Maker Faire Rochester 2023

Large Format 3d Printing

Home: New York, United States

3d Printing is awesome, and even cooler when the parts aren't limited to what you can hold in your hand! Stop by our booth check out some huge prints!
Large Format 3d Printing - Maker Faire Rochester


Ben Strohman Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Ben Strohman

I am a mechanical engineer and have been fascinated by 3d printing for a long time. We got a Makerbot Replicator at work and it was fun to play with but painfully slow and small so I built a huge 3d printer in my basement to make large parts much faster. I recently built a second one to make even bigger parts. Mostly it is for fun but I have done a handful of contract prints for design firms and companies in need of prototype parts.

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