Maker Faire Yearbook 2023


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Get to Know Makers Making Change

Faire: Coney Island
Maker: Loreto Dumitrescu
Home: New York, United States
Get to know Makers Making Change! An organization on a mission to leverage the capacity of community-based makers, disability professionals, and volunteers to develop and deliver affordable Open Source Assistive Technologies.

e-Nable Italia – Experiments

Faire: Rome
Maker: Energy Family Project APS (e-Nable Italia)
Our community is dedicated to developing and providing free assistive devices for children and adults with limb difference problems. All of our projects are either open source derivatives or released by us (when original creations from our community) as open source. After SwimAble (the device for swimming, 2021) and the Bike Adapter (the device for cycling, 2022), this year we present the new ideas developed by our volunteers: the low-cost robotic hand prototypes and the devices that can help children to practice sports and in their free time, including an evolution of the bike adapters to be able to practice archery, a device that allows children with limb difference problems to play the drums and a tool for makers without 3d engineering skills that dynamically generates custom STL models of assistive devices adapted to the physical and anatomical characteristics of the recipients, to broaden accessibility to these devices.

Il Cannone di Paganini rinasce in 3D

Faire: Rome
Maker: 3DiTALY
Embark on a journey of innovation and heritage preservation with 3DiTALY's revolutionary project. Through advanced 3D scanning and printing techniques, we restore and replicate the legendary 'Il Cannone di Paganini' violin by Guarnieri, ensuring its enduring legacy. In collaboration with the esteemed Genova Municipality, we fuse artistry, technology, and cultural significance. Experience the harmonious blend of tradition and cutting-edge capabilities at Maker Faire Rome 2023.

3D Printed Clocks

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Steve Peterson
Home: California, United States
I design 3D printed mechanical clocks. All of my designs are intended to be functional clocks with high accuracy and long runtimes. Most are weight driven with runtimes ranging between 8 to 32 days and an accuracy of 1-2 minutes per week. Other designs include motor driven desk clocks and motorized rewind clocks. My designs are published on Thingiverse, Printables, and MyMiniFactory.


Faire: Lynchburg
Maker: Hacksburg
Home: Virginia, United States
Hacksburg is a makerspace in Blacksburg, VA. Hacksburg members will be showing off projects completed in our workshop, including a robotic eyeball, ultrasonic levitator, tabletop arcade cabinet, foam armor, and more.

Un gioco per l’apprendimento della lettura dell’ora in modo divertente

Faire: Rome
Maker: Stefano Del Bufalo
The device, using a keyboard and a display, allows the student to set the desired time and see the result with the classic hour and minute hands, gradually learning the correct positions. the exercise is also useful for understanding the difference between 12H and 24H and for understanding the difference between analog and digital time.


Faire: Orange County
Maker: HeyGears
Home: California, United States
Hi! We are HeyGears, a 3D printing company since 2015. Shape your ideas with our newly launched resin printer - Ultracraft Reflex! It is a one-stop production platform for creators and makers to easily shape their ideas and bring them to reality.

Robotic Quadrupeds

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Laksh & Akshat
Home: California, United States
We plan to present an array of robotic legged animals including quadrupeds in the form of robotic dogs and spiders. These are fully 3D printed, wired, and coded from scratch. These also support remote control over wifi so you can control these with your phone. Previous versions of these robots have even supported on board robot arms capable to pick up small objects.


Faire: Syracuse
Maker: Bill Ball
Home: New York, United States
Repurposed vintage electronics, unique robotics, interactive toys, and maybe a board game or two to play with and learn from.

Yeastime s.r.l. Startup Innovativa

Faire: Rome
Maker: Yeastime s.r.l. startup innovativa
Yeastime Start Up S.r.l. develops a fermentation 2.0 process using an innovative stimulation cycle applied dynamically to bioreactors. The technology is equipped with sensors aimed at real-time monitoring and integrated with a mechanical wave generator, which can optimize the process by reducing the overall duration by 30 percent. The product, obtained through this technology, will result from an optimal interaction between the target microorganism and the basic ingredients.

The Nerdy Duo

Faire: Hudson Valley
Maker: The Nerdy Duo
Home: New York, United States
The Nerdy Duo, teaching artists Erin Cardullo and Melissa Weiland, love art, science, and technology- and mixing them to create fine, 2D, 3D, and motion art. They'd love to find a new home for some of their art or talk to you about creating your own.


Faire: Trieste
Maker: Gaia Fior
Home: Italy
Perché miniaturizzare quando si può... ingigantire? Questo alla base della decisione di realizzare una versione 9 volte più grande di una scheda Arduino, che permettesse così anche ai bambini o a chi ha più difficoltà di cominciare a dilettarsi con l'elettronica. Ovviamente alla scheda bisognava abbinare dei componenti, tutti rigorosamente 9x e con contatti magnetici, quindi LED, resistenze e qualche sensore gigante da interfacciare anche con Scratch per elettronica oversized e semplificata.

