Maker Faire Rocklin 2023

Vortechs Robotics FRC 3257

Home: California, United States

WANT TO BUILD ROBOTS? Vortechs Robotics FRC 3257. Learn: Project Management, Programming, CAD, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering. Build advanced robots, with sophisticated sensors, electronics, programming, & mechanical design. Open to high school students in South Placer, traditional, charters, and homeschoolers. Sponsors: NASA, HAAS, Intuitive, Apple, PG&E, Love of Learning, LightObject… Recruited by Yale, CALTECH, MIT, CAL POLY, Stanford… $20 million in FIRST college scholarships.
Vortechs Robotics FRC 3257 - Maker Faire Rocklin


Vortechs Robotics FRC 3257 Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Vortechs Robotics FRC 3257

Vortechs Robotics FRC 3257 is a community team, open to all high school students in South Placer County. Competing in the global FIRST Robotics Competition. Located in Rocklin.

What Inspired You to Make This?

I did not start the team. It was started in 2010. I joined because my children where on the team.

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