Maker Faire Orange County 2023

DIY RC Car Demo

Home: California, United States

This Maker Fair I would like to display and show my RC car that I made myself. It uses an Arduino as the brain to control one dc motor and one servo motor. There is a Bluetooth module that allows my phone to send commands to the car.

DIY RC Car Demo - Maker Faire Orange County


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Collin Yong

I am a senior at Diamond Bar High School and hope to go into the field of mechanical engineering. I am on the mechanical subteam for my school's robotics team. This summer I worked on learning Arduino and how to make a robot with it and a motor shield. I have always been captivated by stem and new technology. I have a 3d printer where I learned to CAD and produce parts that I need for my own projects. I have also taken a few stem classes at my school including PLTW classes and Computer Science.

What Inspired You to Make This?

I wanted to learn more about programming and use all the skills I have acquired to work on and make a project work. I decided to go with an RC car because I enjoy automotive.

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