Maker Faire Yearbook 2023


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Large Format 3d Printing

Faire: Rochester
Maker: Ben Strohman
Home: New York, United States
3d Printing is awesome, and even cooler when the parts aren't limited to what you can hold in your hand! Stop by our booth check out some huge prints!

LAIght World / Stars at your Hands

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Luis Jimenez Cu
Home: Guatemala, Guatemala
LAIght World y Stars at your Hands combinan AI, IoT, electrónica digital y arte digital para que puedas controlar la iluminación y las animaciones utilizando gestos y movimientos.

Robotic sorting plant – controlled by PLCs via WEBapp

Faire: Rome
Maker: Itis Paleocapa
The system, based on a Scorbot Er3 robotic arm and a Fishertechnik education kit, sorts different incoming materials by colour, weight ans size, thrugh different processes. The automation, controlled by S7-1200 PLCs, and supervised by a S7-1500 controller, is managed by an operator through an HMI display or through a webApp. It can be used to reach optimization and sustainability goals. The PLCs are able to manage a wide variety of information.

Scorch Works – Homemade Tools and Toys

Faire: Des Moines
Maker: Scorch Works
Home: Minnesota, United States
Homemade injection molding machine producing small plastic trinkets during the fair. Pick up an injection molded object made from plastic that was recently something else (i.e. recycled). Various other homemade tools and toys will also be on display.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Mr Beam Lasers GmbH
The "Safecutter" project is a collaboration between scientists from the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology (INP) Greifswald and the Munich-based company Mr Beam Lasers GmbH, which specialises in the construction and sale of desktop laser cutting systems. With a desktop laser cutter, detailed engravings and the cutting of many different materials are possible. A perfect introduction to the world of lasers. Until now, this technology could only be used industrially. The reason was mainly the high acquisition costs and the potential danger. Since, depending on the material, different, sometimes toxic gases and vapours can be produced during the cutting process and the laser cutters are operated indoors, we are looking into how laser cutting can be made safer with regard to the exhaust gases in our research work. The focus is thus on ensuring safety. By: - hazardous material is detected before use - cleaning up any waste gases produced - analysing the composition of the exhaust gas - a safety shutdown is integrated Another important aspect of the work is the accessibility of laser cutting for the masses. Therefore, we designed low cost methods that make the purchase of the final product financially justifiable for the user and still reduce the dangers to a minimum. Ultimately, it is important for us to invest in this research topic because laser cutters and products of this kind should be available to a broad mass. But safe. Laser safe. The project was supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the "Open Photonik Pro" funding measure of the "Photonik Forschung Deutschland" programme. The funding measure is intended to enable new forms of cooperation between science and industry and the maker and start-up scene.

Everglades Squad – 501st Legion

Faire: Palm Beach
Maker: 501st Legion
Home: Florida, United States
The 501st Legion is an international costuming organization dedicated to celebrating STAR WARS™ through the creation and use of quality costumes that portray the villainous, morally ambiguous, or non-partisan characters from the STAR WARS™ universe.

Gateway Industrial Design Fab Lab

Faire: Elkhorn
Maker: Gateway Technical College
Home: Wisconsin, United States
The Fab Lab will have an array of different computer driven digital manufacturing equipment and run demonstrations.


Faire: Rochester
Maker: Bob Abbey
Home: New York, United States
My products are refinished wood items they are burned with 2000+ volts of electricity. This is called the Lichtenberg process.

History Box

Faire: Rome
Maker: Jacopo De Benedictis
History Box is an interactive multimedia project created to enhance and facilitate the usability of archival documents. Inspired by the microfilm reader, the installation brings together some historical materials on the life of Giuseppe Di Vagno, a Socialist Party parliamentarian who was the victim of a fascist assassination attempt in 1921. Through a physical interface consisting of knobs, sliders and a handset, the user can consult the archival materials in an unconventional way. Features such as audio-reading and document enlargement are designed to ensure greater accessibility.

Wellsville CSD SWAT – Custom CNC

Faire: Rochester
Maker: Wellsville CSD SWAT
Home: New York, United States
Come see our custom CNC Machine engrave your name on a popsicle stick.

Mycastellium – From Mushroom to Masterpiece

Faire: Rome
Maker: Orietta Bartalini
Mycastellium is the perfect project for people who want to open their minds into a sustainable environment. This project is entirely made of a sustainable material called mycelium: an ideal substitute to plastic. We created this lamp combining nature inspired designs and advanced technologies. Our project took time and dedication as we collaborated to reach our goal. Mycastellium’s aim is to spread awareness about sustainability. Help us transform our world step by step; every little step counts!

How Digital Fabrication Has Changed Art Making

Faire: NW Arkansas
Maker: Shelby Fleming
Home: Arkansas, United States
Join Artist Acadia Kandora and Shelby Fleming for a presentation on how digital fabrication has impacted how they make artwork. Each artist will give a 15 minute presentation followed by Q & A.