Printed Resin Ships

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: YESTR Toys
Home: California, United States
We are producing MSLA resin printed radio controlled ships and static models.


Faire: Rome
ROBOT ELIOS was designed to help bring new archaeological finds to light, hence its auspicious name. allow you to make a 3D scan of the surrounding environment, detecting a cloud of points, then reworked by a technical software that identifies the possible distance from a possible find, for example, in an unexplored and difficult to access tunnel, then use a very economical detection technology, resulting in a reliable product at a low cost

3D Printed Roller Coasters

Faire: Delft
Maker: Patrick de Groot
Home: Zuid-Holland, Nederland
Vorig jaar was-ie al te zien bij de Maker Faire Delft: een 3D geprint model van een van mijn favoriete achtbanen: Stunt Fall! Dit jaar zal die weer vertrouwd zijn rondjes rijden. Bovendien is de bouw van een spectacular nieuw model te volgen!

Nove tehnologije 3D štampanja i novi materijali

Faire: Sarajevo
Maker: SNEA 3D
Home: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Novi profesionalni i industrijski 3D štampači koji skraćuju vrijeme potrebno za štampanje modela do 70%. 3D štampači optimizirani za rad sa materijalima ojačanim karbonskim vlaknima. Novi materijali za 3D štampanje


Faire: Rome
Maker: Katerina Koleva
We introduce Brailly, an interactive cube made for visually impaired people of every age, who would like to learn Braille in a fun way. Brailly is a 3D printed cube that consists of a speaker with an audio guide for learning simple words and letters in Braille. Learning Braille happens through a set of individual or collaborative exercises. Users can learn how to “write” in Braille by clicking on buttons, which imitate the Braille alphabet. Learning how to “read” the letters happens through haptic dowels. Our first prototype consists of 3D-printed inside parts made from PLA and an outside shell made from TPU95 material which makes the cube safe for kids. Other important components are six buttons allowing for Braille input and six servo motors which are responsible for the Braille output. During Makers faire we would also like to present our new prototype which has significant improvements such as different motors, smaller size, better sound and quality.

Buccaneer Robotics

Faire: Miami
Maker: Buccaneer Robotics
Home: Florida, United States
Buccaneer Robotics is dedicated to exposing members of our community to technology and engineering. We specifically focus on robotics to accomplish this task. We participate in VEX and FIRST Robotics Competitons.


Faire: Trieste
Home: GORIZIA, Italy
L'Associazione Amici dell'Orologeria Pesarina , ha avviato un percorso di ideazione e realizzazione di exhibit sugli scappamenti che regolano il tempo negli orologi pubblici e astronomici. Partecipiamo all’edizione 2023 portando quattro exhibit didattici per raccontare le invenzioni di Leonardo, Galileo, Harrison, Rieffler. Quest’ultimo è uno strumento di alta precisione utilizzato dagli osservatori astronomici per la misura del tempo siderale.

HCC!zuidoost-brabant: zelf ontwerpen en printen

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: HCC!
Home: Namibië
De werkgroep 3D-printen van HCC!zuidoost-brabant laat zien hoe 3D-printen wordt uitgevoerd. Eerst een ontwerp maken, dan omzetten naar computertaal en printen en eventueel nabewerken en kleuren. HCC is voor iedereen met interesse in de wondere wereld van ontwerpen en printen in 3D. Laat je verbazen door de mogelijkheden van deze techniek en bezoek onze stand!

Questione di Chimica

Faire: Rome
Maker: ITS Fondazione Vita
Our project aims to find an innovative training solution able to stimulate the curiosity of children , making the learning of science subjects a unique experience. Our students, using the methodological approach of "Design Thinking", have realized an application in key 4.0 inclusive, sustainable and replicable in any educational context. Our prototype consists of an illustrative box inside which you can find a vase made with 3D printer and a tablet, equipped with an augmented reality application with which you can try the training experience.


Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Home: EDO DE MEXICO, Mexico
En Nekosaurio3D queremos competir con las mas grandez marcas de coleccionismo del mundo. Creo que el coleccionismo debe ser algo más que esperar a la salida de la figura que te gusta y comprarla. No esperes más. aqui te ofrecemos personalización.

Red de Sensores de Bajo Costo para el Monitoreo de la Calidad del Aire-MONAIR

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Roberth Bautista
Home: Guatemala, Guatemala
MONAIR, Red de Estaciones de bajo costo para el monitoreo de la calidad del aire, desarrollado y ensamblado en Guatemala.

Arduino nelle ferrovie in miniatura

Faire: Rome
Maker: GFTartaruga
The project is based on Arduino uno and is designed to make a model railway "smart", combining digital and analog systems

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