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Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Home: Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
Es momento de demostrar que eres un experto en el pambol, donde tendrás que contestar una serie de preguntas online o de manera física, entre más rápido y correcto ganes, más probabilidad tendrás de ganar.

Rally Race Car: Start to Finish

Faire: Asheville
Maker: Keenan Phillips
Home: North Carolina, United States
Check out a real BMW rally racing car and it's distant cousin that is the bare shell it began as. Talk to builder/driver Keenan about all the Maker skills put into this project and how much fun he has racing all around the country!

The Green Village tour

Faire: Delft
Maker: TU Delft Tours
Home: Zuid-Holland, Nederland
Tijdens de tour langs The Green Village krijg je een unieke kijk in dit fieldlab voor duurzame innovatie. Onderzoekers, studenten, start-ups, ondernemers en overheden werken op The Green Village elke dag aan de innovatieopgaven van vandaag en morgen.

Meet Wallace – our FTC competition robot

Faire: Long Island
Maker: FTC Team 21605
Home: New York, United States
We are FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) Team 21605 - Spontaneous Combustion. We will show our robot which made it into the semi finals of the Long Island Championship. You can give Wallace a spin on our field and experience FIRST Robotics first hand

Leo programable robot

Faire: Rocklin
Maker: Ben Frank
Home: California, United States
My project is a programmable robot named Leo. Leo uses omni wheels to move, which means that he can drive sideways! Leo can also follow lines made with black electrical tape. Come check out my table and have fun programming Leo. I'll walk you through the simple steps of code so that you can control Leo yourself! You can also learn about the cool, yet simple, way Leo is able to follow lines by building a custom race track.

Young Engineers

Faire: Sarajevo
Home: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mi smo školica koja afirmira STEM i inženjerske vještine kod djece, koristeći zabavne, zanimljive i praktične metode učenja.Naša misija je da djecu od 4 do 15 godina na najbolji način pripremimo za vještine koje zahtjeva radno okruženje 21. vijeka.

Large Format 3d Printing

Faire: Syracuse
Maker: Ben Strohman
Home: New York, United States
3d Printing is awesome, and even cooler when the parts aren't limited to what you can hold in your hand! Stop by our booth check out some huge prints!

InvenToy Toy Inventors

Faire: Los Angeles
Maker: Eric Ostendorff
Home: California, United States
Meet Inventoy, a group of professional toy designers with over 100 years of inventing toys like Hot Wheels, Monster Jam, plus a variety of robotic items, games, and educational toys. We have a variety of cool electromechanical projects on display!


Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: UNAM Aero Design
Home: Ciudad de México, Mexico
UNAM Aero Design es un equipo multidisciplinario representativo de la UNAM que diseña y manufactura aeronaves no tripuladas operadas a radio control. Cada año, el equipo presenta una aeronave diferente en las competencias SAE Aero Design.

Creation Station with Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance

Faire: Tulsa
Maker: Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance
Home: Oklahoma, United States
Where imagination meets innovation! Join our interactive booth for hands-on fun with magsnaps, tangrams, balsa wood blocks, and LEGOs. Don't miss out on STEM in a Bag take-home kits and awesome giveaways!

GrayStar Innovations

Faire: Orange County
Maker: Ian Maday
Home: Oregon, United States
Ian Maday, known professionally as GrayStar Innovations, is an independent creator currently based in the pacific northwest, he specialized in robotic work both functional and for special effects/film/fashion along with gallery artwork. His work has

Landry’s Exoskeleton Suit

Faire: NW Arkansas
Maker: Landry Rice
Home: Kansas, United States
This is my homemade exoskeleton suit. It’s a work in progress. I will also have marvel gadgets and a 3D printer.

CNC Fabrication for Robotics

Faire: Milwaukee
Maker: GEarheads FTC Robotics Team
Home: Wisconsin, United States
The GEarheads are an FTC robotics team that is focused on building technical skills for design and fabrication, we will highlight three CNC router platforms we have constructed and allow attendees to design and make their own project on a CNC router.

