Maker Faire Coney Island 2023

Motion Melodies

Home: New York, United States

Experience an interactive synthesizer where your movements shape the sound. See your music come to life with our real-time visual displays. It’s a unique, hands-on musical system.

Motion Melodies - Maker Faire Coney Island


Bailey Stevens Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Bailey Stevens

In the digital realm I enjoy experimenting with new ways to get computers to beep, blink, and move. In the physical realm I like finding and photographing the remaining pockets of nature within cities or going deep into the forest to get away from it all. In the fictional realm I've watched a lot of Doctor Who, read most of Hitchhikers Guide a few times, and am currently reading New York 2140.

Bit Borealis Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Bit Borealis

hello humans! i'm excited to make and share projects. i like social projects, and i like working on projects for exploring digital spaces. VR is an exciting tech for me, and it's something i think is important for sharing interactive experiences.

What Inspired You to Make This?

It's a natural progression of our previous project, with more focus on interactivity.

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