Maker Faire Field Trip Day

Friday, October 18th, 2024

10 am - 3 pm

Full STEAM Ahead!!!

Maker Faire invites everyone, from young preschoolers to seasoned retirees, to dive into a world of discovery, innovation, and joy. Here, there are no limits—just set yourself free and explore! Maker Faire empowers both students and educators to embrace their creativity, opening doors to new educational experiences while keeping expenses minimal.

Kids playing with electronics at an exhibit at Maker Faire Bay Area 2023

Hands-On Activities

Join us at Maker Faire Field Trip Day for a plethora of hands-on activities tailored for students! From mastering the art of soldering to crafting paper circuits and launching rockets, the opportunities for learning and enjoyment are boundless. Immerse yourself in an exhilarating realm of interactive education!

Resources and Engagement

Explore educational resources for both educators and students at Maker Faire Field Trip Day. Discover new ideas and activities that will elevate your learning and making journey to new heights. Roam the grounds of Maker Faire and immerse yourself into a world of innovation and creativity!

Kids playing with breadboards and LEDs at an exhibit at Maker Faire Bay Area 2023
Traveling Spectacular live show at Maker Faire Bay Area 2023

Friday Program Highlights

Prepare for an unforgettable experience at Maker Faire Field Trip Day! Don’t miss out on the must-see live shows, exhibits and workshops featured in our exclusive Friday program sheet. Upon arrival, be sure to grab one and uncover the thrilling attractions awaiting you at the Faire.

Bring Your Students in Groups of 10 or More!


October 18, 2024

Thank you to our sponsors for making Field Trip Day to Maker Faire Bay Area possible!

Maker Faire 2024 Sponsor MCE Logo
"An all-ages playground of ideas, activities, innovation, and art!"
"A place for anyone who makes any kind of making! Cool exhibits, hands-on learning and connecting with the broader maker community."
"A wonderful showcase of hobbies, creations, and innovations."
"Maker Faire is an amazing space for all types of makers - everyone is eager to share what they have made and learn and it is a very encouraging environment."
"A family friendly festival for creatives, engineers, crafters, artists, builders. Fun showcase of works and wares as well as speakers and demos."
"I call it my favorite time of the year! The spirit of sharing and curiosity is so incredible."
"A collection of people who create and make things because they love to create and share with others."
"A visual delight in every corner. Friendly makers of high tech and low tech fun stuff."
"Great for family bonding to explore interests! There's a lot to explore and it expands your imaginations!"
"People making all sorts of things, from electronics to dragons to clothing to weaving…you name it. It’s a festival of the breadth of human agency and what people can make when they put their mind to it."
"Mind blowing! Unique experience for the whole family. Unforgettable."
"A bunch of people who create, craft and tinker with things, coming together to share in the nerdiness and creativity of it all."
"Tech + Art + DIY, a fun day to walk around and be inspired!"
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Maker Faire Field Trip Day FAQ

Maker Faire Student Days 2024 programming will be:

  1. Friday, October 18, 2024 @ 11AM – 3PM

Schools who will be purchasing tickets for Maker Faire Bay Area Field Trip Days for groups of 10 or more students

This applies to public schools, private schools, home schools, colleges, and universities. 

If your group consists of less than 10 students, we encourage you to reach out to other local school groups or pods to form a larger group and join in the Faire experience together.

$10 each for students and $15 each for chaperones.

Maker Faire Field Trip Day is a special preview day in advance of the full opening of Maker Faire Bay Area on Saturday/Sunday. Most Makers will be available, as well as most attractions. This is an opportunity for school groups, and other interested parties, to get some more face-to-face time with Makers and the Faire in general.

Please refer to your school’s chaperone policy.

No, all students that are part of school groups MUST attend Maker Faire Bay Area Student Days with a chaperone.

Yes. To pay by check or PO please send an email to

Be sure to indicate in the subject line what you are inquiring about. 

Your entire school group needs to enter the Faire together.

Follow these instructions for organizing your group:

  1. Once you have arrived at the Faire, assemble all members of your group and ensure that everyone is there.
  2. The main contact/chaperone for your whole group should have 2 organized stacks of papers to hand to the ticketing agent:
  3. The first stack will include each attendee’s participation agreement paper-clipped together—all students and chaperones must have their own completed and signed agreement.
  4. The second stack will include, each attendee’s ticket paper-clipped together.
  5. The main contact/chaperone should stand in front of the entire group and be ready to hand both stacks to the ticketing agent. The main contact/chaperone should also be ready with an exact head count of how many students and how many chaperones total, are with their group. 

Please help us reduce the amount of time it takes to get your large groups into the Faire by having all of this information ready before entering in line at the gates.

Yes, you may bring a packed lunch into Maker Faire Field Trip Day and food is also available for purchase at the Faire. Please be aware seating areas for large groups are limited. 

Maker Faire Bay Area 2024

Mare Island Naval Shipyard
560 Nimitz Ave. Mare Island Ca 94592

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