Live at
World Maker Faire New York 2018

Join cosplayer and costume designer Jackie Craft and content creator Darrell Maloney, the Broken Nerd, in conversation about the wonders of cosplay and prop making.

Jackie Craft

Cosplayer and costume designer Jackie Craft has taken her passion for costume and prop making and turned it into a career. You may have seen her costumes and props in Blizzard’s Hearthstone: Mulligans series, on the Syfy Series Cosplay Melee, on display at Nintendo’s booth for SDCC and NYCC store featuring Splatoon 2 weapons, or in the Advanced Cosplay series for 2017’s Blizzcon Virtual Ticket. Jackie was also a roaming reporter for Blizzcon’s live content which included showcasing cosplayers from around the world. She also has an all foam pattern with Simplicity pattern company that is the first of its kind on the market. Jackie’s goal is to spread her confidence and enthusiasm for cosplay to as many interested crafters as possible while trying to make their journey a little easier through her love of pattern making.

Darrell Maloney

Darrell Maloney better known as The Broken Nerd. I am a maker/hobbyist that is passionate about 3D printing and all things related to prop making. Relatively new to the 3D printing community, I started TheBrokenNerd YouTube channel as way to share my passion for 3D modeling and making cool props.