The Intersection of Architecture & Building Engineering and Makers

Innovations in Architectural Product & Design, Engineered Materials, Innovative Structural Elements, Tensile Structures, Tiny-Houses, 3D Printed Buildings or Building Components, Ultra-Sustainable Products, & Waste Products Turned into Building Parts

What inspired you to make this project?:
As a lifelong 'maker' I've been involved in the Maker Community since the moment I could hold tools in my hands - as a Design-Build architect that only has furthered my maker commitments. I am currently the RI Maker Ambassador - part of the White House Executive Office of Science & Technology Policy (under President Obama) efforts to meld the maker-community with Manufacturing & Design industries. One huge gap I have noticed is that there is very little "maker representation" within the Architecture and Design-Build communities - despite most of 'archies' being crafters and do-it-ourself kinda people.

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Categories: Fabrication, Art & Design, Engineering, Makerspaces, Sustainability & Nature
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