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3D Scanning as part of 3D printing work flow

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Come listen to a fun talk about the uses for 3D scanning leading to 3D printing. 3D scanning is an easy way to generate a 3D model, then with free tools, that 3d scan can be edited and adapted into something that can be 3D printed, or can help an already-manufactured item be better. come listen to Liza Wallach and Nick Kloski, authors of Make.Co's 'Getting Started with 3D Printing' book (now in second edition) to learn about 3D scanning, 3D printing, and to ask questions on 3D model creation.

3D Scanning as part of 3D printing work flow - Maker Faire Bay Area

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HoneyPoint3D, LLC

A local design and engineering company run by local Make.Co authors ('Getting Started with 3D Printing, 2nd Edition' focused on education, 3D engineering, 3D scanning, and general helpfulness.

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