Maker Faire Rome 2023

Invaerso: design & innovazione, artigianalità e upcycling.

Invaerso was born from a project by the Roman designer Maria Clelia Scuteri, who with this brand wants to tell her own design vision in the approach to design. The creative process, when free to express itself outside any conventional scheme, becomes an infinite flow of ideas, capable of making anything possible. The jewel is a pretext: the aspiration is to create Designs to wear; something that has the ability to leave its mark, that is beautiful to look at and unique to "experience", but at the same time that knows how to tell a story, and has its own compositional, formal, material and conceptual identity. It doesn't matter if fluid or straight lines, soft or rigid; it is the design approach that aims at a continuous and incessant research towards an evolutionary goal made up of experiments without "rules" understood as preconceptions. "The only goal to strive for is the creation of something unexpected and unique, outside of what we consider ordinary". How? Through the creation of a unique and complex supply chain , the result of a strong creative sensitivity capable of subverting traditional rules combined with the use of different production techniques set up in a system that is always different (including: traditional metal casting, 3d printing technology , upcycling of industrial materials, lost wax, the craftsmanship of filigree).
Invaerso: design & innovazione

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Invaerso di Maria Clelia Scuteri Maker Photo

Invaerso di Maria Clelia Scuteri

Maria Clelia Scuteri î un architetto e product designer di Roma con l’ambiziosa missione di diffondere un messaggio di valore, autenticità ed unicità, e di essere una continua fonte di ispirazione per gli altri. Si laurea a Roma nel 2013, fa un Master a Venezia e lavora come architetto e designer in Italia e all'estero. Maria Clelia inizia poi la sua carriera imprenditoriale a cavallo tra il 2019 e il 2020 dando forma concreta al suo Brand “Invaerso” dove proietta la sua visione fatta di contaminazioni e la ricchezza frutto delle esperienze fatte. Nel 2020 Invaerso vince il “Worth Partnership Project” finanziato dall’UE per sostenere l’industria creativa europea a realizzare partnership nell’ambito del design e dell’innovazione grazie al quale crea la sua ultima collezione Past

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