Maker Faire Rome 2023

Le Strutture Tremano

The system consists of a base and 24 shapes. On the base, there are two vibrating plates, one for each child, who takes turns placing a shape corresponding to the color shown on the central button. The goal for the child is to build a structure as tall as possible, trying to keep it steady after the vibrations, level by level. The first player whose construction falls, loses. There are 6 shapes provided for each color, corresponding to randomly changing LEDs, making the game dynamic with varying levels of difficulty dictated by the shapes themselves. It is simple, affordable, and intuitive.

Le Strutture Tremano - Maker Faire

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Gruppo MCGM Maker Photo

Gruppo MCGM

We are twenty-year-old students, curious and lovers of design in all its forms. We started by attending different high schools: from art school, scientific high school, to technical-commercial institute and mechanical institute. We then met while attending the Product Design course at IED in Milan, driven by our shared passion for designing to improve people's lives and build a better future. In the course, we were tasked with developing this game, which deeply engaged us and taught us new aspects of design.

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