Maker Faire Lynchburg 2023

Sus-Buddies and More

Home: Virginia, United States

3D printed toys, keychains, figurines, cookie cutters, etc. Laser engraved lanyards, ornaments, coasters, keychains, bookmarks etc.

Sus-Buddies and More - Maker Faire Lynchburg


Brendan Watkins Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Brendan Watkins

12 year old who has dreams of becoming an engineer. Started his business at age 10 with clay, has since moved on to 3D printing. Recently acquired a laser engraver to make even more creations.

What Inspired You to Make This?

My son started his business because we wanted to save money to travel to Europe. Since he was so business savvy, we have just encouraged him to keep going, so we sign up for everything we can for him.

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