Maker Faire Rome 2023

Isola Ecologica

"Isola Ecologica" was conceived with the purpose of entertaining children whilst also contributing toward memory development and awareness regarding a very important contemporary theme. The game will consist of 1 board divided into 4 different environments (Beach, City, Park and Countryside), tiles depicting waste, 1 dice and the "Recycling Plant" which will have a digital reader inside to recognize the tiles, and some motorized hatches that represent the waste disposal bins. Each turn, a given player will collect 1 card from the environment rolled by the dice, place it on the reader, and then press the key corresponding to the correct bin, if the guess was right the LEDs will light up green and the trapdoor will open, otherwise the tile will have to be placed back on the board.

Isola Ecologica - Maker Faire

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Avelon Bardhi Maker Photo

Avelon Bardhi

We are Avelon, Pietro, Giorgia and Francesco, 4 italian product design students attending the 2nd year at IED Milano. We all went along different study paths before this, but we still have in common our passions: 3d modelling, diy, drawing and everything about the makers world.

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