Maker Faire Yearbook 2023


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Bill McCown

Faire: Los Angeles
Maker: NULL
Home: California, United States
Bicycle trailers are useful! They add more capability to an already ingenious invention, the bicycle. Even better, they add style as well. Bike trailers can be used as campers, cargo trailers, or even as people haulers. Shown are two examples.

Spiders, Our Crafty Friends by @stitch.krafts

Faire: Los Angeles
Maker: Adria Pinto-Quintanilla
Home: California, United States
Spiders are some of the most misunderstood creatures we have contact with. Jumping Spiders are amazing pest control specialists and dancers. At this exhibit, you can learn more about our spider friends.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Ceramiche NOI S.c.a.r.l.
The "Antibacterial Plate" project stems from an important Research & Development phase that the company has already undertaken since 2020 during the pandemic. We wondered what could be needed in such a moment and what it could cope with in a market like ours to a pandemic but also to an improvement of catering and private environments.This is how the research and first prototyping phase of this project began, which saw the filing of a patent for a particular object which, due to its particularity, can reject up to 99% of the bacteria that deposit on it can be bacteria of various types and by imagining the various "passages" of dishes, for example in a restaurant or self-service restaurant or naval restaurant halls, we hypothesized that these objects could have an enormous plus compared to other identical but not antibacterial objects.We have therefore arrived at the laboratory certification of products both in single color and with antibacterial decorations and decals with a characteristic that resists the microwave oven and dishwasher for the entire life of the product without ever failing up to at its breakup. This product is extremely innovative as it can be used in many areas, both private and public, to increase hygiene and above all to counteract the spread of bacteria in the kitchen and in refreshment areas without considering that being reusable after washing it is also highly environmental impact and reduces the use of "single portions" which are extremely polluting today.


Faire: Rome
Maker: ITIS "Enrico Fermi" Roma
Smemobox is a versatile device that simplifies the periodic intake of pills and supplements. A beep, vibration and LED lights indicate the compartment and the correct amount of pills. There are two versions: a small and ergonomic one and a larger one with additional compartments. The device is modular and rechargeable via cable or wireless charging. It is compatible with Bluetooth hearing aids to send alerts directly to the user via an app. The prototype uses certified food-grade PLA.

Global Distributed Tracking (GDT)

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Global Open Source Quality Assurance System (GOSQAS)
Home: California, United States
GDT is a free software implemented as a website ( that any Maker can use to get a unique QR Sticker (and URL) for their product. By just pointing a phone at the sticker, people enjoying your project can upload an image or some words to tell you how much they love your project. This creates a fully encrypted, indelibly timestamped “provenance.” Only people who handle your project can see this provenance—not even us, and not even you, if you lose the URL! Although designed for global tracking of medical devices, we think Makers will love collecting anonymous feedback that stays with the project—even if it is gifted, sold, or shared in some other way. Our plan is to print sheets of stickers and give them away for free to Makers to make it super-easy!

STEAM – Makerspace educativo

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Laura Velázquez Cisneros
Home: Yucatán, Mexico
Conoce proyectos educativos realizados en un makerspace y aprende sobre diversos mecanismos impresos en 3D y con corte láser para conocer su aplicación en la vida cotidiana.

Elliptical – wireless design speaker

Faire: Rome
Maker: Dario Colozza
With more than 25 years of experience in the field of music production, acoustics and sound engineering, Elliptical represents the tribute in the creation of products for audio reproduction extremely accurate both in their design and in the audio resulting from the long experience gained in the field. ​Sinuous and innovative shapes, cutting-edge materials and production technologies, attention to detail and craftsmanship are fused together to produce unique limited edition pieces that focus on sound, design and craftsmanship. We produced Limited Edition Design speaker, entirely designed, engineered and produced in Italy, with Wi Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, that provides elegance and design to every part of the house and can also moves with you, thanks to its portability. More than 5 years of development in our R&D laboratories to find the best shape and proportions to concentrate all the quality of the Elliptical experience in such a small space, to offer you a refined and unique musical enjoyment. Play music, radio, audiobooks and more from all your favorite services and take the sound from room to room or wherever you want, even outdoors. The total absence of cables makes the aesthetic aspect of Alpha One extremely elegant. Control Alpha One easily with the app, when connected to Wi-Fi, and switch to Bluetooth® when you leave. For multi-room listening, add more Elliptical speakers throughout your home. All system components connect to each other via Wi-Fi. Immerse yourself in an extremely wide sound field of deep bass and defined treble wherever you want to listen inside your home and outdoors. Get the full Elliptical experience at home via Wi-Fi, even for multi-speaker connections, and switch to Bluetooth when you go out. Elliptical is our tribute to music and beauty. We are based in Rome, Italy.

Christian The Blacksmith

Faire: Orange County
Maker: Christian TheBlackSmith
Home: California, United States
We specialize in custom iron work and hand forged sculptures. Christian the Blacksmith has 2 decades of experience. Come see how customer iron work is done, and maybe even get a little hands on!

Raphael Power Racing

Faire: Miami
Maker: Lazy Gecko
Home: Michigan, United States
Raphael the fastest and meanest of all the turtles! Racing on a track near you!

Wish Metal Works

Faire: Orange County
Maker: Tommy Wish
Home: California, United States
Wish Metal Works has 20 plus years in designing and fabricating a wide range of custom steel pieces, including indoor and outdoor furniture, boards, racks, gates and garages. You imagine it and Tommy will make it.

