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Space Palette Pro – A New Casual Instrument

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Tim Thompson
Home: California, United States
The Space Palette Pro is the latest iteration of the 'casual instrument' style of interactive installation that I've been developing for the last decade. Similar to casual games, casual instruments provide immediately entertaining and satisfying results, with the potential for deeply expressive exploration. This latest version uses the Sensel Morph, a multitouch surface with extreme pressure-sensitivity. By finger-painting on these pads, you simultaneously play music and generate visuals. No pre-recorded media, sequences, or loops are used – everything is generated in realtime by your hands. Much of the project has been open-sourced.

Bassett Street Hounds (Border Morris Dancing)

Faire: Syracuse
Maker: Bassett Street Hounds
Home: New York, United States
We are Central New York's finest border morris team, performing dances that we have created, modeled on the ancient traditions of the Welsh Border Morris. Come see us dance, see the secrets behind our handmade rag coats, and maybe learn a dance!

LED Costumes by Erin St Blaine

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Erin StBlaine
Home: California, United States
Come be inspired by the costume creations of Erin St Blaine. Erin is a light artist based in Northern California. She creates sculptures, costumes and artwork with programmable LED lights, often including interactivity and data visualization to bring her creations to life. Erin’s innovative creations explore the way LED lights and 3d printed objects interact with the human body in motion: onstage through dance and flow arts, connecting with audiences at events through interactive character costumes, or underwater with Glimmer, the world’s first fully submersible and swimmable LED mermaid tail.

Workshop OpenScad

Faire: Delft
Maker: MakerSpace Delft
Home: Zuid Holland, Nederland
Leer in deze workshop de basis van 3D ontwerpen met het OpenSource programma OpenScad. Voor deze workshop is geen voorkennis van 3D ontwerpen nodig. Na deze workshop kun je eenvoudige modellen maken met OpenScad.

Ideas for better collaborations between educators and businesses

Faire: Coney Island
Maker: NULL
Home: California, United States
Discussion around how educators might be better able to interact with private businesses to enhance their STEM curriculum.

Ubo Pod

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Ubo Pod
Home: California, United States
Ubo Pod is an open-source hardware platform made for makers and developers. It adds a layer of UI/UX to Raspberry Pi to let end-users better interact with developer applications. Makers can use it to develop smart home applications or self-host their personal data on their own hardware. The hardware comes with an SDK that can make development much easier particularly when it comes to interfacing with added hardware peripherals or developing a GUI. For more information checkout

The DIY Magic of Amateur Radio – American Radio Relay League

Faire: Rocklin
Maker: ARRL Sacramento Valley Section
Home: California, United States
Radio hams were the original Makers & Hackers, using new, used & scavenged parts to make transmitters, receivers & antennas capable of communicating with other hams anywhere on Earth. Amateur radio was the original social media and also offers opportunities to contribute to scientific and technical advancement, disaster preparedness and public safety. Visit our booth for a hands-on experience in the fascinating world of ham radio!

Osservare l’invisibile: Cloud Chamber DIY

Faire: Trieste
Maker: Marco Baruzzo
Home: FVG, Italy
Vuoi vedere l'invisibile che ci circonda? Ti è mai capitato di vedere le particelle che ci attraversano in ogni momento? No? La nostra camera a nebbia ti permetterà di vedere con i tuoi occhi le particelle elementari di cui hai tanto sentito parlare dai fisici ma che nessuno è mai stato capace di mostrarti!! Uno strumento per rallentarle, uno strumento per fermarle e nel buio... rivelarle.

BirdWatch AI – Embedded Bird Watching Solution with TensorFlow

Faire: Rome
Maker: Enrico Stulin
BirdWatch AI is an innovative project that combines a passion for bird watching with the power of artificial intelligence. Our birdhouse with automatic recognition leverages TensorFlow to offer an unprecedented birdwatching experience. The BirdWatch AI project encompasses the mechanical design of a bird feeder equipped with a Full HD camera (a 12-megapixel IMX708 sensor with HDR), with the primary aim to capture images and videos of visiting birds. Using TensorFlow's automatic recognition algorithm and image manipulation with OpenCV, BirdWatch AI accurately identifies the bird species present, providing detailed and engaging information for birdwatching enthusiasts. As an open-source project, BirdWatch AI invites developers, enthusiasts, and the curious to collaborate, make modifications, and improvements. This open and collaborative aspect of the project encourages the sharing of knowledge and skills and contributes to the growth of artificial intelligence and birdwatching. BirdWatch AI not only offers the opportunity to observe and learn more about local avian wildlife but also makes a significant impact in several areas: Environmental education and awareness: Through our project, we aim to educate the public about bird species and their ecological importance. By presenting our sighting records and relevant information about bird behaviors, we strive to promote environmental awareness and care for biodiversity. Contribution to scientific research: In collaboration with ornithologists and researchers, we share data collected via BirdWatch AI to contribute to understanding migratory habits, distribution patterns, and bird population dynamics. Our technology provides a novel approach for efficient and effective data collection. Technological innovation: BirdWatch AI represents an interesting integration of nature observation and artificial intelligence. We are proud to demonstrate how the application of TensorFlow has enabled the automatic recognition of bird species, opening new perspectives for the use of AI in wildlife conservation and observation. At Maker Faire Rome, we will present a working prototype of our birdhouse, illustrating how we use TensorFlow for automatic bird recognition. We will also display a selection of recordings that demonstrate the effectiveness of our technology. We are excited to share our project with the audience at Maker Faire Rome, inspiring others to explore the universe of birds through technological innovation.

