Live at
World Maker Faire New York 2018

This panel explores the state of project sharing platforms including Instructables, Maker Share,,, the current hurdles to sharing projects on the web, teaching with alternative learning pathways, and understanding what it means to be a content creator in 2018 and beyond.

Audrey Love

Audrey has been a Swiss Army Knife at for 7 years, working on everything from content creation to community management. Intermittently, they work as an art installer for public sculptures, museums, and even Burning Man! When not working with the wondrous Instructables community, Audrey is always finding new ways to participate at the intersections of art, science, and education.

Alex (Merlin) Glow

Alex produces projects and videos as the lead Hardware Nerd at, the community for electronics developers. She can be found at events with her AI-powered robotic owl familiar, Archimedes. Alex grew into hardware as a FIRST Robotics kid, and then a director of the AHA and Noisebridge hackerspaces. She lives and breathes DIY tech: music, EEG, wearables, bikes, holography, and more.

Becky Stern

Making and sharing are Becky's two biggest passions! Becky has published hundreds of tutorials about everything from micro-controllers to knitting. She currently works as Product Manager at Instructables (Autodesk). She's a New York City motorcyclist and unrepentant dog mom.

Sophi Kravitz

Sophi Kravitz has been with the project sharing social network since 2015. She is an artist and engineer who has designed control systems for room-sized industrial process equipment and manifested crazy art installations. She’s currently working on a project that contains robotics, a breathing apparatus, some LEDs, and which may also have a weather balloon attached.

Clair Whitmer

I’m passionate about the maker movement because we need an economy where people who create beautiful and useful things with their own two hands can make a living. I worked for media companies my entire career, covering the tech industry and then expat community when I lived in France. At some point in there, I switched from writing about digital products to making them.