Maker Faire Yearbook 2023


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3 U 3D

Faire: Zagreb
Maker: Udruga za popularizaciju tehničke kulture „Mehatronik“
Home: Europa, Croatia
Razvijati kreativnost i matematičke tehnološke vještine kroz 3D modeliranje te povezati prirodne i društvene predmete.

Creative toys

Faire: Wayne County
Maker: Vir Shroff
Home: Michigan, United States
We will be demoing boomerangs and teaching people how to throw them, we will also have paper boomerangs for people to take home. Our other interactive activity will allow people to color on ramp walkers. I am also going to bring a magnetic ball levitator, a pringle can sterling engine, and a foil radio,,,

NIU Robotics Club

Faire: Lake County
Maker: NIU Robotics
Home: Illinois, United States
The purpose of NIU Robotics is to promote education in subjects relating to robotics, to engage in competitions to inspire collaboration in problem-solving, and to create a community of technically-inclined students with similar interests.

Un gioco per l’apprendimento della lettura dell’ora in modo divertente

Faire: Rome
Maker: Stefano Del Bufalo
The device, using a keyboard and a display, allows the student to set the desired time and see the result with the classic hour and minute hands, gradually learning the correct positions. the exercise is also useful for understanding the difference between 12H and 24H and for understanding the difference between analog and digital time.

Droidbuilders Europe – R2 Builders

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: Droidbuilders R2-Builders Europe
Home: België
Wij zijn de Europese afdeling van een internationale groep fans, die hun eigen replica robots bouwen uit het Star Wars-universum. We tonen graag ons werk tijdens evenementen en acties voor goede doelen.

Cosplay and Prop Contest

Faire: Rochester
Maker: FC3
Home: New York, United States
Flower City Comic Con invites all Maker Faire Rochester visitors to participate in an all-ages DIY cosplay and prop contest. Show off your hand-crafted superhero, sci-fi, fantasy, and pop-culture creations in this open call cosplay and prop contest.


Faire: Delft
Maker: roland blok
Home: brabant, Nederland
Narcissus bestaat uit 8 beweegbare zeshoekige spiegels. Het wacht tot je langs komt. Als je dichtbij komt zullen de spiegels één voor één bewegen om je aan te kijken en te volgen. Je kunt niet gemakkelijk ontsnappen. Oncomfortabel? Of innemend!


Faire: Rochester
Maker: NULL
Home: New York, United States
WilliesPaintNPrint is an influencer on TikTok with 32k+ viewers where he teaches and shows the process of 3D printing to makers of all ages. He prints and paints with the goal of showing that you can do it too if you put your mind to it.

ESPressoscope – a €10 wifi microscope

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: vittorio saggiomo
Home: Nederland
Behold an ultra-compact, cheap, open-source DIY microscope system, tailored to various versatile applications. This mostly 3D-Printed DIY pocket-size microscope embraces portability and convenience. Powered by a battery, it seamlessly connects via WiFi, offering incredible mobility. It can boasts the capability to discern details as fine as 10 micrometers. Come to build/check one and let's look for tardigrades at the MakerFaire venue.

Lake Shore High School Art Club

Faire: WNY Regional
Maker: kaitlin millen
Home: New York, United States
Lake Shore High Schools art department proudly presents their art club and some of their amazing works of art. Additionally, we will displaying our VR headset and selling items made by the students!

Make: Magazine

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Make:
Home: California, United States
Meet the Makers behind Make: and get a subscription to Make: magazine at a special event price! Sign up at the Make: Booth, in the Maker Shed or the Maker Faire Merch Tent. Join the Maker Movement and dive into the first magazine devoted to DIY technology projects.

3D printed and lasercut jewellery

Faire: Delft
Maker: Anna Ruiter
Home: zuid holland, Nederland
Tjielp Design is een ontwerpstudio die moderne productie methodes zoals 3D printen en lasersnijden gebruikt om sieraden te maken die aan je persoonlijke wensen aan te passen zijn.

DIY RC Car Demo

Faire: Orange County
Maker: Collin Yong
Home: California, United States
This Maker Fair I would like to display and show my RC car that I made myself. It uses an Arduino as the brain to control one dc motor and one servo motor. There is a Bluetooth module that allows my phone to send commands to the car.