EAHS Digital Innovations

Faire: Elkhorn
Maker: Gina Rand
Home: Wisconsin, United States
City of Elkhorn Glow Table Sphero Races and Hands on Laser Engraver projects

Cabrera Customs and more

Faire: Pioneer Valley
Maker: Maribell Cabrera
Home: Massachusetts, United States
ropa de bebe y productos personalizados

Punimals –

Faire: Downtown Columbia
Maker: Art Ross
Home: Maryland, United States
Punimals are a combination of an animal and an object that create a visual/verbal pun. The fun comes from trying to guess what the name of the combination is.

TENSAIR Trave tensairity superleggera con funi a memoria di forma per strutture emergenziali

Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Università di Roma
The invention consists of an ultralight structural pneumatic element known in the technical field as tensairity and introduces as new elements, with respect to state of the art, ropes with superelastic and shape memory behavior together with a tensioning control apparatus of the ropes. The resulting structure is active and strongly damped, able to vary the mechanical properties in real time to support dynamic forcing with high performance. The applications belong to civil, industrial and aerospace context: long-span roofs, bridges, aerostats, airships, stratospheric platforms and space habitats.

Good Karma Creations

Faire: Tulsa
Maker: Crystal Bullock
Home: Oklahoma, United States
A whimsical, artistic boutique of handmade treasures that give life and energy to your home.

FabCreator Lasers

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: FabCreator
Home: Nederland
Ontworpen, ontwikkeld en geproduceerd in Nederland. FabCreator CO2-laser snijmachines zijn ontworpen om door iedereen gebruikt te kunnen worden! Kom langs om de techniek te ontdekken!


Faire: Chisinau
Maker: Cristina TOCARI
Home: Moldova
Recycline este un startup de impact bazat pe tehnologia Waste2Product. Conceptul nostru e definit printr-o combinație de oameni, mașinării, platforme și educare pentru a crea un sistem alternativ de reciclare.

Apex Mark 42

Faire: Calgary
Maker: Sayan Saha
Home: Alberta, Canada
Walk among giants with Apex Mark 42, an eight-feet tall wearable exo-suit! The project was made primarily from recycled materials and its design was inspired by sci-fi films like Avatar. Apex will be roaming around the fair so keep an eye out for it when you are visiting!


Faire: Rome
We have created an app that from the information saved on an online sheet creates a unique QR-Code. With a simple scan we can connect to the digital element provided by the designer, record date-time of arrival at the construction site, indicate the mounting status and transfer this information back into the BIM model. All through functions and free applications that are already in our smartphone

Freehand Fabricator: An industrial-grade 3D pen.

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Timothy Keller
Home: California, United States
The Freehand Fabricator is what you would get if a 3D printer and a MIG welder had a baby. It is a high-temperature, high-flow 3D printer hot end with a comfortable handle and spool-fed extruder base station. People who have used '3D pens' know how slow they are, and how quickly they break. This is the solution those makers have been waiting for: the Freehand Fabricator is capable of extruding engineering-grade plastics and is more than twice as fast as existing solutions. The project is in the late prototyping stage at the moment and will be launched on Kickstarter in the coming months. We are currently looking for people to play with the prototypes and tell us what they think!

Vans RV12iS Light Sport Aircraft Fuselage Build

Faire: Lake County
Maker: James Martin
Home: Illinois, United States
Learn how to build Vans RV12iS Light Sport Airplane. Showcasing engineering assembly drawings with step-by-step instructions for building your own Light Sport Aircraft. Current state of the 2 seat aluminum fuselage and aviation radio weather tests.

Elliptical – wireless design speaker

Faire: Rome
Maker: Dario Colozza
With more than 25 years of experience in the field of music production, acoustics and sound engineering, Elliptical represents the tribute in the creation of products for audio reproduction extremely accurate both in their design and in the audio resulting from the long experience gained in the field. ​Sinuous and innovative shapes, cutting-edge materials and production technologies, attention to detail and craftsmanship are fused together to produce unique limited edition pieces that focus on sound, design and craftsmanship. We produced Limited Edition Design speaker, entirely designed, engineered and produced in Italy, with Wi Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, that provides elegance and design to every part of the house and can also moves with you, thanks to its portability. More than 5 years of development in our R&D laboratories to find the best shape and proportions to concentrate all the quality of the Elliptical experience in such a small space, to offer you a refined and unique musical enjoyment. Play music, radio, audiobooks and more from all your favorite services and take the sound from room to room or wherever you want, even outdoors. The total absence of cables makes the aesthetic aspect of Alpha One extremely elegant. Control Alpha One easily with the app, when connected to Wi-Fi, and switch to Bluetooth® when you leave. For multi-room listening, add more Elliptical speakers throughout your home. All system components connect to each other via Wi-Fi. Immerse yourself in an extremely wide sound field of deep bass and defined treble wherever you want to listen inside your home and outdoors. Get the full Elliptical experience at home via Wi-Fi, even for multi-speaker connections, and switch to Bluetooth when you go out. Elliptical is our tribute to music and beauty. We are based in Rome, Italy.