Maker Faire Rome 2023

Piaccadino^2 – titolatore automatico per alimenti

Piaccadino^2 is an affordable automatic titrator for analyzing organic acids in plant tissues. It uses Arduino, a pH probe, a thermoresistor, and a stepper motor. Improvements include enhanced precision, wireless connectivity, and Python programmability. Suitable for research and education, it offers a low-cost and customizable solution for more accurate and reproducible titrations.

Piaccadino^2 – titolatore automatico per alimenti - Maker Faire


Università degli Studi della Tuscia Maker Photo

Università degli Studi della Tuscia

The research group, composed of Prof. Roberto Moscetti, Dr. Andrea Bandiera (PhD), Dr. Alessandro Benelli (Post-doc), and Prof. Riccardo Massantini, focuses on innovating food processes to ensure quality and sustainability. With expertise in computer vision, spectroscopy, advanced chemical analysis, and statistics, the group develops technological solutions for monitoring and controlling food processes. Their extensive academic and professional experience guarantees high-level results and a significant contribution to the field of food science.

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