Maker Faire Yearbook 2023


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Captain Credible

Faire: Aarhus
Maker: Daniel Lacey-McDermott
Home: Denmark
Come and make a micro:bit orchestra with Captain Credible! Build a musical robot, make it bang some things, play music together! Get a highscore in ”micro:bit orchestra hero”!


Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Inventoteca
Home: Puebla, Mexico
Los bichoides cobran vida a partir de cosas que se encuentran en la casa, la calle o incluso la escuela. Crea tu propio Bichoide con imaginación y creatividad usando tela, cepillos o incluso una botella.

Aquí nadie se aburre

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Home: Baja California, Mexico
Esta será una presentación de las actividades que he desarrollado a lo largo de mi práctica docente utilizando la filosofía MAKER y la filosofía STEM, mi metodología es: AQUÍ NADIE SE ABURRE.

De Junior IOT makerspace – doe jij ook mee?

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: Stichting Junior IOT
Home: Nederland
Bij Junior IOT op de Maker Faire kan je als bezoeker zelf aan de slag. Solderen en electronica, lasersnijders, 3D printers, we nemen de hele makerspace voor je mee. Zo vullen we een grote en gezellige maakplek waar jong én oud aan de slag kan! Dit kan je best zelf.

Alice – Between The Mirrors

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: Freie Maker e.V.
Home: Duitsland
Freie Maker e.V. is a maker community from Aken. Freie Maker wants to let people get access to technologies, through DIY, OpenSource, and learning by doing. With Alice - Between The Mirrors, we want to give people a playful way into quantum technology basics.

CNC Fabrication for Robotics

Faire: Milwaukee
Maker: GEarheads FTC Robotics Team
Home: Wisconsin, United States
The GEarheads are an FTC robotics team that is focused on building technical skills for design and fabrication, we will highlight three CNC router platforms we have constructed and allow attendees to design and make their own project on a CNC router.

Miami Dade College Makers Lab

Faire: Miami
Maker: Miami Dade College Makers Lab
Home: Florida, United States
The Miami Dade College Makers Lab will be exhibiting student projects from multiple campuses. Projects will include rocketry, rovers, autonomous vehicles, and electric vehicles. the Architecture department and Miami Fashion Institute will also be in

DLC Customs by Luis De La Cruz

Faire: Los Angeles
Maker: Luis De La Cruz
Home: California, United States
DLC Customs offers design and manufacturing services and welcomes any project you wish to make a reality. Luis De La Cruz is an Industrial Designer/ Manufacturing Engineer that wishes to inspire others and help the community through his work.

Creatief adviseur

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: IPD Opleidingen
Home: Nederland
In een wereld waar mensen in toenemende mate door robots en AI vervangen, wordt creativiteit alsmaar belangrijker. Wil jij leren hoe je eigen creativiteit kan verbeteren en professioneel kan inzetten zodat je anderen (particulieren en bedrijven) daarin kunt ondersteunen en adviseren? Kom dan langs bij de stand van IPD Opleidingen om meer te weten te komen over de opleiding Creatief Adviseur. Ontdek en ervaar of deze praktische 17-daagse opleiding op hbo/bachelor niveau bij jou past!

Lor Passion

Faire: Trieste
Maker: Lorenzo Caffar
Home: Gorizia, Italy
Mi chiamo Lorenzo Caffar, mi è sempre piaciuto progettare qualcosa di mano propria per poi vederlo correre o volare, ma soprattutto pilotarlo. Ho costruito, riparato e testato macchine On-Road, Off-Road, droni racer ed aeromodelli. Se avete piacere di addentrarvi in questo campo molto ampio o iniziare anche voi a realizzare qualcosa con le vostre mani è un ottima scelta per farci visita.

Folding loom

Faire: Brussels
Maker: Dewi Brunet
Home: Belgium
Folding loom est un outil pour se réapproprier l’artisanat du plissage textile. Cette matrice gravée à la laser permet d’embosser un papier pour en faciliter le pliage.

