (FTC)

Faire: Long Island
Maker: Portledge School Robotics
Home: New York, United States
Students from the Portledge School Robotics program would like to share our love of robots, and specifically the FIRST Tech Challenge, with Maker Faire attendees. Come learn about engineering design and get a chance to practice driving an FTC robot.

Robotics, Science and Coding Education course for primary and middle schools.

Faire: Rome
Maker: corsi di formazione di robotica educativa, programmazione e STEAM per bambini dai 5 ai 14 anni
Code Academy provides education course for schools of robotics, technology and coding to cultivate the passion of the new generations to study sciences and create robots. We organize various workshop for children 6-8, 9-12 and 12-14 years old lasting 60 min. with our teachers. The kids will build and write codes for interactive robots such as: * electric bicycle with graph of energy consumption on different surfaces (Scratch programming) * earthquake simulator with earthquake solutions * experimentation with electric circuit through percussion on sensors and programming with Micro: bit * innovative energy sources such as wind turbine We exhibit the presentations of the various projects created by our students (age 9-14): * solar panels with light reflection sensors that follow the light source and modulated to follow the sun's shift cycle to produce more energy * robots that collect wave energy with variables coded to calculate the energy produced GRABER-robotic hand: allows you to collect garbage safely.

Schulich Space Rover Team (SSRT)

Faire: Calgary
Maker: Schulich Space Rover Team (SSRT)
Home: Alberta, Canada
Schulich Space Rover Team was created in 2019, letting students work on a mechatronics project. They compete annually at the Canadian International Rover Challenge, with 6 subteams building the rover and its arm. They value innovation and sustainability.

Techno Robotics

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: antonio joaquin lopez
Home: oaxaca, Mexico
Techno Robotics un proyecto de robotica STEAM, desarrolladores, creadores, y un gran equipo de trabajo, imagina, sueña, diseña, desarrolla y fabrícalo.

Bouw je BEP

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: Joel van Wijngaarden
Home: Nederland
De Bouw je BEP robot-kit is uitdagend, innovatief en kunnen kinderen zelfstandig werken aan technische vaardigheden en een makers mindset. Daarnaast streven we ernaar om leraren te ondersteunen, zodat ze techniek kunnen integreren in hun onderwijs zonder dat ze zelf uitgebreide technische kennis nodig hebben. Hierdoor kunnen alle scholen, leraren en kinderen profiteren van de vaardigheden die Bouw je BEP biedt, waardoor ze kunnen groeien en zich ontwikkelen in de wereld van technologie.

Creative Robotics with Lego

Faire: Pioneer Valley
Maker: Joe Bacal
Home: Massachusetts, United States
Robotics can be exploratory, playful, creative, artistic, and open-ended. This is a workshop that is about using the basic elements of robotics to create new inventions, works-of-art, or whatchamacallits. Participants will dive right in in a hands-on fashion to learn some basic concepts in robotics including mechanical systems, inputs outputs, sensors and actuators. Then we'll get right to the fun of building and experimenting, and sharing our creations. We'll be using the Lego Mindstorms robotics platform. Registration required.

Marquardt / MARQ4 Automation

Faire: Syracuse
Maker: Marquardt / MARQ4 Automation
Home: New York, United States
Marquardt, a global manufacturer, has been located in Central New York for over 40 years. They specialize in electronic switches, controls, and wireless communication systems for a variety of industries. MARQ4 Automation is a subsidiary of Marquardt.


Faire: Downtown Columbia
Maker: Jeff Story
Home: Maryland, United States
Our goal is to promote interest in engineering & design through the design, construction, & testing of 3D printed combat robots. Our focus on the materials, components, designs, & strengths & weaknesses teaches people how to think about their designs

Lunar Zebro

Faire: Delft
Maker: Lunar Zebro
Home: Zuid-Holland, Nederland
Lunar Zebro is een universiteitsproject dat zich bezighoudt met het bouwen van een compacte maanrobot, die in de komende jaren op een eerste missie zal gaan naar de Maan. Op langere termijn zal het in groep 'swarmen' om complexere taken uit te voeren.

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