Squirrellys Customs 3d Prints

Faire: Pensacola
Maker: David Lewis
Home: Florida, United States
I will be selling 3d printed objects and toys.

3D printers

Faire: Asheville
Maker: kevin van deusen
Home: South Carolina, United States
Come see 3d printers in action! You will also have the opportunity to purchase at lower than internet prices if interested.


Faire: Rome
ROBOT ELIOS was designed to help bring new archaeological finds to light, hence its auspicious name. allow you to make a 3D scan of the surrounding environment, detecting a cloud of points, then reworked by a technical software that identifies the possible distance from a possible find, for example, in an unexplored and difficult to access tunnel, then use a very economical detection technology, resulting in a reliable product at a low cost

Maker Faire Rochester

Faire: Syracuse
Maker: Maker Faire Rochester
Home: New York, United States
See what happens at Maker Faire Rochester. Running since 2014 and only 1.5 hours from Syracuse. This year its back at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center on November 18th. Help create a group string art project and grab a reminder postcard!

Nove tehnologije 3D štampanja i novi materijali

Faire: Sarajevo
Maker: SNEA 3D
Home: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Novi profesionalni i industrijski 3D štampači koji skraćuju vrijeme potrebno za štampanje modela do 70%. 3D štampači optimizirani za rad sa materijalima ojačanim karbonskim vlaknima. Novi materijali za 3D štampanje

CADimensions Inc.

Faire: Syracuse
Maker: Joseph Moore
Home: New York, United States
Learn about Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing and see how it can be applied for you. Get an on-the-spot quote, learn about the design and printing process, and test out the durability of the Origin Hammer.

OSEQ – Next generation 3D printing surface. First layer matters.

Faire: Trieste
Maker: Tomas Dymes
Home: Czech Republic, Czech Republic
Next generation 3D printing surface. Made by OSEQ in the Czech republic. We call them SAFE SHEETS because of our unique safe element which turns bright red when the surface is hot and fades away when it cools down. Making it safe even for children. With sizes fit for most 3D printers we offer out-of-this-world adhesion and flexibility. That’s why they are the best sheets on the planet by far.

Stampa 3D per la progettazione – 3D printing for design

Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Università di Roma
Employing 3d printing, mechanical design of complex parts can be more easily grasped and understood. Additive manufacturing allows for faster and more complex design. With a single machine an idea can be brought into reality. I adapted and personalised a famous turbofan engine model from the web in order to make it printable with my ender 3 pro

E-Horizon Project

Faire: Rome
Maker: Italiana Makers Automotive
E-Horizon Project is a project that encourages young people to be creative and take control of their future. Starting from a "Crazy Idea", the project has created a community of young motor enthusiasts with a common dream: to become part of the world of world motorsports. Through the new technologies of industry 4.0, all high school students, willing to test themselves and learn, can express their creativity and their technical knowledge, creating models of racing cars in 1:10 scale through the use of CAD software, 3D printing, microcontroller programming. Eventually they can compete with other makers, competing with the cars they create. The project includes different categories of cars to be built: - MKRS: Formula 1-style cars, electrically powered, designed and driven by school kids - Hypercar: project similar to MKRS but with cars with covered wheels - Driverless: self-driving Hypercar-style cars. At Maker Faire Rome we will bring the 2023 prototypes of the various projects plus other models we have previously made and we will hold small shows to show the capabilities of our cars and the potential of our project.

3D Pi Prints

Faire: NW Arkansas
Maker: Aaron Nicholson
Home: Arkansas, United States
Unlock your creativity with 3D Pi Prints. Innovative 3D printing, unique gifts, and custom creations. Come join us where we make 3D printing as easy as Pi!


Faire: Trieste
Maker: Gaia Fior
Home: Italy
Perché miniaturizzare quando si può... ingigantire? Questo alla base della decisione di realizzare una versione 9 volte più grande di una scheda Arduino, che permettesse così anche ai bambini o a chi ha più difficoltà di cominciare a dilettarsi con l'elettronica. Ovviamente alla scheda bisognava abbinare dei componenti, tutti rigorosamente 9x e con contatti magnetici, quindi LED, resistenze e qualche sensore gigante da interfacciare anche con Scratch per elettronica oversized e semplificata.