Maker Faire Yearbook 2023


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Eagle Maker Hub

Faire: Meridian
Maker: Eagle Maker Hub
Home: Mississippi, United States
Eagle Maker Hub will show how to make a brush bot and create graphite circuits.. What is a Brush Bot? Brush bots are very simple robots made from a vibrating motor and a small brush that acts as legs. Saturday only.

DWIT 3D Canada

Faire: Calgary
Maker: Tim Aucoin
Home: Alberta, Canada
I have always been passionate about 3D printing and the endless possibilities it offers. The potential for innovation is truly limitless. I can't wait to share my love for 3D printing with everyone and help you on your own 3D printing journey.


Faire: Pensacola
Maker: UWF NASA Rover Team
Home: Florida, United States
The NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge (HERC) is a competition where teams from across the globe design, document, and fabricate a human-powered vehicle to traverse obstacles that replicate terrain on Mars. The competition is hosted in Huntsville, AL, and allows students to get hands-on with NASA Engineers! The UWF Spring 2023 NASA Rover team designed and constructed a Rover for the 2023 competition in a single semester. This year will be different as we are designing and fabricating throughout the fall semester to give proper testing time before the NASA Rover competition in April 2024.

Diseño 3D para prototipos electrónicos

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Willson Jefferson Alexander Navarro Rodríguez
Home: Guatemala, Guatemala
Taller de encapsulados para prototipos electrónicos con ayuda del diseño 3D, no es necesarios contar con experiencia previa de diseño 3D.

Garage – Startup Incubator by Simpals

Faire: Chisinau
Maker: Игорь Мясников
Home: Moldova
Добро пожаловать в Garage - проект Simpals, где мы превращаем смелые гипотезы в инновационные продукты. Мы объединяем наши идеи с техническим мастерством, чтобы преодолевать вызовы. Присоединяйтесь к нам и воплощайте свои идеи в реальность!

L’officina dei ricambi 3D

Faire: Trieste
Home: Treviso, Italy
Presso il nostro stand saremo attrezzati con scanner e stampanti 3D a vostra disposizione per riparare, sostituire o migliorare i vostri oggetti di casa, portateli e veniteci a trovare!

World skate at Maker Faire 2023

Faire: Rome
Maker: LDB consulting di Livio di Bartolomeo
World Skate is the global governing organization for roller sports. Always very close to innovation, world skate continuously renews the areas of interest of the sports it governs. Innovation does not only concern the already vast world of wheels but also that of multimedia competition products (esports) in which world skate is among the proudest supporters. Along with this, however, world skate promotes a combination of real sports and digital sports which is always present at its events. Both the strictly digital and traditional parts will be present at the Maker faire venue. National and international athletes will in fact perform on the Half pipe which makes up the proposal together with 8 other stands. – Lămpi personalizae 3D

Faire: Chisinau
Maker: Vlad Petre
Home: Moldova
Produs unical în Moldovei, iubitorii de ceva deosebit pot să-și diversifice anturajul camerei sale cu o lampă personalizată. Indiferent dacă le așezi pe un raft cu cărți sau pe o noptieră, cutiile noastre luminoase vor adăuga magia casei tale.

LA3D Club

Faire: Orange County
Maker: LA3D Club
Home: California, United States
We will be showing how to make photos with a regular smartphone so they can be viewed in 3D. We will also be showing work that the club does in 3D such as 3D movies and photographs. We will bring 3D viewers from the last century to modern ones.

Starving Artworks and Q-Bot Cosplay

Faire: NW Arkansas
Maker: Quentin Daniel
Home: Arkansas, United States
Talk about how you can utilize 3d printing, laser cutting to make amazing costumes just in time for Halloween! Learn the basics of photogrametry to scan a subject in full color 3d using only your phone/camera and software that's often free.

Io creo il mio device

Faire: Rome
Maker: Energy Family Project APS (e-Nable Italia)
e-Nable Italia is a community of volunteers focused on the development, construction and free distribution of devices (the "devices", aids based on "Open Source" projects) to anyone who has limb difference problems or needs aids, the initiative is promoted and managed by the Energy Family Project APS, the Italian association of families with children with agenesis and limb amputation problems. "I create my device" is an experimental project based on the concept of "disablity led design", a new approach to the design of aids that can actively involve children/users in the creative design process of their help. This approach goes beyond the simple participation of the user, that becomes the starting point and essential contributor to the project. In contrast to the other approaches, disability-led design “seeks to speculatively respond to, amplify, or celebrate some aspect of the identity and culture of people with disabilities. The outcomes of disability-led design are characterized by a change in the way we perceive and interact with a category of object, space or system, and by a consequent change in the meaning assigned to it” (National Endowment for the Arts, 2021, p .23). Through some creative sessions activated with the children of the families of the association the children were encouraged to generate ideas for new devices that the community of volunteers would subsequently implement. The devices imagined by children are the result of their creativity and will respond to needs that are important to them. At the Maker Faire stand we would like to exhibit both some of these devices designed directly by children, but also the entire design process as the application of an approach which involves a transfer of design power from the designer to the end user, with a consequent change in conception and perception of the prosthetic object as part of the "self" system, as well as in the meaning that this assumes as a manifestation of self-determination of the disabled user.

