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Der FED zeigt Flagge 🏁 auf der Maker Faire in Hannover!

👉 Alle Infos: https://www.fed.de/aktuell/artikel/fed-zeigt-flagge-auf-der-maker-faire-in-hannover/

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The murky truth about plastic in the ocean: every minute, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our ocean but … Read more https://bit.ly/3p9HlUi
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Come and meet Team 6560 aka Charging Champions at Maker Faire OC! This FIRST Robotics team is made up of high school students from all around Irvine, CA. Check out their profile here: https://oc.makerfaire.com/maker/entry/44/

#MakerFaireOC #MakerFaire #MakerFaire2022 #Robotics

World Maker Faire NYC - Geeks http://geeks-keyofmake.com/articles/33 #geeks #makerfaire

Come and check out Crash Space at Maker Faire OC! Crash Space is a collection of hackers, programmers, builders, makers, and artists who promote STEAM through classes, public events, and more! Check out their profile here: https://oc.makerfaire.com/maker/entry/50/

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Professional set painter Haley Herrington won a top prize at the annual Calgary Stampede. Her unique redo of a never opened 1981 vintage dollhouse kit into a squatters party house came complete with empty beer cans and rotting food: "I just kind of went nuts with it…"

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“Punk rock flophouse”: Dollhouse wins Calgary Stampede crafts competition

Taking up a fun project can bring a nice boost when you’re off work because of an injury. For one Calgary woman, it’s led to some surprising...


Před pár dny se na pražský Maker Faire přihlásil Thomas 🇩🇪 se svým freeware projektem @openscan_eu.

Všichni přihlášení do 18. srpna mají navíc šanci získat 3D tiskárnu. Více na👉 https://makerfaire.cz/call-for-makers-po-cele-ceske-republice/

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Wearables na českých Maker Faires?🔮 Máte pro nás nějaké tipy?

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I was so happy with the 3D printed diffusing hexagon LED cuff cover, I decided to make one for the original (square grid) LED cuff. Forgot to change the pixel count! 🥴 Also tried a printed "x" shape for the pixels that I don't love. Next design is underway.

Maker Faire Detroitレポート - Geeks http://geeks-keyofmake.com/articles/28 #geeks #makerfaire

How to Back Up Your Social Media Content via smexaminer http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how-to-back-up-your-social-media-content/?utm_source=SMEPage&utm_medium=SumoMe&utm_campaign=twitter #MakerFaire

Maker Faire Kansas City Report - Geeks http://geeks-keyofmake.com/articles/23 #geeks #makerfaire #makerfairekc

kerennn!!! seru seruan di School Maker Faire Nola 2022 https://youtu.be/9I9IZFTVxiI via @YouTube

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