CADimensions Inc.

Faire: Syracuse
Maker: Joseph Moore
Home: New York, United States
Learn about Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing and see how it can be applied for you. Get an on-the-spot quote, learn about the design and printing process, and test out the durability of the Origin Hammer.

En El Tule Aeroespacial

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Luis Fernando Gómez Monroy
Home: Hidalgo, Mexico
Ofrecemos cursos, talleres y herramientas para Cohetería experimental: entusiasta, académica y avanzada. En nuestro stand podrán aprender a fabricar cohetes de papel, hidrocohetes y paracaídas, para introducirse en las ciencias aeroespaciales.

Let there be Lasers! And Chainmail.

Faire: Baton Rouge
Maker: Graham Bateman
Home: Louisiana, United States
We will be creating and selling jewelry and dice bags made of chainmail - stainless steel rings woven into intricate designs. We will also be selling objects made using the Library Makerspace's Epilog laser, that all can be personalized.

Eagle Maker Hub

Faire: Meridian
Maker: Eagle Maker Hub
Home: Mississippi, United States
Eagle Maker Hub will show how to make a brush bot and create graphite circuits.. What is a Brush Bot? Brush bots are very simple robots made from a vibrating motor and a small brush that acts as legs. Saturday only.

Fab Lab Tulsa

Faire: Tulsa
Maker: Fab Lab Tulsa
Home: Oklahoma, United States
Fab Lab Tulsa is an not-for-profit makerspace located in Tulsa's Kendall-Whittier neighborhood. We deliver education, community, workforce and business programming that teaches innovation, design-thinking, problem-solving and change-making.

AC Robotics

Faire: Calgary
Maker: AC Robotics
Home: Alberta, Canada
AC Robotics is about more than robots. Robots are just the center around which we gather to learn, grow, and build new relationships. Students also get the opportunity to learn all things STEAM, from software and programming to arts and design, robotics covers it all!

#MakeAndoEverywhere OLAMÍ ORT

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: i.d.e.a. lab del Colegio Olamí ORT
Home: Benito Juárez, Mexico
Es un taller teórico-práctico que busca compartir la experiencia maker en esquema de aprendizaje basado en proyectos adaptado para profesores y padres en cualquier entorno educativo.

Apple Creek Historical Society MakerSpace Overview

Faire: Wayne County
Maker: Apple Creek Historical Society Maker Space
Home: Ohio, United States
Overview of our MakerSpace facility. Classes offered: 3Dprinters, cnc routers, lasers, wood shop. Examples of items made with these machines.

Makers and Breakers.

Faire: Aarhus
Maker: Søren Poulsen
Home: Denmark
Prøv at lodde eller programmere robot bil.

Blacksmith Bottle opener.

Faire: Downtown Columbia
Maker: Nicholas Ireys
Home: Maryland, United States
Learn the skills of a Blacksmith. In this workshop participants will take an ordinary piece of 1/4 inch round steel rod and forge it into a unique, functional bottle opener. We will use heat and force to shape the red hot steel.

Edmonton Public Library – Makerspace

Faire: Edmonton
Maker: Edmonton Public Library
Home: Alberta, Canada
Join Edmonton Public Library's Makerspace in action at Maker Faire! We're bringing a selection of Makerspace tech for you to get your hands on, including coding Root, Sphero and Dash robots, heat pressing vinyl designs, and 3D printing.

reDiscover Center

Faire: Los Angeles
Maker: reDiscover Center
Home: California, United States
The best friends are the ones that come from our imagination, and they can be really funky! Make a Monster with reDiscover Center using upcycled materials.

Hal9k – Aalborgs hackspace

Faire: Aarhus
Maker: Hal9k
Home: Denmark
Hal9k er Aalborgs hackerspace. Vi har været et fast indslag i Aarhus (M)MF lige siden den spæde begyndelse, og som sædvanlig kommer vi med et bredt udvalg af små og store hacks for børn og voksne.

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