Tulsa Amateur Radio Club

Faire: Tulsa
Maker: Tulsa Amateur Radio Club
Home: Oklahoma, United States
Tulsa Amateur Radio Club - All about this rewarding hobby, state of the art components and information about emergency community communications. Get On The Air and talk to another radio operator via radio.

Brown Bindery & Conservation

Faire: Wichita
Maker: Christopher Brown
Home: United States
Brown Bindery & Conservation: a book and paper conservator dedicated to making your precious books and paper live longer. Member American Institute for Conservation.

FIRST® FLL Team #47211 Hobbymaker Rexes

Faire: Milwaukee
Maker: FIRST Wisconsin Robotics
Home: Wisconsin, United States
FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) will be hosting a Robotics Demo to showcase robotics programs for K-12 students. These are exciting mentor-based programs that build science, technology, math & engineering skills


Faire: Delft
Maker: roland blok
Home: brabant, Nederland
Narcissus bestaat uit 8 beweegbare zeshoekige spiegels. Het wacht tot je langs komt. Als je dichtbij komt zullen de spiegels één voor één bewegen om je aan te kijken en te volgen. Je kunt niet gemakkelijk ontsnappen. Oncomfortabel? Of innemend!

Ja raSTEM – svijet STEM genijalaca

Faire: Sarajevo
Maker: STEM akademija
Home: TK, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Program STEM akademije usmjeren je na razvoj logičkog razmišljanja, kreativnosti, kolaboracijskih, komunikacijskih i prezentacijskih vještina kroz edukaciju u područjima programiranja, robotike, inženjerstva, elektronike, logike i dizajna, .....

AC Robotics

Faire: Calgary
Maker: AC Robotics
Home: Alberta, Canada
AC Robotics is about more than robots. Robots are just the center around which we gather to learn, grow, and build new relationships. Students also get the opportunity to learn all things STEAM, from software and programming to arts and design, robotics covers it all!

Marionetitlan – Manejo de marionetas o titeres de hilo.

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Marionetitlán
Home: Ciudad de México, Mexico
Taller de manejo de marionetas o títeres de hilo. Los asistentes conocerán diferentes tipos de marionetas con sus componentes y podrán realizar algunos ejercicios de manejo de estas marionetas.

FIRST® Robotics Demo – FTC Team Hazmat

Faire: Milwaukee
Maker: FTC Team Hazmat
Home: Wisconsin, United States
FIRST® Robotics Demo - FTC Team Hazmat 13201 ( is a 7th year team with 20 students from 7-12 grade. The team has won the Wisconsin State Championship in 2019-20 and 2021-22, and were runners up in 2023-24

UWF Design/Build/Fly

Faire: Pensacola
Maker: UWF Design/Build/Fly Team
Home: Florida, United States
We are a UWF mechanical engineering design team participating in AIAA's annual Design/Build/Fly competition, which challenges engineering students to design and build electric RC aircraft to successfully take off, land, and meet the requirements for various mission profiles. Our goal is to design and build a competitive aircraft that we can take to this year's competition, which will take place this April in Wichita, KS.

Dylan Sadiq | The College Cuber

Faire: Elkhorn
Maker: Dylan Sadiq
Home: New Jersey, United States
Come stop by to become an official Rubik's Cube artist! Help Dylan Sadiq, The College Cuber, put together a one of a kind piece of Rubik's Cube artwork! Learn how he has transformed his engineering education into a full-time art career!

Fotodisgregatore Trituratore per inertizzazione di rifiuti a base plastica

Faire: Trieste
Maker: Xewer Srl
Home: TS, Italy
L’obiettivo deli'invenzione è quello di scomporre, rendere inerti e biodegradabili i rifiuti a base plastica, sfruttando l’azione meccanica, termica e la radiazione solare. E’ noto che la plastica sottoposta a radiazione solare, temperatura e azione meccanica, perde le proprietà molecolari complesse, restituendo catene di molecole molto più semplici e di conseguenza meno dannose per l'ecosistema.

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