Maker Faire Lynchburg 2023

Remote Control Warship Combat with Mid-Atlantic Battle Group

Home: Virginia, United States

We build remove control warship models, arm them with CO2 powered cannons, and sink each other in hotly contested battles. Yes, the cannons really do punch holes in the ships. Yes. the ships really do sink. Come learn more about this fun hobby!
Remote Control Warship Combat with Mid-Atlantic Battle Group - Maker Faire Lynchburg


Mid-Atlantic Battle Group Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Mid-Atlantic Battle Group

We are a Big Guns R/C Warship combat club with members in Virginia and the surrounding states.

What Inspired You to Make This?

For me personally: As a child I loved building and playing with plastic battleship models. Unfortunately, I frequently had to move and couldn't take the models with me. Each time I moved I would sail them on whatever river/pond was nearby and sink them with rocks, and later bb guns. (I threw out the pieces when I was done) I always dreamed about how fun it would be if they sank themselves. When I graduated from Virginia Tech in 1997 it was the first time in my life I had any disposable income. So I went looking for a hobby. I discovered R/C warship combat and knew immediately I had found my hobby. The closest club at the time was in Indiana. I travelled out there, learned what I could, and started a local club in Virginia.

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