Maker Faire Rome 2023

SmartVan for Camping

Using the Smart Van Box, making your camper or van smart becomes child's play. A magic box which, in addition to managing the energy produced by the solar panels, will allow you to monitor and control the services of your camper, conveniently from the mobile app. Whether you're on the road or away from your vehicle. Furthermore, thanks to its sensors and intelligent functions, the Smart Van Box will assist you during all phases of your journey. Taking care of your health and alerting you in case of problems. From the preparation of the trip, to the return home.
SmartVan for Camping - Maker Faire

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Roberto Pompermaier Maker Photo

Roberto Pompermaier

My name is Roberto and I have always been a windsurfer. So, one of my biggest dreams was to have a van to be able to transport my boards and move from one beach to another. For work, on the other hand, I deal with IT as an IoT Software Architect, and I create and connect new devices every day. Therefore, the step to unite these passions was short. A few years ago, I finally bought a Fiat Scudo van. And I immediately started the transformation into a Smart Van. After a long time, here I am showing and looking for ideas to improve my van even more.

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