Student Days at Maker Faire

October 11th & 18th, 2024

11 am - 3 pm

Full STEAM Ahead!!!

Maker Faire is all about learning, playing, and having a blast while trying out new ideas. From preschool to retirement, anyone can join in on the fun. And the best part? You don’t need to be taught how to do it – just set yourself free and explore! Maker Faire empowers students and teachers alike to embrace their creative side and discover new educational horizons while keeping costs as low as possible. 


Hands–On Activities

At Maker Faire Student Days you’ll discover an array of engaging hands-on activities for students! From mastering the art of soldering to creating paper circuits and building rockets, the opportunities for learning and fun are endless. Join us and immerse yourself in an exciting world of interactive education!


Additional Resources and Activities

While at Maker Faire Student Days you’ll find a wealth of educational tools for both teachers and students, including lesson plan ideas and engaging activity guides. Get ready to elevate your learning and making experience to new heights as you and your students roam the grounds of Maker Faire!


Friday Program Sheet

Get ready for an unforgettable experience at Maker Faire student days! Don’t miss out on the must-see exhibits highlighted in our exclusive Friday program sheet. When you arrive, make sure to grab one and discover the exciting attractions awaiting you at the Faire.


Bring Your Students in Groups of 10 or More!

Friday 10/11

11 am - 3 pm

Friday 10/18

11 am - 3 pm

Industry Preview Day at Maker Faire.
Skip the Crowds and Get Up Close!

Don’t miss out on Maker Faire Preview Day, where you’ll have exclusive access to makers, sponsors, and the entire maker community gathering before the weekend’s exciting events begin. It’s your chance to enjoy smaller crowds and seize opportunities for communication and collaboration.


Corporate Groups

Ideal for businesses seeking team building, inspiring field trips, recruiting talent, and networking opportunities.



Get an exclusive sneak peek at the latest trends, tools, and technology at Maker Faire before everyone else!



Explore the Maker Faire grounds and exhibits to find the most captivating locations and stories before the weekend rush begins!