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The String and Glue of our World - Understanding Composite Materials

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“The String and Glue of our World” is a book about the science, engineering, history, and art of making things out of composites told in a manner that is approachable, engaging, and entertaining, even for the casual reader. It is not intended to replace or even be a textbook on the subject – there are plenty of those. It is also not intended for the serious practitioner who has lots of experience with composites and needs a reference book, since there are lots of those as well. In other words, you don’t have to be a Ph.D. engineer or scientist to understand the book and appreciate the significance and beauty of composite materials.
The String and Glue of our World - Understanding Composite Materials - Maker Faire Bay Area


Ned Patton Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Ned Patton

I am a Mechanical Engineer with Ph.D. and about 40 years of experience. Currently working at Northrop Grumman Marine Systems, but also recently passed the PE exam so am now a Registered Professional Engineer. So, I am also an engineering consultant

What Inspired You to Make This?

I have been working in this field for 40+ years at this point – mostly in R&D, and it is time for me to give back and show interested engineers, makers, designers, and anyone that is interested in composites not only the how but also the why of these materials. I also wanted to provide a historical perspective (accounting) of where these wonderful materials came from to give my readers a sense of where they fit in what is a most human endeavor – making something wonderful out of the raw materials that surround us in abundance. By the end of the book you will understand that composites are really just strings glued together, and are not something to be afraid of. Understanding these materials will allow my readers to unlock the magic of composites for themselves.