Maker Faire Orange County 2023

Basics of Circuitry

Home: California, United States

My exhibit teaches kids the basics of circuitry by challenging them to figure out how to make a light-up hairclip using an LED, a battery, a hairclip, and tape. I am exhibiting a clock made out of 3 3D-printed dominos with LEDs underneath the dots.

Basics of Circuitry - Maker Faire Orange County


Zygmunt Ramsay - Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Zygmunt Ramsay

I am a high school student living in Los Angeles. I love to Make. Specifically, I love 3D designing and printing alongside Arduino projects. It’s so cool to be able to fully design and code something digitally and then have a physical device that does what I intended.

What Inspired You to Make This?

I was inspired to make this project when I saw someone at the Bay Area Maker Faire with an abstract clock that only they could read. I wanted to make something like that and it was rolling around in my mind until I saw an Instructables project that utilized large dominos as a counter. I knew then I wanted to make a clock out of large 3d-printed dominos.