Maker Faire Rome 2023

POT Il potabilometro - The potablity meter

POT is an instrument contained within a small case, a feature that makes it easily transportable. It is capable of measuring, thanks to three specific probes, temperature, pH and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in the water. The probe data is analyzed by an Arduino board and is shown on an LCD display. Under different conditions, it is also turns on 4 LEDs. POT is an innovative and extremely useful tool: it can be taken anywhere thanks to its small size and it has a battery inside so it doesn’t need external power supplies. Just turn it on, put the probes in the water and you're done! Wherever you want to know if the water is drinkable or not, POT is ready, easy to use, clear and fast.

POT Il potabilometro - The potablity meter - Maker Faire

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I.I.S.Piazza Resistenza Maker Photo

I.I.S.Piazza Resistenza

The Ecosistemi & Tecnologia group is made up of girls and boys from all addresses of the I.I.S. Piazza della Resistenza who deal with environmental issues and put technology at the service of science.

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