Maker Faire Rome 2023

Innovative buoyancy elements for snorkeling, scuba diving and deep sea applications

Problem: During scuba diving and other deep sea / underwater applications common tools like lamps, cameras, knifes, fins, masks, etc. sink fast when accidentally lost, because their density is higher than water. Sportive divers with deep-licenses can dive up to 40m for a short time and tech divers for app. 100m after complex preparation of highly sophisticated equipment and training. Loss of tools is frequent, expensive and dangerous, because sea is deeper than that at most places. Challenge: Manufacturing buoyancy elements + with a density significantly less than water + while these shall withstand high hydraulic pressure + while the buoyancy force should be exactly defined and independent of depth is not trivial. Solution: 3d printing / additive manufacturing using special parameters upon printing and optionally with hybrid processes support making buoyancy elements with individual shape and buoyancy force. With such e.g. a loss of a mask with individual glasses for 1000€ is avoided: the mask will slowly rise to the water surface for save and easy recovery. Making such buoyancy elements is possible with a 3d printer for less than 500€, a free 3d construction software and a free slicing software using special parameters. Contribution: I will show on the booth: + Free design software for buoyancy elements + Free slicing software + <500€ 3d printer + examples of proven buoyancy elements for various applications
Innovative buoyancy elements for snorkeling


Rainer Kuth Maker Photo

Rainer Kuth

I am a physicist with university diploma of 1986. I worked in industry over more than 30 years mainly in the field of high power lasers, medical magnetic resonance tomography and medical endoscopy. I filed more than 500 patent applications together with more than 150 co-inventors. Recently a founded a startup in the field of clinical endoscopy. I work as consultant for the EU commission evaluating scientific grant applications. I am CEO of a NGO in the field of cultural events. Annually I am juryman at the German competition "young scientists" (10-21years) and work as lay judge at a local court. I am husband, father, grandfather, son in law, father in law, uncle, granduncle.

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