Maker Faire Bay Area 2023

Noisebridge Hackerspace

Home: California, United States

We are bringing a few different demos and projects from different guilds at noisebridge. -Simbridge, our VR simulated version of noisebridge. -Flaschen Taschen mini- a small chunk of Flaschen Taschen -Robotics guild roomba -Sewing Guild AI designed Quilt
Noisebridge Hackerspace - Maker Faire Bay Area

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Noisebridge Hackerspace

We are Noisebridge, a hackerspace do-ocratically run by everyone. We are a non-profit educational institution intended for public benefit in our local community and beyond. Noisebridge is committed to providing a safe space for community members t

What Inspired You to Make This?

Noisebridge is dedicated to helping the maker and hacker community and anyone who wants to start their own space. We want to showcase our communties projects as well.

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