Maker Faire Bay Area 2023

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Home: California, United States

A blend of art, toy, furniture and mechanical engineering, designed and hand crafted out of bamboo and wood by myself initially for growing up with my own child. Forms of art, toy and furniture that invites people to touch, think and tinker! Driven by curiosity, Inspired by nature, designed to enjoy life in harmony with nature, created to enrich hands on activities. Now with a mission to reach out and inspire more people.

I explore - Maker Faire Bay Area

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Xuefeng Zhao Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Xuefeng Zhao

Homemaker with a vision and mission: harness bamboo's sustainability and beauty in a novel way, and reach out and collaborate with others to protect our Blue Planet.

What Inspired You to Make This?

When my son, at age 4, asked me to make wooden toys that didn't exist at that time either online or offline, I started from scratch hand-making wooden toys and furniture out of my imagination; Learning by doing, today I'm able to create some unique wooden crafts that satisfied many children's curiosity very well. Eight years ago, my inquisitive and ingenious mind discovered a novel but practical, and green way to harness the beauty and power of bamboo, and came up with a tiny but effective solution to climate change problems. Now it's time to reach out and share my expertise and findings with more and more people, and it's going to be a great honor to collaborate with others to have a real positive impact on strengthening education and protecting our Blue Planet.

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