Maker Faire Rome 2023

Medical procedures on virtual patients.

The project proposes an innovative interaction between physical and virtual reality using Weart's touchDIVER and the Oculus Rift S visor. The operator uses the touchDIVER and the visor to immerse himself in the virtual environment. A robotic hand replicates the movements of the physical hand, allowing interaction with virtual objects, including a CT-reconstructed abdominal section. The touchDIVER provides haptic feedback of force, temperature and texture. The aim is to offer an innovative medical simulation experience for surgeons, doctors and students, facilitating practice and learning.

Medical procedures on virtual patients. - Maker Faire

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VETRO (Virtual Experience with Tactile RObotics) Maker Photo

VETRO (Virtual Experience with Tactile RObotics)

Luca Distefano, 08/02/1996, Doctor in Computer Engineering; Anna Fumagalli, 03/11/1998, Doctor in Computer Engineering and Automation Systems; Giuliano Giampietro, 10/09/1998, Doctor in Industrial Engineering with a biomedical curriculum; Jamila Naffati, 22/04/1997, Doctor in Clinical Engineering; Catia Romaniello, 05/07/1999, Doctor in Automation Engineering; Vincenzo Maria Vitale, 24/02/1997, Doctor in Computer and Automatic Engineering; Prof. Marilena Vendittelli, Department of Computer, Control, and Management engineering, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.

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