La Colonie De Fourmis

Faire: Brussels
Maker: Harold Mousset
Home: Belgium
La Colonie de Fourmis est une boutique en ligne, qui propose à la vente des colonies de fourmis ainsi que l’ensemble du matériel d’élevage, à destination des débutants mais aussi des éleveurs confirmés. 100% “Made in Belgium”, le matériel d'élevage est réalisé en découpe laser et impression 3D.

Rochester Institute of Technology’s Engineering Special Interest House

Faire: Rochester
Maker: Engineering House @ RIT
Home: New York, United States
Engineering House is an academic and engineering focused special interest house for 1st and 2nd years at RIT. Together we have built many group projects like giant 3D printers, Power Racing Series go karts, human hamster wheels and more.

Arden Klemmer

Faire: Hudson Valley
Maker: Arden Klemmer
Home: New York, United States
Arden Klemmer is a figurative painter and sculptor, injecting playful, dark, and metaphysical elements into ordinary scenes. Her work explores human connection and our social inheritance through the lens of patterns, technology, and words.

RoboButts by Project40

Faire: Rome
Maker: Denis Oliviero
RoboButts is a robot equipped with a robotic arm whose purpose is to collect butts. What we are presenting is the first working prototype of a project whose purpose is to be implanted in urban cleaning systems. Normally it takes about 30 years to dispel a stub but with our project we want to intervene immediately on this phenomenon. The robot is now controlled with the PC's keyboard but we are working on an AI to detect the cigarette butts and to make the robot completely autonomous

Toys, Tools, Coins, and Cookies

Faire: Elkhorn
Maker: Scott Woiak
Home: Wisconsin, United States
Toys Tools Coins and Cookies. Explore how a toy can be a tool. Investigate how things are made. Win prizes. See a machinetool in action. What is a machinetool anyway? And what do cookies have to do with it ??

Red de Sensores de Bajo Costo para el Monitoreo de la Calidad del Aire-MONAIR

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Roberth Bautista
Home: Guatemala, Guatemala
MONAIR, Red de Estaciones de bajo costo para el monitoreo de la calidad del aire, desarrollado y ensamblado en Guatemala.

Kaboomlaser – The Dutch Puzzle Factory

Faire: Delft
Maker: Matthijs Keuper
Home: Noord Brabant, Nederland
Kaboomlaser is een eigenzinnig bedrijf dat het graag anders doet. Wij maken unieke houten puzzels van berkenhout. Puzzels waarmee je een avond kan ontspannen, maar ook puzzels die je weken zullen bezighouden.

Making as a way of life – The art + design practice of CW&T

Faire: Miami
Maker: CW&T
Home: New York, United States
CW&T exists to create the things we want to see in the world. Our work has spanned from interactive software to human-scaled tools that enhance our relationships to work, life and time. CW&T is the recipient of the 2022 National Design Award.

Making Mathematics

Faire: NW Arkansas
Maker: Edmund Harriss
Home: Arkansas, United States
Come see the wonderful things created as mathematics becomes physical, from spiralling surfaces through a hole cut in a brick to all sorts of wooden models. You might not have seen mathematics like this!

Make: Magazine

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Make:
Home: California, United States
Meet the Makers behind Make: and get a subscription to Make: magazine at a special event price! Sign up at the Make: Booth, in the Maker Shed or the Maker Faire Merch Tent. Join the Maker Movement and dive into the first magazine devoted to DIY technology projects.

Scratch Built Five Foot Radio Controlled Russian Alfa Class Submarine

Faire: Orange County
Maker: Michael Wernecke
Home: California, United States
Outstanding craftsmanship and ingenuity are Mr. Wernecke's forte . Submarines/Senior machine builder ( Human Genome Project ) Kid Sub/ Whistling rocket /Con Air (model Builder) Godzilla ( Model Builder) Author

FAZ com as tuas mãos – FAZ uma cadeira de braços em madeira de pinho

Faire: Lisbon
Maker: Mariana Costa e Silva
Home: Leiria, Portugal
A revolução no fabrico de objetos está a acontecer, o design de produto está ao serviço do utilizador-fazedor: FAZ com as suas mãos! FAZ com as tuas mãos é um processo participativo de produção de mobiliário e brinquedos. Modelos fáceis de construir com ferramentas básicas, materiais fáceis de encontrar e aulas para ensinar a fazê-los em curtos períodos de tempo. Nesta Maker Faire proponho realizar a oficina mais popular da FAZ a cadeira de braços em madeira de pinho. O foco do desenho desta poltrona é a utilização de apenas duas referencias de madeira: ripa e tábua, sem comprometer ergonomia, funcionalidade e estética. Usando berbequim, aparafusadora, esquadro, martelo e serrote e em apenas 6 horas (isto é muito rápido para uma cadeira!) .

Can Cuber

Faire: Milwaukee
Maker: Tom Gralewicz
Home: Wisconsin, United States
Hydraulic machine that crushes a soda can into a small cube.

University of Miami’s UMaker

Faire: Miami
Maker: University of Miami - UMaker
Home: Florida, United States
UMaker will demonstrate various applications of Robotics and 3D printing through interactive projects. Devices highlight practical uses like Robot Cars and how 3D printing and Robotics interact through 3D printed, motorized arms.

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