Maker Faire Rome 2023

Otto Cardy robot

Otto Cardy, a low-cost walking cardboard robot that can be built and programmed using the videos and manual instructions. The instructions are designed to be easy to follow and do not require any special knowledge of electronics. Otto Cardy is a remake of the international Open Source project OttoDIY, using Google's Blockly for the Arduino. With micro:bit, Otto Cardy uses Microsoft MakeCode. The project aims to introduce primary and secondary school students to the world of coding and robot programming in a fun way, while also serving as an example of creative robotics. It's great to see initiatives like this that make technology more accessible and engaging for young learners. Otto Cardy can be built using both Arduino Nano and micro:bit.
Otto Cardy robot - Maker Faire

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Claudio Gasparini Maker Photo

Claudio Gasparini

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