Tampu Project

Faire: Coney Island
Maker: Iván Tapia
Home: New York, United States
The objective of Tampu is to protect and educate the knowledge-contributions of the Andean ancestral culture to humanity. Implementing multiple impact projects, promoting the development and integration of the indigenous in the America continent .

Insigno by MindsHub – Playful cleanup

Faire: Rome
Maker: Mindshub APS
Insigno is an open source cross-platform application, which has been created in response to the necessities of our local administration. Insigno enables its users to localise abandoned litter left on the ground, while at the same time engaging them by searching and collecting it. Additionally, this application devotes special attention to encouraging teenagers to use their smartphones more consciously, thanks to a fun gaming approach.

Crea tu propio sistema de iluminación inteligente con Raspberry Pi y ahorra energía

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Miguel Urbina
Home: Sta María la Ribera, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico
Aprende a crear tu propio sistema de iluminación desde cero. Programa la Raspberry Pi Pico para encender la luz con un sensor de movimiento, descubre los principios básicos de la electrónica y la programación con un proyecto sencillo y divertido.

Unleashing Creativity – 3D Printed NFT Artwork

Faire: Milwaukee
Maker: Semone Love
Home: Wisconsin, United States
Welcome to a new dimension of artistry where innovation meets imagination. Discover how 3D printing and blockchain technology converge to create awe-inspiring NFT artworks. Learn how to transform physical masterpieces into unique, verifiable, assest

Michi – Electronic Cats

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Electronic Cats
Home: Aguascalientes, Mexico
Michi es una placa electronica que convierte objetos conductores en dispositivos táctiles programables. Ideal para preescolar y primaria por su fácil programación y manejo. ¡Transforma objetos en herramientas educativas interactivas!

Arlok – Simple Arduino 3D Printed Robot

Faire: Rome
Maker: Pizza Robotics
Arlok is a simple educational (STEM) Robot based on Arduino Uno with parts printed in 3D and all easy-available components. 3D-printed parts are big, easy to manipulate and can be printed even by cheap 3D-printers. Arlok is highly customizable: there are a lot of printable parts allowing you to make your unique robot. There are some programming examples that will make this robot moving around avoiding obstacles, following a line on the floor or let you control it using your cellphone with Android app. All source codes, STLs and instructions are provided on the Github repository.

All things 3D

Faire: Downtown Columbia
Maker: Asif Noor
Home: Maryland, United States
3D Printed Art. Converting 2D drawings into 3D models. 3D Printing Architecture and GIS Maps. 3D printing and robotics. Education, Engineering, Science.

Find my Cat — A Beautiful GPS tracker for pets

Faire: Los Angeles
Maker: Sahas Chitlange
Home: Arizona, United States
How I built a GPS tracker to track my cat and why you should do it too. Come learn about my design and building process and how I use Design Thinking as a Maker.

Micro Lab Projects

Faire: Chisinau
Maker: Bejenuta Marius
Home: Moldova
Micro Lab organizeaza cursurile si internship-uri orientate spre învățare și dezvoltare prin proiecte practice din domeniul sistemelor embedded, robotica, automotive, mecatronica, (brate robotice, drone, AgroBot, imprimare 3D, SmartHouse, AgroIT).

Microcade: Palm sized fully PCB arcade machine for STEM

Faire: Rome
Maker: microcade
Microcade is a build-your-own kit for making your own palm-sized retro arcade console. The kit includes all the tools needed, a "learn to solder" training board and video, and a custom library of pre-installed open-source games. It is fully made out of PCB and tries to push the limits of what can be done with PCB art by making fun-themed cabinets. We are working on a beta arcade-themed coding platform with 6 courses, from beginner to advanced, to teach coding and electronics through arcade games.

Lotería Interactiva con Raspberry pi PICO

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Miguel Urbina
Home: Sta María la Ribera, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico
¡Únete a la lotería interactiva de AG Electrónica! Con Raspberry Pi PICO y pantallas Nextion, toca la pantalla para seleccionar tu tarjeta y espera a que la suerte te sonría mientras descubres las cartas. ¡Juega en nuestro stand este 12 y 13 de mayo!

Global Distributed Tracking (GDT)

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Global Open Source Quality Assurance System (GOSQAS)
Home: California, United States
GDT is a free software implemented as a website ( that any Maker can use to get a unique QR Sticker (and URL) for their product. By just pointing a phone at the sticker, people enjoying your project can upload an image or some words to tell you how much they love your project. This creates a fully encrypted, indelibly timestamped “provenance.” Only people who handle your project can see this provenance—not even us, and not even you, if you lose the URL! Although designed for global tracking of medical devices, we think Makers will love collecting anonymous feedback that stays with the project—even if it is gifted, sold, or shared in some other way. Our plan is to print sheets of stickers and give them away for free to Makers to make it super-easy!

GGLABS – Geiger-Müller Counter

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Gabriele Gorla
Home: California, United States
GGLABS designs and builds a wide variety of electronic devices. This year we introduce our newly designed radiation meter for Arduino. The board is compatible with Arduino Uno, Arduino micro and Arduino MKR. Exhibit has a live meter measuring background radiation plus samples of common items that exhibit weak radioactivity. All our projects are open source and open hardware.

Voron Design

Faire: Orange County
Maker: Voron Design
Home: California, United States
VORON Design is a group of volunteers passionate about creating cool parts and machines that others can build.

Learn DIY Apps, Maps and Data

Faire: Baton Rouge
Maker: City-Parish Department of Information Services
Home: Louisiana, United States
Stop by our booth to learn how to work with the City's vast collection of data to make maps and apps! Staff from the Department of Information Services will be on hand to showcase these free resources and answer your questions.

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