Maker Faire Los Angeles 2023

Monorail 3D Printer

Home: California, United States

A look at a unique 3D printer concept that has been around in the RepRap community for a while now; an entire 3D printer mounted to a single frame bar, known as the Monorail.

Monorail 3D Printer - Maker Faire Los Angeles


Joshua Brown Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Joshua Brown

My name is Joshua Brown, I am a college student going for my physics degree during the weekdays, and a maker every other! I've spent years learning how to make robots and other sorts of electronics, ever since I was a kid. Iron Man as my inspiration, I wanted to be able to make things that could help people or give them something fun to do, but most of all, making technology accessible to everyone.

What Inspired You to Make This?

It's something that has been tried in the community, but doesn't seem to have been completed. There have been attempts but it seems nothing has been taken to completion. I want to prove that it's possible to make it as functional as any other printer, though not without it's own unique downsides. The point is to prove that, even though the community sees it as difficult or maybe even impossible, it's possible to make it. It has it's own unique benefits as well, which I hope to showcase at my exhibit. In the end my goal is to show that it's possible. The Monorail is an idea, and it isn't that bad of one either. There's no harm in trying!

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