Maker Faire Miami 2023

Printed Farms and 3DCP

Home: Florida, United States

Our vision is to lead the industry in sustainable building techniques by introducing innovative 3D printing techniques and machines that improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Printed Farms is here to build for the future!
Printed Farms and 3DCP - Maker Faire Miami


Jim Ritter Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Jim Ritter

Jim Ritter joined the 3D printing industry in 2016 because of the need for increasing efficiency in conventional construction building. With over 20 years of building experience, he intends to make 3D construction printing a more viable option than conventional construction methods, create buildings that are climate-resistant, and develop and improve methods for 3D printing construction! Furthermore, Jim now offers consulting services to construction, building and/or technology companies who is in need of his expertise.

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