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Punimals -

Home: Maryland, United States

Punimals are a combination of an animal and an object that create a visual/verbal pun. The fun comes from trying to guess what the name of the combination is.

Punimals - - Maker Faire Downtown Columbia


Art Ross Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Art Ross

Worked for about 40 years in graphic arts as a designer, 30 years at Patuxent Publishing working on the Columbia Flier/Howard County Times and Patuxent Directories (Local phone books). When the directories were sold I went to work at Dankmeyer Inc. for 7 years as a prosthetic technician until I retired a few years ago.

What Inspired You to Make This?

Started as a way to make fun objects for my grandson to play with and expand my abilities in 3D modeling.

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