3D dizajner junior

Faire: Sarajevo
Maker: Eduka3D
Home: Kanton Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Komplet kurikulum za učenje 3D dizajna za djecu od 4 godine do 20 godina.

Calgary 3D Printing Club

Faire: Calgary
Maker: Calgary 3D Printing Club
Home: Alberta, Canada
Calgary 3D printing club attended Makerfair every year since 2015. With over thousand members, the club introduced the latest 3D printing technology as well as 3D modeling skill to the local innovation community. New members are welcomed, no matter you have 3D printer or not.


Faire: Rome
Our project main goal is to maintain in a great state the wind turbine’s blades The project is divided in four separate part: 1. verify the integrity of the external structure using a drone with a 3D scanner 2. Verify the integrity of the internal structure using a rail robot with a scanner 3. Internal cleaning of the structure is divided in two sections: for the tower a robot with magnetic tracks is used, for the blades a system with rotating brushes is used. 4. Maintenance of the surfaces with a system of smoothing and painting

Brad’s Mad Lab

Faire: Lynchburg
Maker: Bradley Miller
Home: Virginia, United States
Brad's Mad Lab is the name of the business by Brad Miller, a burgeoning artist in the 3D printing, laser engraving, and cutting crafts. Brad's creations range from the strange and unusual to the cute and clever.

vedo me stesso in 3D / I see myself in 3D

Faire: Trieste
Maker: E Canessa
Home: FVG, Italy
Singola webcam, conversione immagine da 2D a 3D, schermo lenticolare LCD e poi vedo me stesso in 3D dal vivo... A webcam, 2D-to-3D image conversion, lenticular LCD display and then I see myself in 3D in real-time...

Infinite Frontiers

Faire: Tulsa
Maker: NULL
Home: Oklahoma, US Minor Outlying Islands
Explore Infinite Frontiers, an AI-assisted tabletop RPG and combat game crafted with a community of 1,000+ gamers and 3D artists. Join live demos, interact with creators, and experience the future of tabletop gaming!

e-Nable Italia – Experiments

Faire: Rome
Maker: Energy Family Project APS (e-Nable Italia)
Our community is dedicated to developing and providing free assistive devices for children and adults with limb difference problems. All of our projects are either open source derivatives or released by us (when original creations from our community) as open source. After SwimAble (the device for swimming, 2021) and the Bike Adapter (the device for cycling, 2022), this year we present the new ideas developed by our volunteers: the low-cost robotic hand prototypes and the devices that can help children to practice sports and in their free time, including an evolution of the bike adapters to be able to practice archery, a device that allows children with limb difference problems to play the drums and a tool for makers without 3d engineering skills that dynamically generates custom STL models of assistive devices adapted to the physical and anatomical characteristics of the recipients, to broaden accessibility to these devices.

Wood burning art

Faire: Baton Rouge
Maker: Shannon Peavoy
Home: Louisiana, United States
My name is Shannon I started drawing very young and loved it I practice as much as I can I look forward to showing what I've done.

Immersive Cube Experience

Faire: Rome
Maker: EY
The "Immersive Cube" is a three-dimensional environment that offers an immersive experience by projecting content, images and videos onto all the inner surfaces of the cube. In addition, it will be possible to further immerse oneself in virtual reality by using VR and AR headset, allowing the user to interact with objects and digital spaces. In detail, the experience will be divided into three different use cases: - TEA Research lab, which will allow the user to learn about genome editing projects for stronger, climate-resilient plants - Malteria Brewery Virtual Tour, where the user will be able to explore the secrets of the malt house, interact with themed objects and discover the traceability function of the beer in bottle - Sensorial Tour; here, users will be able to test themselves, trying to associate the right type of oil with the aroma perceived inside the Cube. What the three experiences have in common is a new way of conveying information and learning notions that are often complex (such as neuroscience or genome editing) or difficult to physically reach (such as visiting a malt house). This allows the public to learn more about the products they are going to buy, and be more aware of new scientific discoveries useful in underlining concepts such as made in Italy, food sovereignty and sustainability.

Spark Games

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Jorge Arturo Martínez De La Torre
Home: EdoMex, Mexico
Somos un estudio de animación y videojuegos enfocados en el mundo 3D, también brindamos servicio de impresión 3D y hacemos robots con nuestras impresoras. Básicamente de todo un poco como buen maker!!.


Faire: Calgary
Maker: 3DCartesianDesigns
Home: Alberta, Canada
3DCartesianDesigns provides 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Design Services and Retail products! Specializing in mass manufacturing, prototyping, 3D Scanning and more, we help other small businesses and people bring their ideas to life!

Saddleback Valley Unified School District STEAM Academy

Faire: Orange County
Maker: SVUSD STEAM Academy
Home: California, United States
Saddleback Valley Unified School District STEAM Academy and CTE programs

Bouw mee aan ons Artificial Intelligence museum

Faire: Delft
Maker: VR Learning Lab
Home: Zuid Holland, Nederland
Ben je benieuwd wat er allemaal kan met Artificial Intelligence? En wat je zelf kunt maken? Kom kijken bij onze stand en test de eerste versie van onze AI escape room die dit najaar door vele duizenden leerlingen gespeeld wordt. En je kunt ook zelf meebouwen! We helpen je met verschillende tools om zelf afbeeldingen en video's te genereren. Die plaats je zelf in het 3D museum en maak je interactief met codeblokken.

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