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SASA - Sapienza Rocket Team

Minerva is the flagship project of Sapienza Rocket Team, a sounding rocket whose expected altitude touches 3000 m. It will be the result of the knowledge and skills acquired over the years by the Team members. Starting from the optimization of the external aerodynamics using specific algorithms, moving on to implementing an airbrake system designed to guarantee maximum precision in reaching the mission altitude, it will be made almost entirely of composite materials to ensure the best structural performance.
SASA - Sapienza Rocket Team - Maker Faire

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Sapienza Rocket Team Maker Photo

Sapienza Rocket Team

Sapienza Rocket Team is one of 4 Teams of Sapienza Aerospace Student Association (SASA). With a mission to design, build, and launch sounding rockets, this Team of ambitious students has been making steady progress toward their goals. Born in 2018, SRT has grown to 150 members with diverse backgrounds. It has established a Training Academy to provide hands-on experience to new members. After that, members can specialize in one of the team's departments to develop their skills and expertise further. The main goal of the team is currently developing its first sounding rocket made of carbon fiber and fiberglass to participate in an European competition EuRoC in 2024.

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