Here's a selection of some of the Maker Movement leaders that will be presenting at the 9th annual World Maker Faire New York. Check the full schedule of performances, presentations, and workshops for the complete lineup.

Adam Savage and the about-to-debut Science Channel Mythbusters Jr cast will join us live on stage at Maker Faire. They will tell you tales of tackling myths similar to those seen in MythBusters, ranging from driving, explosions, chemistry, physics, popular culture and more.

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Adam Savage + Mythbusters Jr.

Stars of the New Mythbusters Jr Series

Elan is a game designer, developer and creator. He created Exploding Kittens, Bears vs Babies and You’ve Got Crabs in collaboration with cartoonist Matthew Inman. His game Exploding Kittens’ still holds the record as the second most-backed Kickstarter campaign in history.

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Elan Lee

Game Designer & Creator, Exploding Kittens

Kevin is The Backyard Scientist! Making videos about all the crazy stuff he does. From exploding arrows to making instruments, molten aluminum to science/chemistry experiments – He does it all, so you don’t have to!

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Kevin Kohler

Scientist & Content Creator, Backyard Scientist

Ayah is the founder & CEO of littleBits, She is an engineer, interactive artist and alumna of the MIT Media Lab. She has earned countless awards for her work, including acquisition into the MoMA permanent collection, Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, Business Insider’s 26 Most Powerful Women Engineers, and more.

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Ayah Bdeir

Founder & CEO, littleBits

William is an engineer, YouTuber, and cat enthusiast.

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William Osman

Maker & Content Creator

Tanya Fish makes stuff because she can’t help it. Formerly in UK schools teaching maths, physics, and shouting loudly at paperwork, she’s now a crew member at Pimoroni, making learning materials for schools and workshops, and lasering all the things.

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Tanya Fish

Geek, Mum, Overthinker & Laser Pirate

Cosplayer and costume designer Jackie Craft has taken her passion for costume and prop making and turned it into a career. Her goal is to spread her confidence and enthusiasm for cosplay to as many interested crafters as possible while trying to make their journey a little easier through her love of pattern making.

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Jackie Craft

Cosplayer & Costume Designer

Jimmy DiResta is a designer and master maker known for his ability to fabricate in an impressive array of materials. He’s starred on a number of cable shows and is currently staring as Shop Master on NBC’s new series “Making It,” hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman.

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Jimmy DiResta

Maker, Shop Master on NBC’s “Making it”

Laura is a clever, funny 33-year-old Content Creator/Maker/YouTuber from Cologne, Germany. While studying design in college, a few concepts came into her mind and her urge to build prototypes grew—so she started building a workshop and improving her skills. A couple years later she rediscovered her interest in filmmaking and combined the two passions and started making videos for Youtube.

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Laura Kampf

Maker & Content Creator

Bob likes to make stuff whether it’s music, websites, software, furniture, vintage scooters or motorcycles He is the father of four, husband of one and loves his life completely! He left the software industry to make stuff for a living and started “I Like To Make Stuff“.

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Bob Clagett

Maker & Content Creator, “I Like to Make Stuff”

Ted is one of the nation’s leading voices on innovation and education. He was the exec producer of the acclaimed documentary Most Likely to Succeed and co-authored the book Most Likely to Succeed: Preparing Our Kids for the Innovation Era with Tony Wagner.

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Ted Dintersmith

Ted Dintersmith

Author, “What School Could Be”

Ilana is the Founder & CEO of Recast City LLC and works with real estate developers, city and other civic leaders to bring small-scale producers into real estate and local economic development projects. Ilana is a frequent author and speaker about the power of maker businesses to unleash local economic energy and bring together people who are passionate about great places.

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Ilana Preuss

CEO & Founder, Recast City

Jody runs 30 for 30 Podcasts, part of ESPN Films. He also developed FiveThirtyEight Podcasts, where he continues to host the FiveThirtyEight elections podcast, beginning with the 2016 campaign. Prior to arriving at ESPN, he was a producer at WNYC radio, and has worked with shows such as On The Media, Marketplace, Freakonomics, and many more.

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Jody Avirgan

Podcast Host & Producer

Amy is a speaker, writer, and consultant on the intersection of technology and happiness. A graduate from the Yale School of Management and the co-founder of a positive psychology consulting firm called GoodThink.

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Amy Blankson

Speaker, Teacher & Author, “The Future of Happiness”

Evan & Katelyn are husband & wife makers/frequent high fivers who want to make ALL THE THINGS! Their YouTube channel covers a range of projects: woodworking, digital fabrication, home improvement, & more. Their goal is to get more people excited about making & show what’s possible when you try new things.

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Evan & Katelyn

Makers & Content Creators

Becky is a content creator at Instructables. She has authored hundreds of tutorials about everything from wearable electronics to knitting. She’s the former senior video producer for MAKE Magazine and director of wearable electronics at Adafruit.

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Becky Stern

Content Creator, Instructables

Sarah Boisvert has over 30 years experience in the design, development and commercialization of high-tech products utilizing digital fabrication including laser machining and 3D printing. After selling Potomac Photonics, Sarah founded Fab Lab Hub, part of the international Fab Lab Network.

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sarah boisvert

Sarah Boisvert

Founder, Fab Lab Hub

Sophi is equal parts electronics engineer and tech-artist. She designs electronics for both creative projects and pure science applications. Formerly a special FX designer for movies, she eventually got a degree in Electrical Engineering.

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Sophi Kravitz

Supplyframe Director of Product, Hackaday

Sculptor and wood carver well known for his Bobby Duke Arts YouTube channel where he showcases his creations or presents how to tutorials. His content earned him 1.7 million subscribers.

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Bobby Duke

Bobby Duke

Maker & Content Creator, Bobby Duke Arts

Darrell Maloney better known as The Broken Nerd. I am a maker/hobbyist that is passionate about 3D printing and all things related to prop making. Relatively new to the 3D printing community, I started TheBrokenNerd YouTube channel as way to share my passion for 3D modeling and making cool props.

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Darrell Maloney

Darrell Maloney

Prop Maker